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The Third Round is finally here. Big Bro Rhyheim Shabazz opens up and generously shares his views on sex.

Third Round with Big Bro

interviewing Rhyheim third round

After having a general introduction and some diving into his views on relationships, our next step was having with Rhyheim a conversation about sex. In case you have been following, you know we should not expect anything kinky or scandalous.

Beyond any doubt, it is already clearly established that Big Bro Rhyheim Shabazz is the King of Vanilla and Simplicity. These are things we clearly do not have in common, I am a Queen, a Kinky and Complicated one.

I leave you all with him.

  • ILP: Out of all the labels in the LGBTQ alphabet, which one describes your sexuality the best? 
  • RS: “G”… I’m gay. If I fuck a million women, I’m still gay. I’ll just be a gay man with a bunch of kids. A lot of the other letters are a bit…. confusing. 
  • ILP: Are you somehow questioning the relevance of other labels, Big Bro?
  • RS: More like admitting ignorance and laziness.

Sexual Experiences

The third round is about Big Bro’s views on sex. Therefore, we need to know what are the experiences that shaped Rhyheim Shabazz’ sex mindset.

  • ILP: Tell us about your first sexual experience, Rhyheim.
  • RS: I’m assuming my first gay sexual experience. I was playing The Simpson’s on SuperNintendo with a neighbor. My mom yelled that she was running to the store. When moms left, said neighbor paused the came and asked… “can I suck your dick?” I was like 12.
  • ILP: And what about your first sexual experience with a woman?
  • RS: It was with a girl named Paula in high school. We got caught by my mom and step dad. I remember being so proud that day. Paula said that my dick was huge and it hurt. That’s honestly the day that I realized it isn’t small
  • ILP: I suffer from porn ADHD, never watch a full clip, so I may be wrong, but I do not remember you sucking dick. Not even Sean’s. Do you give head, Big Bro?
  • RS: Don’t worry… I think most of us suffer from the same. There’s footage of me sucking dick. I’m gay. Top, Bottom, Versatile… the idea of a gay man that hasn’t sucked dick, eaten ass, fucked or gotten fucked… it’s like a white person that hates mayonnaise, a black person that hates fried chicken, an Asian that can drive… I mean I’m sure it exists but it’s still just so confusing. 
  • ILP: Have you ever bottomed?
  • RS: Fucking the way that I do… Do people really have to ask if I’ve ever bottomed?

A realization in the third round

Like a punch on my face. I’m only top. I’ve never considered myself good, just a decent one. Rhyheim’s response made me realize the obvious. Being a great top will be out of my reach as long as I do not discover the pleasure of bottoming that has always shied away from me.

  • ILP: Are you implying that you can only excel at topping if you know how exactly bottoming feels like?
  • RS: It’s my personal opinion, but yes. Can you cook without eating or tasting your own meal? You have to know the pain and pleasure that comes with bottoming or else your kinda driving blind.
  • ILP: Your skills in the sack are well documented. Can you recognize any of your past committed relationships as your Coach? Or otherwise you learned by yourself? I mean, out of this uncontrollable need of yours to fuck everybody dropping in your gravitational field.
  • RS: I’m laughing at the word skills. It’s just me and the way I do things. I think that all of my past relationships definitely played a factor, but at the end of the day it’s simple empathy. Tuning yourself into your partner to get a sense of what they’re feeling mentally, physically, emotionally …spiritually. If it ain’t a spiritual experience, I’m definitely bored. 
  • ILP: Some people think that the best sex is the one you have when you are in love. However, I disagree. Would you agree with me when I say that sex when in love is just one more of the many diverse deep spiritual sexual experiences we can have, no better nor worse?
  • RS: I agree totally. It just comes down to personal preference. The best romantic sex can be a bore to someone that likes it rough and vice versa. The key is “exploration”

