Mexico City, Zona Rosa

This blogger just returned from Spring Break in Mexico City. The vacation did not actually went as planned. In order to declare “Mission Accomplished” I should visit again the Zona Rosa as soon as possible.

Mexican Unique Syncretism

Mexico City
“The Mexican People raises this monument to honor the admirable cultures that flourished during Precolombian times in the regions that are now territory belonging to the Republic. Facing those cultures’ testimonies, the Mexico of today renders homage to the indigenous Mexico, in whose example recognizes essential characteristics of its national originality” (Adolfo Perez Mateos, President of the Republic)

Indeed, Mexico City’s magic changed my plans. They actually started pretty well. I arrived on Saturday afternoon and was fucking that very evening in my hotel room at Zona Rosa.

Back then, I was alone. The following day my travel companion, an American from Arizona, arrived and our cultural explorations started. If you are interested, you may check the travel log I kept in Boytoy.

Bottom line, the exploration of Mexico City and its surroundings would leave me exhausted. In Boytoy I shared how fascinated and emotional my reaction was at the way Mexicans integrated their Precolombian history to their national identity, unlike racists states likes Argentina or the USA.

I apologize, this blog is not to talk about that, but about sex. Please, allow me to rewrite the previous paragraph.

Bottom line, the cultural explorations of Mexico City and its surroundings would leave me too exhausted to fuck. My hook up apps were smoking, but still by the end of the day I would just take a short walk around Zona Rosa, and then back to sleep.

However, this blogger always find the opportunity to have some sex.

The hook up apps in Mexico City

Mexico City Zona Rosa
In Mexico City, Zona Rosa is an area not only gay friendly but sex friendly, period. I counted at least 5 sex shops few blocks from my hotel.

Our hotel was in the heart of Zona Rosa. The options in all the hook up apps were many, and most of them at walking distance.

As a disclaimer, hook up apps have never worked for me. When I am in my home base, I use Adam 4 Adam. In my phone, I only have 3 apps: Grindr, Tinder, and Scruff. I dislike all of them, and all of them have given very little sex at home and/or traveling.

Surprisingly, they were working for me in Mexico City. All kind of men were hitting my profiles, but specially twinks. As soon as three hours after landing, I got a date not with a Mexican but with a Colombian guy, 22 years old. I was expecting an invasion from the Venezuelan diaspora, but instead I found the city full of sexy Colombian men.

Fortunately, out hotel was gay friendly. I recommend the Room Mate Valentina without hesitations. If you are planning a trip, check the thread in Boytoy that I linked above. You will find a lot of useful tips.

The best app for Mexico City is indeed Grindr, out of the three I tried. Grindr gave me all kind of hits, and so many that it was statistically impossible not to find a match. Scruff gave me gentlemen I was not attracted to, or hot escorts. Tinder, of course, gave me just bull shit.

Randisan visited me

Randisan, or should I say Randy. I will continue posting content with him the next few weeks in our JustFor.Fans account.

I met Randisan in Buenos Aires, last year. Since then, he had moved to Lima (Perú), and was now in transit to Cancún. His flight was landing in Mexico City soon after midnight, while his connection was departing at 3PM.

Therefore, I invited him to spend the night in the comfort of my room in Zona Rosa. Besides playing, we would be able to create some content for I LIKE PINGA JustFor.Fans page.

There is no much I can add to my previously linked review. Randisan is not only beautiful and sexy, but sweet and intelligent. In few words, quite good company. In the coming weeks we will be publishing pictures and video we played with the following morning. As an illustration. we fucked before going to sleep, again when we woke up, and I was horny and ready to fuck again after the photo session. Unfortunately, he had to leave.

Besides escorting, Randisan also started a porn career. His porn name is Randy, and his debut was performing for one of my favorite studios, Latin Leche. You can see him in this just released scene.

If you happen to be in the Cancún area when reading this post, and you are horny, you should read my review. His Rentmen ad is up and active.

La Zona Rosa

Calle Amberes in front of my hotel, at the very heart of Zona Rosa

In just a few days, of course I did not walk the whole super metropolis. We explored only Zona Rosa, Cuhatémoc, Condesa, Roma, Downtown, and Xochimilco. I was impressed at the number of gay and lesbian couples holding hands, hugging and kissing in public spaces, in all of those Mexico City neighborhoods.

But Zona Rosa is itself a world apart. Calle Amberes, where our hotel was located, becomes almost 100% gay at night. The party slowly starts at about 2/3 PM, and goes on up to 5 am, with pick after midnight. The street is taken over. There is one crowded bar next to the other, with guys trying to lure you to choose them, quite insistently unlike other street vendors. The competition is hard, there are really many bars to choose from.

All the places seemed full, with mostly guys but also many women, all predominantly in their 20s and early 30s. Despite that predominance, it was a diverse crowd. Very diverse on ethnicity, if you perceive the differences in between Latinos. Very diverse on age, and even on nationality. It is a very touristic zone and I heard many different languages, but specially English.

Besides gay friendly, it is also a sex friendly zone, with several sex shops. Once you move away from Amberes, gayness fades. Although it is still predominant, the rest of the Zona Rosa is more mixed and family friendly.

We had all those bars full of tipsy, horny young men. We had the streets, well provided with hustlers. However, we were too tired for the hunt. Well, I cannot speak for my friend but I was. Old tired fag. Shame on me.

Strippers and Go Go Boys in Mexico City

Mexico City, Zona Rosa

Unfortunately, the legendary BB Bar and Botas Bar are both closed. Apparently, BB Bar shut down a few days before our arrival. We even saw an official notice about a city inspection to the place posted on the door. I do not have enough information, but it does look like stripper bars are in retreat in the city.

