Jay Alexander top four gay escort dc sex market

These are just my top four gay escorts to hire in DC right now. And by right now I mean these days until May 8th, 2019. DC sex market continues booming.

My Top Four Gay Escorts

I can never stress enough how subjective my preferences are. Not being selected amongst my favorite four gay escorts does not say anything against the talent and hotness of other providers. Above all, I am just sharing my personal taste for men.

As can be seen as soon as you search in Rentmen, DC sex market offers plenty of diversity. To add to the quite well supplied offer of local escorts, we have many smoking hot visitors. Even better, we are just few weeks away from Black Pride and visitors already started to post their trip.

However, the scope of this post does not reach that far. We will focus only in the days between April 26th and May 8th, in the hope that more gay porn stars and escorts will be advertising in a couple of weeks., enough to justify a new article in this blog.

This time, my top four gay escorts are all visitors, with one exception. In case you are a follower and share my preferences, you should start calling and booking.

These guys are going to be very busy. As fans pages have become a significant source of income for some talented performers, there is a new trend. All adult entertainers, escorts and/or porn stars, are nowadays busy not only with clients and studios. Besides, they are fucking amongst them as bunnies, to create content.

Let’s take a look to the top names in my shopping list for DC sex market.

First, the local guy

Top four gay escorts DC sex market
Roy Mason is back in DC, and as soon as I have new pictures, you will see he looks even better.

Gladly, we have very good breaking news to start this spring in the DC sex market. After an absence of about two months, gorgeous new gay escort Roy Mason is back to our area.

Although I have not seen him privately yet, I met him yesterday. I would have said it was impossible, but the boy came back even hotter. He makes my eyes horny.

Right now I have nothing to add to the reports of our first and second meetings, before he left DC. You know his beauty if you are a paying member of our JustForFans account. Hopefully, we will do something this week end and I will be able to share an update to prove that I am not lying when I say he returned unbelievably hotter.

Stay tuned, but you should be contacting him. He is clearly a fast learner, making significant improvements in the business of pleasing a dominant top. If you do not try this guy now, when he is starting, he may rocket over your price range in a short time.

So you already know who is one of my choices.

Then, the top visitor

Out of the top four gay escorts in my shopping list, I am making a huge effort to afford two. I am thrilled at the prospect of meeting gay porn star and escort Jay Alexander.

He is one of those guys that I cannot believe I did not see before. I mean, of course I had seen his work in porn, and always liked him. However, he had not stand out of the crowd of talented performers I like.

And then, he shot a scene with the King of Vanilla Renaissance, my man Rhyheim Shabazz. He has this magic power. Rhyheim fucks great porn stars and he makes them even greater. That is how I started to pay attention to Sean Zevran and Zario Travezz.

Fortunately, Jay Alexander will be visiting DC from May 3rd to 8th. There is a good chance we will meet, thanks to some push done by Rhyheim. My plan would be trying Jay’s escort talents, and then shooting an interview for the blog.

Jay has told me that he will be looking to hook up with hot guys to create content. The man is going to have a very tight schedule during his few days here, you should start contacting him right now.

I have been revisiting his porn work. I said it before and I say it again, how come I did not notice him before. However, I do not want to write much about him here, I will save my verbal diarrhea for after meeting him and reporting about it.

For the purpose of this post, I just wanted to highlight his visit and give you the chance to book him now, before he gets all his time taken.

Seth Knight

Although Seth made it to the top four gay escorts visiting DC right now, he fell out of my budget.

This blogger has been following him since his first steps in the Gay Porn Industry. Notably, he is one of those performers who has reengineered his physical appearance through working out and tattoos, just like Pablo Bravo. Needless to say, he has done a vey good job at improving himself.

The boy is one of DC frequent visitors, and also a frequent flyer in my To Do Lists. Unfortunately, it is hard to contact him and we have never connected despite my attempts.

Once again, I am about to miss him. However, you can be the luck one. Call him.

Last but not least

ALLEN IN DC thinking of escorting Allen taking a shower
Allen, the perfect male escort. He is beautiful, with a 100% sex positive mindset, and into older men

The last provider who made it to the top four gay escorts available these days in DC has been twice before in my bedroom. Therefore, I know what I am talking about when I say that I cannot stress enough what an exceptional companion Allen is.

Please, check the reports about our first explosive meeting, followed by a less intense but not less hot second encounter.

According to his Rentmen ad, his service in the DC sex market will be available from April 28th to 30th, right this coming week.

One of our quests is searching for those hot young men who are naturally and honestly attracted to older guys. Allen is indeed one of our major findings. He will blow your mind, call him right now.

DC sex market is booming

That expression in Kevin Ryder’s face is only for the pictures. In real life, his smile is always flashing.

Sex parties, online hook ups, and local and visiting gay escorts abound in the area. To make it even better, as we pointed out before, the Spring Fever is empowered by Black Pride.

You can check this to have an idea of all the fun coming by the end of May. Out of respect, I have stopped attending the events many years ago, and stepped back to let my Black brothers celebrate themselves.

However, I do take the left overs. Just as an example, the astonishing sexy Kevin Ryder will be visiting for that weekend. By then, I hope to have money again.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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