Who has not fantasized about having your own private go-go dancer? Probably many of you have already made it real. After all, this is one of the easiest to attain sexual fantasies.

My private go-go dancer

best exotic dancer sexual fantasies
Truly, a gifted physique.

Actually, we are referring to the Best Exotic Dancer DC 2018, Lee. He has moved from DC to Baltimore, got a conventional job, and is currently retired from the stage, unfortunately.

However, we can still enjoy his talents in private. Not only Lee is an extraordinarily talented exotic dancer, but also a very agreeable companion for experimenting with your sexual fantasies.

Indeed, he was a very patient and engaged partner when playing with bondage, my clown fetishes, and outdoor sex. Currently, I am considering to experiment with puppy play. After trying a couple of guys, and failing, Lee will be my next try. Let’s see.

My private go-go dancer is a very submissive partner for whatever you want to try, clearly. He is tall, perfectly smooth, and with a privileged athletic body; a truly exotic beauty, mix of Black and Cherokee. In other words, the perfect decoration to inhabit any of your sexual fantasies.

My private go-go dancer and sex

sexual fantasies outdoors sex best exotic dancer
Full clip soon available at JustFor.Fans

Although I understand Lee is a skillful masseur, I am not interested in massages. However, do not forget about it if you are into giving yourself to somebody else’s hands and control. Considering that many of you enjoy this treat, I advise to try Lee.

Fortunately, our private go-go dancer does not stop there. He is a great, engaged, and horny lover. In the event that you have read my previous posts about him, I will not repeat myself. But I do have something to add.

We met yesterday after a hiatus of about three months. If you read my previous reports, you should know that we usually struggle when it is time for penetration. Good news for my dick, indeed, this time we had no such issues.

My plan was actually another picture shooting session, trying the puppy fantasies. Well, after so many months without meeting, our making out got quickly very heated and we ended in the sack earlier than planned.

Surprise, surprise!

outdoors sex private go-go dancer
All pictures are already posted at JustFor.Fans

Of course, fuck the photo shooting. Faster than it takes writing about it, we were naked and in the bed. This blogger was ready for another session of trying and failing, but my cock entered him very easily, surprisingly.

Not only Lee liked it, but the sensation was that he had never been that horny before. He has a beautiful long, not very thick, curved dick that never has any problems getting a boner, but this time his meat was brick hard as I cannot recall in previous dates.

We were not wild, as I was aware he was starting to relax his rim and may need more time. Rather than wild as I am used to, it was sweet. I stayed inside of him for a long time, pumping carefully, making sure I was working his prostate without over pumping his ass.

We did it twice, and it was enough for me. However, it was not for him. When we were kissing goodbye he asked for more. Sadly, this old tired blogger had to kick him out.

If you are in the DC area

VERSATILE SURPRISE sexual fantasies
Jaquan and Lee in action. Full video available here.

You should not let this opportunity go. I am confident my private go-go boy can be whatever you want him to be, beyond my own experience.

Earlier in this post I wrote that he is a submissive partner. Nevertheless, I must remind you that I am a dominant lover, my poor partners do not have an option.

However, I had once the opportunity to witness him in action out of my control. We shared the experience here in the blog, when Lee interacted with Jaquan. Do not forget my surprise. Perhaps Lee is some kind of man geisha, a sexual chameleon who identifies his partner’s preference and adjusts accordingly.

I do have one warning to make, only one. If you are looking for a thug or for a masculine jock, my private go-go boy is not a match for you.

Although some of my friends think that our exotic dancer is feminine, I happen to disagree. Rather than feminine, he is feline. Of course! In this case perhaps the sexual fantasy I should try is not puppy play, but kitty play.

Ultimately, it is your decision. At the present time, my private go-go dancer can be reached through his Mintboys ad. Besides everything, you will be surprised at his rates.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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