Browner America, Porn Industry

A Browner America is an unavoidable future rather than a goal. Of course, it comes attached with a Browner Porn Industry. (the animation is borrowed from Vox)

Goodbye White America

Browner America, Porn Industry

America seems to be making peace with Socialism, even with Homosexuality and Marihuana. However, we still struggle with accepting that America is not White anymore.

Needless to say, America has never been White. Nevertheless, White America recreated itself through the violent extermination, incarceration, exploitation, and exclusion of the Native, African, Asian, and South of the Border Peoples.

The fight for a racially more inclusive America has been long and is far from being over. Led by the Black brothers and sisters, it reached its highest point in 2008. However, Barak Obama’s double victory was a call to action for White Supremacist America.

Donald Trump is their champion:

  • He is restricting immigration from non White countries. Or shit hole countries as he once called them.
  • He is not only hunting undocumented immigrants. He is designing policy to restrict even legal immigration.
  • Trump is defunding public education and weakening affirmative action. These are two fundamental tools to leverage racial inequities.
  • This president is reshaping American Judiciary. Taking advantage of the GOP majority in the Senate, Trump is nominating judges at record numbers. Under his ruling, the American Judiciary System is becoming more White, Male, and Christian than have been in many years before.

A Browner America is coming

Hell yeah, A Browner America and Porn Industry are coming. Just a little drop of Ebony God Krave Melanin and everything will be darker.

Despite all bad news, we cannot help but being optimistic. A Browner America is coming. Perhaps the racist mob being manipulated does not know it. Perhaps they honestly think they can fight against it, and somehow win.

However, the most enlightened of their leaders know it. American Future is less White and less Christian. That is why they are taking over one of the Three Branches. Of course, the one that does not require representation. They know the fight for the Legislature and the Executive is mostly lost. The plan is quite in the open: to resist, to fight for keeping every trace of privilege for as long as possible. Do not forget, judiciary’s are lifetime appointments.

They cannot stop us. We are just too many and have too many allies. America not only is turning Browner. Women and religious and sexual minorities are powerful allies, indeed. We have already witnessed the power of this coalition in the past mid term elections.

It is up to all of us to make sure Trump is an ending and not a beginning. Given we all do the right thing, this shameful presidency should be one of the last spasms of dying White America.

I hope I am not boring you. This blog is not about politics, but politics nonethless is everything. Therefore, now and then we will have to address politics directly or to contextualize an article.

Given this political context, what is I LIKE PINGA’s role? We are fighting for a Browner Gay Porn and Adult Entertainment Industry.

A Browner Gay Porn Industry

American Porn Industry seems to be overwhelmingly White. The better paid and most popular performers, producers, and porn creators in general are White. Similarly, the top gay escorts in the USA seem to be White.

However, if we dig a little bit, we may find reasons to think that the popularity of White porn is just a myth mirroring the fantasy of a White America.

If you take a careful look at these Pornhub statistics, some correlations are interesting. In Straight as well as in Gay Porn, ethnic categories are overwhelmingly in the top charts, specially all the variations of Ebony. Nevertheless, almost no performers of Color show up in the respective top charts.

Browner America, Porn Industry

Perhaps this discrepancy can be explained. The mainstream Porn Industry defines as “niche” all Black, Latino, and Asian performers and productions. White performers have names, unlike performers of Color. They lose their individuality and are all merged into subsidiary categories.

Mirroring the same symbolic devices that created a never existing White America, the Mainstream Porn Industry dooms non White porn to the “Alternative” category.

But we need a Browner Porn Industry in a Browner America.

Let’s not play their game

If we allow Mainstream Porn Industry to define who we are, we will be always playing in their field, and under their rules.

Despite thriving premium quality porn, alternative producers are too busy hating and competing against each other. All it takes is sitting at the same table to create our own Porn Producers and Artists Association.

Sharing traffic data and agreeing on Media strategies and campaigns would allow us to reclaim the section of the market that belongs to us. It is not a small share, if we believe the numbers in the Pornhub report.

I LIKE PINGA is a one person effort, without any investments in data research and mining. However, the amount of data we can access for free is overwhelming. An association of porn companies would have access to massive amounts of data without making any investments.

Of course, we should invest some money in specialists to make sense of the information, and to help us to develop short and long term media and market strategies. I am doing it all the time with my little blog. Imagine what an operation with a capital to invest could achieve.

Unfortunately, it looks like we cannot put our differences aside. Meanwhile, Mainstream Porn traps us with Trojan horses like Noir Male.

It is already started

Whether or not the porn studios do something about it, the process is already started. An unstoppable Browner America implies a Browner Porn Industry. Clearly, it would be better if the non mainstream creators get together and agree on a common plan.

However, we do not need them. Thanks to Social Media and the relatively new boom of the Fans Pages, Gay Porn Performers are fighting for the place they deserve. If the studios do not catch up, they will be just left behind and become less and less relevant.

Look at the work that guys like Rhyheim Shabazz, Sean Zevran, Krave Melanin, and Max Konnor have been and are doing. Look at guys like Deep Dic and Jay Alexander, who seem to be relaunching their careers focusing on their own brands.

They are paving the way. On matters related to the success of the Fans Pages model, I have been oscillating between optimism and pessimism. Right now, and based in the momentum still rising around Rhyheim, I am feeling clearly optimistic. Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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