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Roy from DC is taking his first steps in escorting.  Although very young, he is a very promising addition to the industry.

Connecting with Roy from DC

Roy Mason for roy in dc
Roy does not want to show his face in the published ads, but will send you a face pic if he thinks you are serious about hiring him.

All my communications with Roy were quick and straight to the point. He does not have a face picture posted in his ad, so I asked him for one. The boy sent one promptly, I liked what I saw, and was ready to ask for a videoconference for verification purposes.

However, I had to cancel instead. I had contacted him planning a meeting for last Saturday, and then I learned that Kevin Ryder was arriving to DC on Friday. Soon you will have a full report about Kevin, right now I will only share that I had been trying to have our second meeting with Mr. Ryder for about 2 years. Therefore, I called Roy back to cancel our appointment and tell him I would try to make it on Sunday.

On Sunday morning, he texted me complaining because had not heard back from me.  Additionally, he expressed some frustration, making a comment about how he regretted sharing a face picture with me.  My response was not very polite, as I had told him I would contact him when I was ready for an appointment. In that moment, I decided not to hire him.

Fortunately, I changed my mind. Monday arrived,  I was horny and with some extra money in my pocket, and decided to call him. After all, Roy seemed to be very young an inexperienced and was probably just anxious. Later on, I would learn I was right at assuming that.

I contacted him asking for a videoconference to verify his pictures. After overcoming some resistance, we had a FaceTime call. Certainly the pictures were real, he actually looked better in the conference than in the pictures in his ad. 

Meeting Roy from DC

roy from dc
Even when these pictures are just a few weeks old, they are already outdated. The boy has been working out hard and looks even beefier and better right now. And he is still working out!

Roy from DC arrived to my place (he is not yet servicing incalls) on time, keeping me posted about the progress of his Uber during the ride. 

When finally face to face, I did like what I saw but was not really impressed. It was very cold and I was not able to see his body with all the winter clothing. Besides, he wears a model of glasses that this blogger does not find especially appealing. I do find nerdy looks sexy, I was just not very excited about Roy’s nerdy look.

Roy from DC struck me as a very shy young man. However, I did not need a lot of talking to perceive his obvious education and intelligence. I am not even sure whether he is actually shy, or my impression was conditioned by his nervousness. Soon I would learn I was one of his first clients.

After chatting for a few minutes and smoking some pot, we started making out. Roy Mason is a good, attentive, and engaged kisser. As our fore playing was increasing in intensity, I removed his glasses. 

Roy from DC in the sack

roy from dc
My mouth is watering again.

What a difference they made! His face without glasses is very sexy, starting to show some manly features, although his looks are still mostly  twinkish. Probably in just one or two years he will have the looks of a young model in college age. Even when he is 22 years old, he still could pass as a high school student.

Riding out of his glasses was just the first very good impression. Then, he got naked, and I got speechless.  Even when the pictures in his ad are recent, they are already outdated. Roy from DC is hitting the gym hard, and you can tell. His body is perfectly shaped, smooth, in the beefy side, with perfect shoulders, pecs, and biceps. His butts are rounded and firm, and his dick is not big but bigger than average. Naked and without glasses, the boy is breathtakingly beautiful.

When we were chatting during our fore playing, I asked him why he decided to become a gay escort. Roy responded that he needed to improve his financial situation and, considering he enjoys sex a lot, escorting looked like a good option.

The boy does like sex. He was engaged 100% and willing to please me in any way I wanted.  He is a talented kisser, an excellent cock sucker, and an obedient and relentless bottom. 

I was recovering from the previous night hang over, and he was obviously nervous. Indeed, even when our meeting was excellent, we had plenty of room for improvement in both sides. Bottom line, we fucked in all the positions I wanted, and did not stop until I said so. Roy from DC is not a clock watcher, and even when I paid for one hour, we enjoy 2 hours together.

Roy from DC cons

roy from dc
Not only delicious, but perfectly clean and welcoming, the perfect tool for a bottom gay escort.

Roy’s mother of all cons is, I think, his lack of experience. Not only he has been escorting only for a few weeks, but besides he is just 22 years old. 

Of course I may be wrong, as we met only once and only for a couple of hours. However, I think his lack of confidence was quite obvious. His demanding message on Sunday is a clue about how much anxiety and nervousness he is still dealing with. I am glad I overcame my initial reaction and met him.

In bed, he is completely submissive. If you like that kind of lover, this is a pro for you. Nevertheless, it is a con for me because I prefer assertive, demanding power bottoms.  Of course, it may be just a matter of him needing more time to feel comfortable and trusting me.

The other major con for some of you is that he is only taking outcalls at the moment. Roy lives in a basement in the Perthwood area and, although is working on it, is not yet ready to host.

As you can see, this is not bad for a newbie. The boy has very few flaws as a gay escort.

Roy from DC pros

roy from dc
Roy has a man’s body and a teen’s face, a very appealing combination for many of us.

They are many, therefore I will make a list:

  • He was good at keeping prompt and focused communications.
  • He was very punctual, and gave me no reason to question his honesty and reliability.
  • The boy, once naked, is breathtakingly beautiful for my taste.
  • Roy from DC has a bachelor degree from GWU. You can notice he is a cultured and educated young man as soon as you start conversation. Plus, Mr. Mason is into politics (a topic I am passionate about) and into music (a topic I have much to learn about).
  • Not only was he engaged and passionate, but also generous with his time. He is an excellent kisser and cock sucker, has a sensitive and welcoming body, and is a tireless bottom.
  • He has much to learn, and is willing to do it. His lack of experience may be a turn off for some of you, but triggers all my teaching instincts and is a huge turn on for me.
  • Despite his lack of experience, he did two things that are important to me. First, Roy from DC did not ask for his fee even when I was a first time client. Second, despite fucking long and hard, the condom was perfectly clean afterwards. 
  • He is a DC resident. All my regular bottoms are traveling escorts. Certainly, it is great to have this young man a few minutes away from my place, anytime I want him.

This was just my first time with Roy from DC

roy from dc

When I find a new boy who is good at escorting and is willing to work out on the new craft to become better, it is Bingo for me. I am planning to meet him at least once every month if my budget allows it. As a matter of fact, I am thrilled at the prospect of shaping him into the perfect lover for me.

If everything goes well, you will hear again about him, as I am hoping for a long term relationship. 

Meanwhile, you can expect more Best Pingas Awards, Kevin Ryder’s new review, and perhaps this week end a surprise porn star.

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