Rhyheim Shabazz broke the fucking Internet, to paraphrase Sean Zevran. We predicted it. After Tim Kruger, we were the first ones to recognize the magic of this star performer.

The Big Bro is taking over the pornosphera

Clearly, this is the scene that gave the final push to Rhyheim Shabazz taking over the pornosphera.

When we wrote our post just a couple of days ago, Rhyheim had 45.4 followers in his Twitter account. When I am writing this article, his count went up to 54.2. Indeed, a rocketing career like none I can remember.

If I wrote that first article, it was because of the viral success of his videos in Twitter. Even when it was already impressive, something else happened.

Right after publishing the previous post, Rhyheim hooked up with Sean Zevran. Out of all the performers who paraded through his bedroom, Sean is the most popular. His massive following of 157K was the last push Rhyheim needed in order to become ubiquitous.

Soon after they shared teasers for the clip Sean is already sharing in his JFF and OF accounts, all major blogs and porn hubs jumped on the wagon and started celebrating Rhyheim’s remarkable talents.

However, the truth is no one knows who Rhyheim Shabazz is. Just a month ago he did not exist, and now everyone is fighting to get into his bed.

What do we know about Rhyheim

How many bitches are in this picture?

Actually, we do not know much. Again, despite his almost 55k followers and an impressive list of porn stars riding his dick, his public life is very short, just about one month.

From little pieces of information he shared in his social media, and from a few messages we have exchanged, we did learn a few things about Rhyheim.

He is originally from New Jersey, but has lived in Los Angeles for the last 10 years. Rhyheim lives with a beautiful dog, Shiva, and a sexy bitch, his room mate Leon Reddz. You can probably locate their residence by the smell, as they seem to be heavy weed smokers. Indeed, my kind of people.

Besides that mostly personal stuff, we also know that his scene for Timtales was his first experience in porn. Rhyheim told us that when he shot the scene, he was not considering a porn career, therefore he wore a mask. According to his Twitter account, our superstar is under exclusive contract with Tim Kruger‘s studio. According to himself, he has a plan.

Of course, we all also know everything you can see in his videos. We already addressed that extensively in our previous post. However, there is one more thing I noticed after that publication and would like to add now.

One more reason to explain Rhyheim’s uniqueness is that he does not talk, move, write, look, or feel like a porn star. Every performer I know shows some level of narcissism and insecurity, their egos are so fragile. Rhyheim shows none, zero. He is a relaxed, natural real man, gifted with all the talents he share without bragging or showing off.

What can we imagine about Rhyheim

Sex and weed, indeed my favorite coctel.

As soon as I noticed Rhyheim, I believed in him and sent him a DM asking for an interview for the blog. He responded saying that he was not fond of interviews. Therefore, I started to imagine a post recreating everything we do not know about him.

However, and fortunately, Rhyheim changed his mind and accepted my request. As a consequence, my idea of an article fantasizing about who he is became obsolete.

The interview process is already started and we are communicating through email. Nevertheless, I cannot wait for his answers to my questions. Instead of waiting, I will shoot here a few guesses abut him. It is going to be fun to find out soon how far away from reality (or not) my fantasy is. Just remember, everything that follows is not fact but guess.

Probably, Rhyheim is in his early 30s. He has indeed a college education, you can tell from the way he writes and talks. I am less sure of this, but his major may be in Liberal Arts.

He seems to be a natural team player, and a leader. Rhyheim probably has some experience in the military, or leading teams in some other professional context. His plans for the future may not be individualistic. He may be thinking of building a team for whatever is in his mind.

Learning about Rhyheim

Of course, this is just one of he many fucks that are being plotted around’s Rhyheim’s bedroom.

Clearly, I am rushing to publishing this post. The interview questions are already in Rhyheim’s mailbox and I wanted to share my few guesses about who he is before getting the real answers. I do not mind if you all think I am a disaster at predicting and guessing, as my business is actually reviewing. I just wanted to have some fun.

Meanwhile, life after Rhyheim Shabazz goes on just as before. Do not forget who we are, and give us your support if you like our project. With your support, we can expand our Reviews and fight for the rights of adult entertainment workers.

The blog is growing, thanks to your loyal following. We were the first ones to break the news about Sean Xavier second (but probably not last) retirement, about his return, and now the first blog to hail Rhyheim’s coming up.

Besides the bank of reviews of escorts from the USA, Buenos Aires, and São Salvador, we will be adding some guys from Mexico City in the second half of April, and from Rio de Janeiro in July. Stay tuned, Rhyheim’s interview will probably be the next post.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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