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Rhyheim Shabazz has been crowned by this blogger as King of Vanilla Renaissance. His passionate performances keep hitting higher points, helped by his cameraman’s documenting talent.

A Vanilla Renaissance

Rhyheim Shabazz Vanilla Renaissance
In Vanilla Kingdom, sex is a religious experience. Like in any religion, there are rituals. Rhyeim always starts his scenes smoking and weed kissing his partner.

First, let’s make clear that announcing the raise of Rhyheim Shabazz’ Vanilla Throne does not mean the demise of anything and anybody. The Realm of Sex and Porn has plenty of room for more than Seven Kingdoms, many more. Lucky us.

However, let’s point out that Vanilla Sex has not been one of the hot topics in the Pornosphera. Instead, we all were lost in Leather, Bondage, G4P, Role Playing, and a countless list of kinks, of artificiality. Gay porn has mostly reproduced and feed role stereotypes, mirroring heterosexual gender roles. We will talk again about that towards the end of this post.

It is worth to point that, unlike in Gay Porn, Vanilla never lost its mainstream dominance in the gay escorting world. Probably the clients’ most demanded scene has always been the famous Boy Friend Experience.

Defining Vanilla in Rhyheim’s Kingdom

Rhyheim is travelfucking around the world. Here, our star is saved by a Mexican hero from a vicious and treacherous attack.

Let’s clarify that we are not referring to the traditional understanding of what Vanilla is. We are in the XXI century after all. Things that were not included in its historic definition inherited from Straight Sex, like sucking dick or eating ass, are now basic elemental sexual activities. If you think they are too kinky to be Vanilla, we are not in the same dimension.

Check Rhyheim’s home made videos. What this blogger understands for Vanilla is passionate sex with no toys, with no situational twists, with no intermediations to the act of giving pleasure to each other, with no artificialities, but just two or more lovers lost into each other. 

We are ruling out any kind of interaction where the top disrespects, mistreats, or acts in any way that implies dominance. In Vanilla Land tops and bottoms treat each other with the kindness and respect due between equals.

Bare-backing is in. All variations of oral sex are in. Erotic clothing and accessories are in, as long as they do not restrain movement or suggest any kind of violence or submission. White Rain is in, as well as eating cum. We are ruling out anything scatological, no shit or Golden Rain in Vanilla Land. 

Rhyheim Shabazz’ porn

Rhyheim Shabazz’ last scene for TimTales. Indeed, it is smoking hot. Perhaps the best porn coming right now from a studio, but not the best porn coming from Rhyheim.

Some may argue that not all of Rhyheim’s sexual performances have been Vanilla. We agree. If we check his work for TimTales, we will see some impressive performances. We may even think that those scenes are some of the best porn coming from a studio so far this year.

However, often the script takes the foreground. When I see two or more lovers fucking in acrobatic positions, I do not see Vanilla; I do not even see sex. What I see is the director or the screen writer moving away from the bond between the lovers.  Indeed, Rhyheim and his partners look great, but I am distracted from the actual sexual experience.

That experience is what it is at the core of Vanilla Sex. To see Rhyheim Shabazz at his best, as unquestioned King of Vanilla Renaissance, we must look at his home made production. Furthermore, I would say that we must look at those clips filmed with the help of the master videographer EagleEye.

Our King has many great examples of his Vanilla skills recorded by himself. Nevertheless, you can see the difference. Handling the camera is a distraction, and his top performances are always those shot with the help of a cameraman. We are fortunate Big Bro and EagleEye are close friends.

Before sharing some more thoughts about this moment in porn, I will make my case for crowning Rhyheim’s Shabazz as King of Vanilla Renaissance.

First Evidence: Sean Zevran and Big Bro

I am picking four scenes, all of them available at Rhyheim’s OnlyFans and JustFor.Fans. I consider them landmarks in the rise of his Kingdom. They stand out (to me) out of an impressive body of porn performances. Vanilla is all over Big Bro’s productions, these are just the best of the best to me.

My first evidence is the scene of Rhyheim with Sean Zevran. This performance gave legitimacy to Big Bro’s raise and top place in Gay Pornosphera. Apparently, our favorite star thinks it is his best scene. It is still pinned in his fans pages.

I am not sure whether or not this was the first clip filmed by EagleEye, but it was the first time this blogger noticed his outstanding framing. We will never recognize enough his eye. His work has been one of the keys for Rhyheim’s success.

The scene

Rhyheim and Sean deliver a masterful piece of love making. The rendition of two lovers giving each other pleasure, without stereotyped roles is spotless. EagleEye documents eloquently the bond between the two lovers. He does not miss framing the right facial expressions and non verbal communication in the right moments.

You may argue their rendition in stereotypically not versatile. You would be wrong, though. It is clearly true, they do not flip flop but stay in their roles as top and bottom. However, beyond the obvious act of penetration, none of the behaviors usually attached to the roles in non Vanilla porn is present.

Compare it to so many tops out there showing off their pretended masculinity, even bragging about hurting their bottom lovers. Compare it to so many guys just reproducing rigid gender roles imported from the most Chauvinist understandings of heterosexuality.

