Jay Alexander top four gay escort dc sex market

Jay Alexander is visiting DC for a few days. Despite his busy schedule, we have the privilege of meeting him. We tried this big gay porn star’s escorting services, and interviewed him.

An under recognized gay porn star

The scene that brought Jay Alexander back to the big headlines.

Although Jay Alexander is a well established name in the Industry, he is not one of the guys we are usually talking about. This is changing right now.

After keeping a low profile for the last couple of years, Jay is back. His scene with Rhyheim Shabazz was a rotund return that gave him countless complimenting commentaries.

Even this blogger had not paid to Jay the attention he deserves. Despite being a voracious consumer of porn by Black and Colored performers, despite always liking his performances, somehow he had never made it to the top of my considerations.

Until that already legendary fuck with Rhyheim. It is Big Bro‘s magic power of turning great stars in even greater ones.

I checked his Rentmen profile and noticed he was coming to DC a few weeks after. When I mentioned to Rhyheim that I was considering a hire, he emphatically recommended him to me. Not only that, Rhyheim also volunteered to make the contact.

Jay Alexander: escort or porn star

Jay is a prolific performer, one of the best and better established gay porn stars in the market.

Of course Rhyheim’s testimony was relevant regarding Jay’s character, not the quality of his escorting services.

We are always very careful when we are going to hire a gay porn star. Obviously, our expectation is to have a sample of the same talents we admire on the screen. However, one thing is fucking with other hot porn stars, and a very different thing fucking with regular Joes, like this blogger. Just in case you do not know, I am not a porn star.

Rhyheim is a very attractive man. Delivering an outstanding sexual performance with him does not necessarily mean I would inspire the same experience. Therefore I listened to his recommendation but did not get over enthusiastic about how satisfactory my meeting with Jay Alexander would be.

If you read my Reviews, you would think there is no reason for such a concern, as all my reported experiences with gay porn stars have been great. However, the operative word there is “reported”.

As a policy, we do not post negative reviews. Believe me, I had my quote of gay porn stars who delivered an under whelming (to me) escorting experience. Nevertheless, it would not be right or fair to easily assume the stereotypical explanations. You know, porn stars are conceited, self centered and shallow. Most of them are not, and one hour of interaction does not authorize me to make a judgement.

Thanks to Rhyheim’s intermediation, I was also granted the chance to interviewing Jay. Wether or not I enjoyed the escorting experience, I would have anyway the chance to create content for this blog. The good investment of my money was guaranteed.

A disclaimer about this review

Jay Alexander gay porn star

We started connecting about three weeks before our meeting. However, we did not discuss details for the appointment. The only explicit agreements were me hiring one hour of his escorting services, and then interviewing him out of the clock.

Although our interaction was fluent and timely, it may not be representative of regular circumstances. Remember, we were connected by a mutual friend. Therefore, my messages would probably stand out in his overflown inboxes.

This extraordinary situation may somehow question this report validity as a review. Usually, the guys I hire do not know I am a blogger and reviewer. In these cases, the experience I report takes place in the same circumstances any other client experiences.

Jay knew about the blog and my reviews. Some of you may think that my excellent experience was due to special treatment.

You may have a point, otherwise I would not address it here. However, my experience and intuition tells me you would be wrong.

Perhaps, Rhyheim’s intermediation helped up with the quick connection and fluid communication. I give you that point. However, I have the firm impression that the escort experience Jay delivered was his best, as he always delivers when he is working. With or without cameras.

Jay Alexander escort

Jay Alexander gay porn star

The day of our appointment, Jay kept me posted on his Uber progress since the very beginning. He got one of those Uber drivers who cannot follow GPS directions. They do exist, I had to deal with at least a couple of them.

When he finally walked into my nest, I did not notice any of the yellow flags that come with the gay porn star stereotypes. Jay Alexander has a very sweet and easy smile, and a humble, warm, friendly demeanor.

We smoked and got to talk a little bit, following up on our online conversations. Very quickly, we also discussed the interview. Before I noticed, we stand up and started kissing.

Jay Alexander is an outstanding French kisser and a a horny motherfucker. As soon as we made body contact I checked his package and the man was already with a full hard on.

As a kisser, he skillfully applies the right dose of passion and sensitive exploration. Standing up, we dove deep into eating each other faces. We were lost into each other, hugging and freaking for a while.

We were in the living room. I have a room mate now, so we eventually stopped and moved into my bedroom.

Jay in the sack

Jay Alexander gay porn star

Jay’s body is not only beautiful but also sensitive. I had been exploring it with my hands in the living room, and continued that exploration with my mouth in bed. And everything was always framed with lots os passionate, desperate, voracious, wet kissing.

After eating his perfectly shaved ass for a while, he was ready for my dick. Just my saliva was enough to lubricate his welcoming hole.

We fucked for a long time, trying all rhythms and intensities. I could feel my dick massaging his prostate, and Jay enjoying it. He would match my dick strokes with his ass in a coordinated dance, always kissing and asking for more.

His movements and his moaning took me to an intense ecstasy. I exploded inside of him. As soon as my orgasm convulsions faded, he locked his rim around my dick in a strong hold, and fucked it until busting.

It was indeed a premium service, not transactional at all. Jay Alexander never rushed me or checked the time, he fully gave himself to the experience. Not only he provided me with pleasure, but also demanded me to please him. Exactly what I expect from a premium date.

A gay porn start who can escort

The doubt has been totally cleared out. If you are one of those clients afraid of contacting porn stars, you should not be if you are thinking of Jay.

Jay Alexander has a very clear understanding of the nature of sex. His focus will be pleasing you, but he knows such goal is only achievable if he is also enjoying the connection.

If you are looking for the boyfriend experience, Jay will not disappoint you. He has the Latino look, but also the feeling, coming from his passionate engagement.

Be alert. This gay porn star resides in Fort Lauderdale, but travels often, specially to Los Angeles. Keep an eye on his Rentmen ad and his Tweeter to learn when he is around. You may also want to check his IG account and his OnlyFans page.

Jay Alexander is relaunching his brand, and you will see his social media quite active. Enjoy his pictures and videos and warm up inside in preparation for meeting him. If he is around, you should call him and hire his escort services. You will not regret.

Stay tuned, sometime this week I hope to be able to publish the interview.

Hasta la prรณxima pinga, amig@s!



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