Kendro Leandro y Will Shcokolade fucking in a Latin Leche production, for Best Latin Porn Site 2018, Best Pingas Awards two South American pstars

Without delay, I want to pitch two South American Pstars. Hopefully in a few months we will have the privilege of interviewing them in Buenos Aires.

South America is a porn talent gold mine

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Kendro Boy in action. Clip taken from latin Leche.

However, American porn factories seem not to notice. Although there are some South American performers brought to productions in the United States, it usually does not happen until they have succeeded in Europe.

Indeed, European studios like Fucker Mate and Tim Tales are doing a much better job at mining South America for porn talent. As an illustration, they have casted guys like Louis Ricaute, Danny Azcona, Pablo Bravo, Ricky Ibañez, Gustavo Rodriguez, Joaquin Santana, Ken Summers, Viktor Rom, Santi Konnor, and Carlos Leão. The list is actually much longer, but those are good examples.

If you are following European productions you must know them. However, even if you are not perhaps you find some of those names familiar. Now and then, there are a few American studios that do hire and bring them, once they were discovered in Europe. Out of all of them. Papithugz seems to be the one doing the best job at borrowing from Europe a few talented performers.

However, the two South American Pstars we are pitching in this post have not yet being discovered by any European or American porn factory.

Two South American Pstars

finding porn two porn gems gay porn star will from latin leche best newcomer pstar 2018 two South American pstars
If I could I would marry this guy. Will from Latin Leche.

Of course, we are talking about Kendro Leandro from Argentina and Will Schokolade from Uruguay.

First of all, let’s give credit to the studio that discovered these two exceptionally talented performers. Notably, Latin Leche was the first studio to hire and broadcast the masturbatory inspirational performances of these two Rio de la Plata artists.

Kendro is the one with more experience and a longer resume. We have written many times about him and his talent. In contrast, Will is newer to the industry, but his talent is being noticed and is already conquering the Brazilian market.

Besides all the scenes they have shot apart, these two South American pstars have also worked together. Again, we must thank to Latin Leche for this gift.

Not only they are physically hot. Not only they are sex freaks and skillful performers. Besides, they are talented, sensitive artists with a wide creative background. Even more, they are politically progressive, open minded activists for civil rights and outspoken advocates for a sex positive mindset. Check their social media. I bet they are polyamorous. Indeed, I will propose to them if that is the case.

Pitching these two South American Pstars

As you can see in this Tweet, the Brazilians already noticed this Uruguayan Black pearl. Clearly, you need to hurry up, American studios. The Europeans are probably already reaching out.

To put it in another way, we are pitching Kendro and Will to USA and Europe studios. Actually, we would be surprised if they have not yet being contacted.

Sooner or later, Will and Kendro will ride Tim Krueger’s legendary dick. Clearly, Europe will notice them and perhaps even lure them to join the Barcelona porn star cluster.

However, I think they could be the first ones to be discovered by the USA instead of the Europeans.

Indeed, Kendro would be the perfect match for studios like Helix, Cockyboys, or NextDoor. Clearly, Will would be the perfect next bitch to ride the tops in The Fuck House by Breed It Raw. Although he would be also a priceless addition to Noir Male, Flavaworks, DawgpoundUSA, and so many other quality outlets.

Actually, perhaps these two South American Pstars do no need any big studio to discover them. After all, they may walk the Alam Wernik way, and build their brand in social media. Furthermore, Kendro and Will can just come to the States and network with all the hotties fucking each other in JustForFans and OnlyFans.

I can host them in my bedroom while they wait for the next scene.

Hasta la próxima pinga amig@s!


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