gay porn keeps rising Jay Alexander king of kissing

Jay Alexander, unquestioned King of Kissing, honored us with an interview. Indeed, it was a fucking privilege (literally) meeting this talented and multi-faceted artist.

A word about our interviews

Jay Alexander king of kissing keeps rising gay porn big bro third round
The King of Kissing and the King of Vanilla Renaissance recently delivered a masterful educational smoking hot scene.

Before diving into our interview to Jay Alexander, King of Kissing, we wanted to share a foreword.

Our interviews have evolved with the blog. After enjoying conversations with Ron, Mr. Cali, and Rhyheim Shabazz, we arrived to our meeting with Jay with a more clear idea of who we are. Perhaps it would be better to say of who we want to be.

We just edited our JusrFor.Fans page. We deleted the announcement about a series of interviews named ASS KING QUESTIONS. Back then, when we were starting, it sounded like a good idea. This blogger would interview a gay escort or porn star while eating his ass.

Of course, now I realize how ridiculous the idea is. That is why it is gone, do not worry. I even did it once, with Kemon Jordan.

Fortunately, we know better now who we want to be. We want to be a voice against adult entertainers stigmatization and stereotyping. Eating a performer’s ass while interviewing him would be a flagrant contradiction.

Not only we are not going to eat ass while interviewing the King of Kissing. The camera will be fixed and in a close up to the interviewee’s face. If we want to see him naked, we can watch his porn or the pictures in his ad.

I do have bad news for some of you. The full interview to the King of Kissing will be available only for paying members of our JustFor.Fans page. Here in the blog, free and open to everyone, we are sharing some excerpts from our conversation with Jay Alexander.

The King of Kissing and the Porn Industry

Jay Alexander is a proud and happy Porn Star. We asked him whether he defines himself as a porn star escorting on the side, or as a gay escort doing porn. With no hesitation, he identified as primarily the former.

And a porn star with an excellent relationship with all he studios and performers he has been associated with. I want to share the following clip, I think it is funny the way he reacts when asked if he suffered racial discrimination in the porn industry:

Jay Alexander, King of Kissing, talking about racism and porn industry

It is indeed funny how tactful Jay is trying to be. The King of Kissing knows the industry and how sensitive some topics are. His diplomatic efforts speak loudly about some sides of Jay Alexander’s personality.

Jay is a professional. As such, he keeps the conversation far away from cheap gossiping or self centered complaining.

His diplomatic effort also tells us what the King of Kissing is not. Jay Alexander is not a political being. Of course we all are, what I mean is that he is not committed to a cause like Jacen Zhu or Sean Zevran.

Beyond any political interests Jay may have, his focus is his career. Or should I say his careers. He is well known for his work as a porn star and erotic model, and as a gay escort, but we do not now much about other fields. Just to mention one, photography.

Of course, you can join our JFF site and learn everything directly from his sexy mouth.

Jay Alexander knows his strengths

The clip above is just an excerpt of our conversation on what kind of lover Jay Alexander is. He even shared some of his turn ons, but that stays in the full interview.

Obviously, the King of Kissing knows he know how to kiss. Every single word in the clip is true. Remember where we are coming from before this interview. I had hired Jay’s escorting services and can certify he is just telling the truth.

In the following clip, I asked him to pitch himself as a gay escort. I also certify every single word is true:

Love and The Kiss of Kissing

A significant part of the interview was devoted to Jay’s views on relationships. And of course, on the way that are affected by his work in porn. Listen to Jay explaining why dating a porn performer would be hard for the rest of us:

My obvious follow up question was: are you telling us that porn stars and escorts can only date amongst them? Well, apparently Jay thinks that also would be a challenge anyway, because of how competitive adult entertainers are.

We were laughing, as it looked like his chances of having a relationship were doomed. And then, boom, the King of Kissing shared that actually he is in a relationship right now. All I am going to say here is that they have been together for 8 months. If you want to learn more, go for the full interview.

How to enjoy Jay Alexander’s talents

Fortunately, we have many options. Of course, you know his work in porn if you are not a Martian.

Besides his films with conventional studios, Jay is committed to produce more content for his fans page. His already legendary scene with Rhyheim is just the beginning, but he is promising to add more to the 100+ clips already posted in Only Fans.

The King of Kissing made some interesting comments about the new trend for home made porn productions:

So if you are a hottie thinking that Only Fans will be your salvation, think twice. It is not as easy as it sounds.

But much better than watching him in the screen, is actually kissing him. You can hire his escorting services. Pay attention to his Rentmen ad to learn about his whereabouts. Here Jay is giving us a quick summary of his next steps:

Gracias, Jay Alexander

Meeting the King of Kissing was a pleasure. A fucking pleasure, as we reported recently.

In an industry where the unhappy and the complainers make sometimes a lot of noise, chatting with him was refreshing. It was a very welcome reminder of how most adult entertainers actually keep healthy, fulfilling, well balanced lives.

In our quest for des-stigmatized and des-stereotype adult entertainers, this interview will be a landmark. Jay not only modeled and demonstrated how far from reality stereotypes are. He also confronted (so politely that you can badly notice) my own stereotyped and biased questions.

I apologize, Jay. This blogger is learning from the best.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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