Let’s get more specific, Big Bro

  • ILP: We all can see everything you have done on camera. What are the kinks you have and do not document on video? Anything to confess in this third round?
  • RS: Picking my nose. Chewing my tongue. Peeing in the shower. I probably do way more for you guys on cam than off. I just like simple intimacy, can be perfectly content cuddling with a few pecks on the lips, cheek, and forehead here and there. 
  • ILP: Once in bed, what are your major turn ons?
  • RS: Hygiene!
  • ILP: What is your favorite position, Big Bro?
  • RS: I think that most tops can vouch that doggy style is a go to position when we’re feeling lazy. I’ve developed an appreciation for missionary. There’s no hiding from your partner because you’re face to face. Everything is right there in front of you. It forces the top not to be lazy because the exchange becomes more than physical. I also have an appreciation for the upward curve in my dick. It allows me to hit all the spots near and far and it’s just exhilarating to see the bottoms reaction to every move. I’m honest so I’ll admit it… I imagine that my bottom wants to feel like a woman when getting fucked and if I were in them… I mean it’s a no brained which part of my scene with Sean makes your heart drop.
  • ILP: Are there any role play scenarios you are fond of?
  • RS: I’m so horrible with role play. I’m just horrible at being fake in general. What you see is authentic me. It may be one of my many personalities but it’s definitely me.

The King of Vanilla cannot go Kinky

To be honest, I am fond of the kinky stuff. However, I do recognize that it can be an obstacle for a fluent interaction. I keep looking for kinky, forgetting that Big Bro is about a Vanilla Resurrection. Have you seen his scene with Jay Alexander?

  • ILP: Do you have any past practices, things you experimented with, exhausted, and finally left behind?
  • RS: Practices… not that I can think of 
  • ILP: Are there any kinks you have not yet tried, but would like to?
  • RS: At this point in my life, my pleasure comes from witnessing another person’s sexual awakening. For me sex is vicarious now. Oh… I’m just not into toys and slings and things. I’m simple. 
  • ILP: Is there anything you would never tried?
  • RS: Anything that involves bowel movements. I won’t get pissed on. 
  • ILP: Do you have any weird fetiches? Clown noses turn me on. Come on man, give me something for the third round!
  • RS: Sorry… I have none
  • ILP: What is the weirdest sexual experience you have had?
  • RS: It involves my worst sexual experience. Happened like 15/16 years ago back during my days in Jersey. Met a guy for a hookup and homeboy was so annoying that he even asked that I not rub against the waves on his head before we even got naked. Just a pretty boy all around. Folded his clothes before sex. It reminded me of an old movie She’s Gotta Have It by Spike Lee. I don’t have patience for prissy… even back then I didn’t. I cut the encounter short.

Big Bro and other gay porn stars

I am still laughing at his last response. THAT is the weirdest situation he has experienced. This man lives in Planet Vanilla, clearly. However, we know he can be a little rougher than conventional vanilla. It does not depend on him but in his partner.

  • ILP: Out of all the guys we have seen you playing with in Twitter, TimTales, your OnlyFans, and your JustFor.Fans accounts, which one is the best kisser, which one the best cock sucker, and which one the best taking you in his ass?
  • RS: Out of respect for those guys, I’m not answering this one. 
  • ILP: What porn stars would you like to work with after we finish this third round of questions?
  • RS: As far as porn stars, my focus is on my brothers at Tim Tales and picturing the combinations that they will offer. The porn industry is full of devious and to be honest if I dealt with a lot of them I’d probably need to be saving all this content money for bail.

