Ashton Summers returned to making porn movies. Indeed, it is great news for 2019 and the next edition of Best Pingas Awards.

Ashton Summers before vanishing

Ashton new fucks Ashton Summers returned
Jacob Taylor and Ashton performing for Randy Blue

After 3 years of a raising porn career, he suddenly disappeared around January 2018. We are extremely happy to learn that Ashton Summers returned.

Back in 2017, when this blog was born, he was one of the ascendant new gay porn stars. Indeed beautiful, with a body sculptured by his past as a classic ballet dancer in Puerto Rico, Ashton was a great fit for the HD screen. Besides his beauty, the Boricua was a skillful versatile performer.

Back then, we used to mention him a lot in this blog. Of course, he was in every single To Do List. Ashton was a sex freak, the kind of lover I prefer, and therefore you would find him quite often in my masturbatory fantasies.

Not only this beautiful gay porn star delighted us with his performances for Randy Blue, Helix Studios and Cockyboys. Besides, he was very active in social media, posting quite often in his Twitter account.

Unfortunately, when he took his break, Ashton deleted all his Tweets. However, we are lucky to have saved a screen shot of one of them. We used it in a post in the old Pinga News page, before we upgraded the blog.

Ashton tweet pinga news Ashton Summers returned

As you can see, the boy shows his hot Latino mood. Out of love for him, we do not mention and do not link to his work for Michael Lucas. Nobody likes that guy.

Ashton Summers vanished

Ashton Summers returned
Joey Mills and Ashton performing for Helix, when they were a couple behind the cameras. Certainly, that is the one thing of Ashton I would like to change: he seems to be strictly into twinks.

Certainly, he did. There was no announcement or goodbye. He just stopped shooting movies and cleaned all the posts from his Twitter account.

Now we are happy because Ashton Summers returned. Imagine our consternation when one of our favorite gay porn stars just disappeared.

If you put together all the little pieces of gossip available in the cloud, we ave a plausible narrative for his hiatus. Rumor says that after he broke up with Joey Mills, Ashton was not emotionally in a good place. During his tenure in Cockyboys (he left Helix right after finishing his relationship with Joey) he met someone, a guy not related to the adult entertainment industry. This guy demanded Ashton to give up porn. Ashton, completely in love, complied. He went back to school to continue his studies on architecture, while training on diving to compete in the Olympics.

Whether or not that story is true, it is what I was able to compile from multiple little pieces coming from multiple sources. I cannot verify the story, I learned it in the Internet indeed.

Whatever happened, we hope Ashton Summers returned because he wanted to, making a decision tied to his well being and happiness.

Ashton Summers returned

Ashton Summers returned
Here we have a little sample of Ashton in his returning scene for Helix, with Andy Taylor.

Notably, Ashton Summers returned to Helix right when his ex announced his own departure. Whether or not it is a coincidence, we celebrate knowing we will have fresh material from one of our favorite gay porn stars.

Despite being a short hiatus, Ashton Summers returned noticeable changed. He looks less twinkish and more manly. His body’s tone looks sharper. He added a tattoo. Fuck, I like him.

The first scene of his return shows him as a top. If you are a follower of this blog, of course you know I want to see him bottoming again. Despite his unquestionable versatility, this blogger does admires him more as a bottom. I think it is performing that role when he shows his freak side, when he gets completely lost in sex. I am sure it is coming, soon.

Ashton Summers returned not only to porn, but also to Twitter. He is not posting a lot, but is active again since February 12th.

There are not commentaries, or official announcements. Unfortunately, we do not know what is going on. Is this perhaps a full return to focus in his porn career? Certainly, we hope so. However, we do not know. There are many other alternative explanations for a return that could even be just this single scene, to fulfill an old contractual obligation.

Let’s keep tuned. Indeed, this boy is amazing. The world can be his, if he wants. We wish him the best.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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