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Sexiest Man in the World 2018 will probably surprise you. Despite the fact that I have written about him before, I do think this is the less predictably winner of this first season of the Best Pingas Awards.

The Sexiest Man award was not a tough decision

sexiest man

Certainly, Diego is the first beauty that came to my mind when I thought about it. Actually, he is often the first one showing up in my masturbatory universe.

Although I only devoted one full post to him, Diego has been included in my To Do Lists, consistently. I write less about him than about others, but I want him more than anybody. His visibility in this blog is not representative of my admiration and devotion for this beautiful man.

This relative absence in the blog is the reason why I think you may be surprised. Besides, Diego is not the kind of man people would look at as the sexiest man in the world. Probably, you would have expected me to choose guys like Timarrie Baker, Trap, or Krave Melanin.

Obviously, those men are more impressive at first sight, I would even say they are intimidating. Although Diego’s beauty is remarkable, you do have to pay more attention to perceive up to what point he is deserving of the Sexiest Man in the World Award.

Why sexiest man in the world 2018

sexiest man
Our Sexiest Man in the World 2018 may not have the most impressive body, but indeed is gifted with the most perfect. Picture taken from his Twitter account.

If you are asking, you need to pay more attention. Although Diego’s breathtakingly beautiful body and manly face are not his only attributes, let stay a little bit there. After all, even if unnecessary, it is a pleasure to highlight the perfect proportions of his sharp body and his huge edible dick.

Besides his body, please take a look at his face. His wide nose, his generous mouth, and his eyes call for a fuck. Specially his eyes do. Observe how they are always semi closed, like he is trying to stab someone or something with his sigh.

Additionally, our winner is gifted with a flawless naturally smooth skin, decorated here and there with well designed tattoos. My mouth is watering.

Finally, and closing with worshipping his body, the winner of this category of the Best Pingas Awards has a small but perfectly shaped butt. Not only its shape is beautiful, but Diego has total control over every single muscle in the area, and knows how to use them.

Certainly, if you look at each one of these attributes individually, you can find better examples. It is the whole what matters, however. It is how each one of these features are combined to build this beautiful specimen, what makes him the Sexiest Man for these Best Pingas Awards.

The Sexiest Man is not just a pretty face (and ass)

sexiest man
Although Romeo St James may seem the Alfa in this scene, observe how is actually our Sexiest Man of the World who is in control. Scene available at Flavaworks.

Hell, no. Diego is much more than that. Again, pay attention, do not miss the swag of his moves. Let the masculine tone of his voice pamper your ears. Lock your eyes on his, and perceive the kinky vibe of his sight. Allow his moaning to lead you to ecstasy.

In addition, look at how he interacts with his partner. Our Sexiest Man in the World is my favorite kind of Power Bottom. Unlike Trap, a runaway Super Power Bottom that aggressively fucks you, Diego tricks you.

He lures his tops leaving them with the delusional feeling of being in control. However, nothing is further to the true. Once again, pay attention. Diego skillfully disguises itself as a submissive bottom.

That is why I like him so much. As a control freak, I feel a deep need to be in command. A lover like Trap does not let me any room for such a fantasy. Our Sexiest Man is more twisted. He seduces you to want what he wants you to do.

This clip shot by Flavaworks is the perfect example. Romeo St. James seems to be in control, but if you pay attention is actually Diego who is toying with him. Likewise, look at his more recent works for Black Rayne. Our Sexiest Man in the World is an elite Power Bottom.

My admiration for freaks is well known. Diego is the King of the Freaks.

There is even more to our Sexiest Man

Certainly, we do not need anything else to get our Sexiest Man in the World to the podium of these Best Pingas Awards. However, there is even more: Diego is a master chef.

Eating is the only activity in my universe that can compete with sex in the giving pleasure department. This blogger strongly advises you to peruse Diego’s Twitter profile. To illustrate my point, there he shares plenty of images of his culinary talents.

I have many dreams. Significantly, Diego is part of two of them.

My first dream is being in the set when Black Rayne is shooting a porn scene casting our Sexiest Man in the World 2018. Observing him in action and witnessing how Black Rayne masterfully captures the freak bond between the performers is in my bucket list.

My other dream is hooking up and letting him rape my cock. And in the next morning, having breakfast cooked by his master hands.

Ending the Best Pingas Awards 2018

One of my dearest dreams is waiting up to eat together the breakfast he cooked

January is gone and it is time to start closing this first season of the Best Pingas Awards. We are planning to compete for the audience of the Super Bowl, but we do not want to eclipse the Oscars. Therefore, we will be closing our Awards season soon.

Nevertheless, we still have a few ideas of people and businesses we want to celebrate. Besides my own, I am open to suggestions of categories, specially if you have any funny ideas. I am not very creative. Pease, feel free to submit your suggestions to

We are not going to have new reviews for a while. I will get devoted to A4A until I recover from my last investments. To put it differently, I am broke after Kevin, Roy, and Kemon. Additionally, I had an unannounced visit from Kavalier.

Actually, I may see the latter one. Every first Friday of a month, Davon Hamilton Events organizes DISTRICT 1ST FRIDAYS at Green Lantern. It is an underwear party with exotic dancers I have never attended. Kavalier is one of the dancers and has been insisting, so I will probably be there for my first time.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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