The only safe sex is no sex

  • ILP: As thousands of asses left shaking have witnessed, you are a very, very promiscuous man.What do you do to keep yourself safe?
  • RS: I’ve been on Prep for about 5 years now but I also remain conscious of my body. Getting tested. I’m that person always checking my lymph nodes. I’m not that person that’s asking to see your papers or ask over and over again what’s your status. Call me naive but for me it’s all about putting up a defense and not being paranoid. If I choose to have sex with a person I do it also based on character. That’s why I stay away from the DL and Discreet crowd. No offense but a smart person knows that people’s insecurities lead them to doing some fucked up things. So to answer your question… prep and my own instincts. 
  • ILP: Would you accept to use a condom if a partner asks so?
  • RS: No
  • ILP: Besides weed, do you enjoy using any other drugs with sex?
  • RS: Nah, not really. I might do G every now and again but the other drugs… I’m a control freak so I don’t like anything that makes me loose too much control over my natural everything. I’ve done Molly with no effect. Ecstasy makes my dick soft and has me feeling weird the next day or so. I’m a stranger to all the others though. 

The third round turns educational

keeps rising gay porn big bro third round
  • ILP: Let’s try to get some tips from you, Big Bro. After all, the universe of your lovers is statistically significant. Describe to us what good kissing is. In detail for this third round, please.
  • RS: Everyone kisses differently. It’s a matter of adapting and correcting. If your partner can’t kiss, teach them. If they still can’t kiss… leave them. I really can’t have sex without kissing. Whether I’m collaborating with tops or bottoms, we’re gonna connect through kissing or… CUT
  • ILP: What do you think are the most common mistakes on kissing?
  • RS: Too much tongue and too much noise. You really can kiss without all the smacking and wet noises. 

On giving head

  • ILP: What does good cock sucking look like, Big Bro? Again in detail, please.
  • RS: Everyone has their own unique skill when it comes to this. I like suction and grip with major focus on the head of my dick.
  • ILP: And what are he most common mistakes young apprentices should avoid when sucking dick that you can share in this third round?
  • RS: Teeth. And talking. If my dick’s hard and I’m looking like I’m enjoying it… do you have to ask if I like it? Every 10 seconds… let me marinate in the moment. 

On eating ass

  • ILP: And now my favorite. Please Big Bro, give us a mini lesson on good ass eating. 
  • RS: Y’all are gonna laugh at me but I have 3 ass eating phases. I’ll only say two though.. there’s the tickle/tease phase where my tongue just glides around the hole entrance teasing them enough that they beg me to go deeper. The other phase is the Matrix Sentinel phase where I feel like those things chasing Morpheus, Trinity, And Neo underground. Navigating every tunnel and crevice inside, trying to discover every zone of pleasure. I also look for flavor. This is gonna sound gross, but ever lick a healing would? I love that flavor in a person’s ass. It’s hella faint but the reaction from a bottom when I find it…
  • ILP: Super hot. However, you are not allowed to leave us in this third round without any clues about your third phase. This is a public service. Share or you will be impeached.
  • RS: Impeach me then, bitch! No no no! I’m just kidding. The third phase it’s me stretching my tongue width and length to stretch the hole for entry.
  • ILP: And the things to avoid when diving in the darkest part of our partner? 
  • RS: There should be no teeth near the hole. It’s delicate skin. Just like fucking… it’s not about how fast hard and deep you shove your tongue in there. Know what your goal is first, then act accordingly. Are you preparing the hole for entry? Are you letting your tongue do the fucking while your dick takes a break? No matter what… eating ass is all about discovering all those internal sensors.

Let’s close this third round with a quick test

To close, let’s do a multiple choice exercise. You MUST choose one of each pair.

1. Big lips or regular standard mouth? 


2. BB or condom? 


3. Penetration or eating ass?


4. Blunts or ecstasy?


5. Los Angeles or Barcelona?

Los Angeles

6. Andy Star or Sean Zevran?

Trying to end my life?

7. Kissing with no fucking or fucking with no kissing?

Kissing with no fuckin

8. Weed or hash?


9. Harsh or sweet?


10. Sex in the morning or before going to sleep?

I’m a night person… Night 

11. My place or your place?

My place… ALWAYS

12. Threesomes or sex parties?

TOUGH choice… soooooo tough

13. Bondage or puppy play?

What’s puppy play?



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