Best Hook Up App 2018 will probably be the most controversial Best Pingas Awards. Perhaps the award is very much telling of my age.

Best App for me

best hook up app 2018
Our Best Hook Up App 2018 offers the widest array of option to search and organize your hunt.

Of course we have considered many different aspects in order to make our decision. However, when talking about hook up apps, the bottom line is whether or not we get our fucks. Certainly, an app can have amazing features, but if does not provide any sex, hook up app my balls.

Therefore, perhaps we should remind everyone who I am, where I am, and what I am looking for.

Considering how diverse our sex subcultures are, it is relevant information the kind of guys I am looking for and the kind of guy I am. Of course, I am talking about what you would see in a picture. In the world of virtual hook ups it does not really matter how educated you are, or how sexy your voice is. Everything is about the looks.

Location, always location?

best hook up app 2018
Our Best Hook Up App 2018 provides the opportunity to share plenty of data in your profile.

So, in one hand, what would someone see in one of my profile pictures? A guy in his 50s, with a handsome face and a below average hairy body (overweighted), with a very nice dick. My home base is the DC Metro area.

On the other hand, what I am ideally looking for? A guy in his 20s, Black or Latino, with the looks of a porn star.

I am confident you see the dissonance. I have always liked what I still do, but my appearance has changed. Certainly, as the years passed my access to hook ups has plummeted. That is why I love so much our Best Hook Up App 2018. It still provides me with my treats, although not as often as a few years ago.

Perhaps our winner in this category of the Best Pingas Awards is a good match for bears like me? I do not know, but thought that information would be relevant to understand my decision.

Besides my looks and my preferences, the other relevant circumstance is my location. Apparently, our Best Hook Up App 2018 works better in the big cities of the USA’s northeast.

The Hook Up Apps

best hook up app 2018
In our Best Hook Up App 2018, professionals do not need to sneak and use coded phrase to offer their services. They have their own section.

In order to make our decision for the Best Hook Up App 2018,, we tried four apps, probably the most popular ones. Our contestants were Tindr, Grindr, A4A, and Scruff.

Tindr was quickly dropped out of the contest. I actually love the sweeping, but I would only get guys asking me for money. Besides, I tried to buy an upgrade and they over-billed me. Fortunately, Apple reimbursed me the money. Indeed, Tindr is no material for the Best Pingas Awards.

Grindr and Scruff have been not prolific in USA territory. I did have a greater rate of success with those apps when traveling in Argentina and Brazil. However, it is easy to have more success when you are a new face visiting a city.

The only candidate for the Best Hook Up App 2018 that has consistently provided me with good sex in the city where I live is Adam4Adam. Unfortunately, we are not able to compare how effective A4A is in other countries because they are not known out of USA territory.

Best Hook Up App 2018

best hook up app 2018
Our Best Hook Up App 2018 has a messaging system that works great. And everything is for free!

Therefore, we solemnly proclaim A4A winner of Best Hook Up App 2018 of the first Best Pingas Awards.

Not only A4A is a quite consistent source of hook ups, but also has the best technical features. I am not going to repeat myself, please read my previous post detailing all of them.

Here is where I think you can tell I am an older guy. Most of the technical advantages offered by A4A and not by its competitors are possible because our Best Hook Up App 2018 has a platform for desktops and laptops.

Generally speaking, the younger generations are using predominantly mobil devices to surf the web. This blogger is still stuck on computers. I have been using more my phone for things other than texting, but prefer my laptop even for following up with social media.

After all, my first steps hooking up on line were back in the 90s, using a desktop, when M4M4SEX was free. I switched to the winner of our Best Pingas Awards when they started to charge.

Of course, A4A has an extra feature that we must address in this blog. The winner of the Best Hook Up App 2018 has a section with PROS. Certainly, a very convenient feature if your cruising for free is fruitless and you are horny and with extra cash in your wallet.

Last Best Pingas Awards

best hook up app 2018
The “Parties and Events” is indeed a very popular section in our Best Hook Up App 2018.

The Best Hook Up App 2018 is not the last, but one of the last Best Pingas Awards. January is coming to an end and, although we are having tons of fun, the awards will not survive beyond the first days of February. Besides, I do not want to take the audience from the Oscars.

Nevertheless, we do have a few categories left, stay tuned if you are liking the series.

If you are trying to learn Spanish, perhaps you can practice reading our previous post. There, we shared how our traffic from Spanish speaking countries has plummeted after our expulsion from the Argentine Forums. In that previous post I am saying goodbye for a while to my Spanish speaking readers. As a present, I am giving away for free the last video blog in Spanish, available in our JustFor.Fans account.

On the positive side, our traffic in the USA is growing a lot since we are writing more about pornography, beside gay escorts. In the light of that fact, we will probably continue this path.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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