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Best DC Strippers Event is the last Best Pingas Awards of this 2018 season. We do have a few more recognitions we wanted to grant, but it is time to leave last year behind and enjoy 2019.

The candidates for Best DC Strippers Event 2018

best dc strippers event 2018 best pingas awards
Although did not make it to the pole position, District 1st Fridays at Green lantern, organized by Davon Hamilton Events is a great party.

Unfortunately, there is only one gay strippers club left in Washington DC, Secrets. Besides, there are several regular strippers events taking place in borrowed venues. For this category of the Best Pingas Awards, we considered two of these regular events: Meatloaf at Stadium DC, and District 1st Fridays at The Green Lantern.

Even when our disliking for Secrets is well known, we do recognize them two positive points. In the first place, they are the only venue fully devoted to male strippers for a male audience. Because of that, they are the only place where you can enjoy strippers several days per week. Their second point is that they are the venue showing the most diverse line of dancers.

However, that second point is not a strong score. Although we do celebrate ethnic and age diversity, we strongly prefer dancers well above average looking. Too many of the strippers in Secrets are below that standard.

Nevertheless, we dropped them from the competition not because of the unattractive dancers, but because their strict enforcement of regulations. I do not know you, but I do not go to a strippers club to salivate for the dancers without touching them.

In second place…

District 1st Fridays does not have that problem. This monthly party organized by Davon Hamilton Events is our second favorite in town. You can touch as much as you want, and the guys are super friendly. Although the line is less diverse than in Secrets, they are mostly Black and significantly younger, which is a lack of diversity I am willing to welcome.

Despite these advantages over Secrets, they also have some unattractive dancers. Besides, the venues are not designed for strippers shows. Therefore, they do not have much room for privacy with a dancer. Indeed, they cannot compete with our winner.

Best DC Strippers Event 2018

best DC strippers event 2018 best pigs awards

We are left with our last candidate: Meatloaf at Stadium DC. We have already written extensive reports on this monthly event organized by Omega Entertainment, please read them for the details.

In synthesis, Meatloaf is our Best DC Strippers Event 2018 for a few strong reasons:

  • Perhaps a couple of strippers may be slightly over average, everyone else is super hot, porn star quality. Now and then, they even invite actual porn stars to host the event.
  • Not only the dancers are hot, the crowd is even hotter.
  • The venues are monumental, classy, contemporaneous, and specifically designed to host a premium strippers club.
  • The most important reason for the Best Pingas Awards: you can touch whatever you want, and suck whatever you want. Clearly, the dancers are very friendly.
  • Even if they do not score high in racial (predominantly Black) or age (predominantly 20s) diversity, they do invite female dancers. The Best Pingas Awards effusively welcome this kind of diversity, representative of the new times.

Goodbye Best Pingas Awards

best dc strippers event 2018 best pingas awards
Next weekend we have a new edition of the winner of the Best Pingas Awards 2018 in the category Best DC Strippers Event.

Our Best DC Strippers Event 2018 is the last award. It is time to move on, even when we do have a few more recognitions in mind. We just did not want to close the Awards Ceremony without recognizing strippers venues.

In addition to be one of the places where you can witness how much fluid the younger generations’ sexuality is, they are a great hunting field. Nowadays, the escorting market is monopolized by on line hiring. The old time hustlers bars died with Internet, and these events are our last chance for cruising for a contract face to face.

Regardless of how hot they are, I know for experience that the dancers can offer very appealing deals. I am still enjoying regular escorts I met in the old Rockhard DC. Our Best Exotic Dancer DC 2018 is one of them, Legend is the other.

Certainly, there is no better way to close this first edition of the Best Pingas Awards that honoring the local strippers venues.

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Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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