A few locals we interacted with mentioned places with go go boys in Polanco, an upscale neighborhood we did not go to.

On a Tuesday we went to Tom’s, a venue advertised as a leather bar. Perhaps it was not the right night, but if that is a leather bar I am Beyoncé.

Due probably to the Spanish colonial layout of that neighborhood, Tom’s building is not very wide, but goes deep into the block. It has three levels and a dark room in the first floor restroom.

We arrived near midnight and the place was starting to get packed. As soon as we walked in, a member of the security staff asked me whether or not I spoke Spanish. He wanted to warn us to be extra careful with our valuables in case we wanted to explore the darkroom. He recommended us to go upstairs and check out our wallets and phones.

Tom’s Leather Bar

Mexico City
Tom’s Leather Bar. Picture taken from their IG profile.

It was not cheap for Mexican standards: $M 250, including 6 beers. We quickly got our drinks and started to check the place. Although the crowd was arriving, you still were able to move around comfortably. After exploring the venue, that reminded me of the old bars of the East Village in the 90s, we settled camp in the back, right at the entrance of the restroom/darkroom.

I did not see anyone attractive entering or walking out of the darkroom, so I did not try it. My friend did, and did not report anything interesting. When it was starting to become really crowded, a stripper shows started. Someone told us that usually they do not get fully naked. We were lucky, as this was a special anniversary night.

The first performer was smoking hot, a beautiful muscular Aztec I would have loved to see wearing a traditional warrior outfit. However, it was Semana Santa, and the theme of the night was religious. The screens in the walls were showing “Resurerection”, a porn movie.

Accordingly, the Aztec beauty showed up as a priest, spreading holly water over the crowd. When he finished his show, the following performer showed up as a monk. Both men got completely naked and showed off their erections. They allowed the audience to grab their hard dicks, we even saw a very quick fellatio. Unlike the American style, they were not tipped.

As the place was getting uncomfortably packed, we decided to leave after the second guy. Reaching the exit was a challenge, one of those rare occasions when I am happy to be big.

Boy Bar

Mexico City, Zona Rosa
I spent my last night in Mexico City here, the Boy Bar in Calle Amberes, Zona Rosa.

On Thursday, we stayed in Zona Rosa. From Thursday to Saturday, Boy Bar opens its doors. They have strippers dancing every night, and a live sex show only on Thursday. I think this is the only place in Mexico City where you can enjoy this kind of performance. Of course I may be wrong. In case you know of any other place, please share your tips in the comments bellow.

Zona Rosa is one of the many neighborhoods in Mexico City not following the traditional Spanish colonial layout. The venue is modern, wide, with three full levels. In the first floor you have the strippers bar, only allowed to male clients. Then you have the second level, a dance floor with a central bar and a balcony. In this level, open to everyone, there are also go go boys who do not get fully naked. Finally there is a top roof bar that opens after midnight.

The cover is only $M 55, but you have to pay again if you choose to leave and want to come back. The whole venue looks well staffed, cleaned, designed, and contemporaneous, the crowd is very diverse and well behaved. 

Unfortunately, you cannot film or take pictures in the strippers bar. There is only one stage against the center of one of the walls, in a very softly lighted environment. The stage is surrounded by small round tall tables and stools. Drinks are very affordable. We ordered a water and Jack &Coke, $M 120.

Sex on stage in Mexico City

Mexico City, Zona Rosa
Sweet, horny Randisan.

The stage is actually a shower, walled with plexiglass. One at the time, the boys take a 10/15 minutes shower with 20′ intervals in average. All of the boys were hot and in their 20s, and with a constant hard on. We saw 5. I would have hired two of them without blinking. However I was not the lucky one.

One of them, probably the older one, hairy and in his late 20s., approached us after the show and gave us his card. My friend hired him the next day at U$S 150 the hour, and he is a very happy man. He paid too much in my opinion, but it is probably what a stripper charges. I did contact Jordano Santoro, who quote me U$S 200. Needless to say, I did not hire him as I was looking for Mexican prices.

Live bad sex in Zona Rosa

I traveled to Mexico City to fuck with a Colombian and a Peruvian. I am not complaining.

Back to Boy Bar, at 2:30 AM we had a live sex show. My friend loved it, I did not. It lasted only 10 minutes, and in my opinion was rushed, without connection between the performers, pretty much bad sex with an audience.

Both performers were older than the strippers. The bottom had a smooth well shaped body with big round butts, in his early 30s. The top was a rough, gym body,  bald guy, hyper masculine looking, with goat tee and hairy body, nice size dick, in his early 40s.

The whole thing was so forced and artificial that it made me feel uncomfortable. They would just mimic all the rituals but were unable to show any chemistry or connection. They sucked their faces and fucked in a few positions, and however I could not see or feel anything actually sexual.

However, everyone else seemed to be enjoying it. Once, the top guy tried to grab the bottom’s hair, but as it was too short, his hand slipped and failed. Both performers and the whole audience laughed at he accident, it was the only moment I enjoyed, the only few seconds that were real. 

Mission not accomplished

Fortunately, despite my interrupted plans in Mexico City, this was waiting for me when I returned to DC.

My friend was leaving on Friday, I thought I was leaving on Saturday. As the hook up apps were working so well, I had decided not to hire and just enjoy the free sex. I left the hotel on Friday morning for a short walk, as I had two dates scheduled for noon and evening.

However I had made a mistake. As soon as I returned to the hotel I got my airline reminder. My flight was departing in 90′. I broke all my records for packing, checking out, and getting to the airport.

Nevertheless I missed that flight and had to reschedule. Who cares. The really bad thing was that I was leaving Mexico City with the unpleasant feeling of coitus interruptus.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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