Jacen Zhu speaks against Noir Male

Jacen Zhu has spoken up against Noir Male. Although we prefer writing celebratory articles, we cannot ignore this controversy.

We welcomed Noir Male

against Noir Male

Indeed, and still do. We do have issues against Noir Male but not so serious as Jacen’s. But of course, we are not Black.

Back in August 2018, I LIKE PINGA published an article celebrating the arrival of a new studio focused on Men of Color, our favorite kind of men. The few concerns shared in that article were mostly about esthetics, as Chi Chi LaRue‘s work is not amongst our favorite porn.

Obviously, that was at the beginning of the new website’s life, and my opinion evolved, or rather devolved. The realization arrived last January, during the GAYVN Awards ceremony, four months after our celebratory and welcoming post.

Back then we were issuing the BEST PINGAS AWARDS. As a side note to the delivery of our Best Studio 2018 Award, a few words against Noir Male were dropped. Just in case you do not want to click on the link, here is the excerpt.


Before celebrating our Best Porn Studio 2018, allow me a side note about other less important but much more advertised awards. I am not referring to the European Awards, I do have some respect for those. Of course, I am referring to the GAYVN 2019 awards

Have you seen the winners, or even before last night, the nominees? Everything and everyone belong to just a very small group of studios. They all certainly have a few things in common. For instance, each one of them produces the most conventional, artifitial, boring, and staged pornography in the market. Quite different from our Best Porn Studio 2018, you will see.

Even worse, I watched Armond Rizzo‘s acceptance speech (he won Best Duo Sex Scene, with Max Konnor). After his public support to Hugh Hunter back in 2017, it was appalling to witness his giving up to White Mainstream Porn. 

Really? Celebrating Noir Male as a victory for non White performers is if not insulting, at least pity. There is a thriving porn alternative market ran by non White producers and artists, we do not need to kiss AVN’s White asses. 

However, I do like a lot Armond Rizzo, Max Konnor, and many of the artists involved with Noir Male. Not only that, even if I deeply dislike that porn, I do celebrate that Noir Male exists. Certainly, it is one more option and one more source of work for the performers. I am choosing not to trash them more than I already did. Instead of putting down bad porn, let’s celebrate actual talent in our Best Porn Studio 2018.

We still welcome Noir Male

Our position has not changed. Although Armond’s victory speech opened my eyes to up to what extent the website was built on misleading, although we felt appalled at the delusion bought by some very much loved performers, we do think it is a good thing that the studio exists.

Unlike Jacen, we do not call for a boycott. After all, what porn studio is more than just a business that manipulates imagery and trade on stereotypes? What American porn studio is more committed to the wellness of its performers than to profit?

I understand and sympathize with Jacen. It is much more personal for him. Because I am not Black, I do not want to say more than I already did on this controversy.

After all, this is not the beginning of it. Right at the very start there were performers speaking against Noir Male who confronted their colleagues signing up with the studio. Jacen sets the compass straight, this is not a crack between performers, but between Industry and workers.

Jacen Zhu speaks against Noir Male

When the new studio started hiring Black Porn stars, the controversy started, right at the very beginning. Although a few important stars were involved in the Tweeter storm, none had Jacen’s stature in the Industry. His decision to step out and speak up will probably bring more debate.

Let me share the series of Tweets Jacen published yesterday, April 1st.

against noir male

Finally, just in case anyone had any doubt, Jacen closed with one last Tweet:

against Noir Male

His point is crystal clear. Jacen speaks against Noir Male because of the studio misrepresentation and promises for People of Color. Let’s the conversation begin.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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