Instead, Rhyeim and Sean are two lovers fucking each other. The fact that one’s fucking tool is his ass and the other’s his cock, is anecdotal information. This scene is my landmark to celebrate the Dawn of Vanilla Renaissance.

Second Evidence: two Kings

My second evidence is the scene with Jay Alexander, King of Kissing. As you may know, we have the pleasure of meeting and interviewing him last weekend.

I am oral. My two biggest pleasures are eating food and eating men. Of course I do have a thing for passionate French kissing.

Rhyheim and Jay deliver an incendiary demonstration of the best passionate French kissing in screen. They never stop kissing throughout the whole interaction. Even when fucking in the traditional position (Jay’s favorite, we learned in the interview), Jay would turn his head around like Linda Blair in The Exorcist, and kiss Rhyheim.

I wanted to highlight a very telling moment. Rhyheim and Jay filmed two scenes. EagleOne filmed the first one, perfectly documenting the powerful connection the lovers built by kissing.

The second one took place the following morning, without EagleEye’s assistance. Rhyheim was handling the camera. In this 30 seconds clip you can see how Rhyheim is distracted by the camera. When this happens in the wrong moment, Jay immediately demands te full attention he wants. Like Te Force, The Bond cannot be disrupted without being noticed.

The King of Kissing and the King of Vanilla Renaissance deliver an outstanding demonstration of passionate love making. At this point, Renaissance is on the rise.

Third Evidence: The Blondie

Actually, I do not know what his name is. I saw him for the first time about one year ago. He bottomed not in a porn movie, not in his fans page, but as a guest in other porn stars’ bedrooms in the Atlanta area.

I was immediately infatuated. However, he disappeared soon after, and I forgot about him. Until now. He flew to California to attend this year version of Blatino Oasis, with a stop at Rhyheim’s famous bedroom.

Out of all the stars I am highlighting in this post, he is the one I find the hottest. I cannot look at him without wanting to fuck him.

In this scene they start smoking and kissing, and quickly develop an intense connection. Rhyheim penetrates him without using any assistance from his hands, and you can watch the rest in their fans accounts.

We selected some clips where you can see how the two lovers lock their eyes in joyful connection. Again, here we have another demonstration of two men pleasing each other passionately. I fucking like this boy.

Last and ultimate evidence: Trap

Indeed, the jury can rest after this one. I am going to confess my fondness for Trap. We met in DC last year, I think he is not only gorgeous but also adorable. He received the Best Bottom in the 2018 Best Pingas Awards.

Rhyheim Shabazz meets Understand Trap and the reaction is explosive. I like it so much that I do not want to commit the crime of cutting out a section to illustrate this post. Instead I am embedding the Tweets edited by the performers.

Like in the three previous examples, EagleEye talent is essential to the experience.

Out of the selection, this is the most staged and artificial scene. Rhyheim and Trap try some quasi acrobatic positions, and fuck in the shower. However, this “artificiality” is only noticed by contrast to the other three scenes.

The passionate and deep connection taking place between the lovers turns any artificiality into reality. Look at the intensity of their kissing at the very beginning of the clip, when Rhyheim is holding Trap in an unnatural position.

In any other porn setting, the acrobatic position would have taking over the foreground. However, thanks to the depth of their lust for each other and EagleEye’s talent, it is the bond between the lovers what catches our attention, and not the uncomfortable position.

I have been asking for this meeting for a long time. Thank you guys.

Rhyheim Shabazz’ Vanilla Renaissance is here

Trap’s scene is one more landmark in a still growing wave towards Vanilla. Before continuing, let’s remind everyone, once again, that celebrating a trend does not mean diminishing other options.

In our many posts about the phenomenon Rhyheim Shabazz we addressed the reasons why he is the right man to be the King of Vanilla Renaissance. However, we did not examine much the reasons why this is the right moment for a Vanilla trend.

We have lost our connection with Nature, and even with Reality. Artificiality has become the mediation to make sense of the world. (Un)Fortunately, Artificiality can hide and even replace provisorily Reality, but cannot erase it and take its place.

Just as there is a trend for reconnecting with Nature before we make human life unsustainable in Earth; there is also a trend for a more positive and organic mindset towards sex, perhaps one of the strongest human natural compulsions.

Vanilla sex is sex without all artificialities. It is the return to prioritizing the connection and the mutual exchange of pleasure between the lovers.

Even more

Besides mirroring in sex the general trend toward our natural roots, the Vanilla Renaissance strives in the context of melting role stereotypes.

It is always astonishing to see how prevalent still are the role stereotypes imported from mainstream culture. I am talking about making an equivalence between the opposites masculine/feminine and top/bottom and their assigned roles.

Even myself, I still have in most of my online profiles the words “masculine” and “dominant” to describe myself. Indeed, a leftover of times when my understanding of sexuality and learned roles was different.

In Vanilla Kingdom, most citizens are versatile. But even if they are not, the interaction is between equals. Both lovers have the purpose to please each other, without unilateral demands.

Rhyheim Shabazz’ educational service

Once again, we are not disparaging anyone’s preferences. You can enjoy sex anyway you prefer. That is a fact.

However, it is also a fact that many of us are re examining our practices by watching Rhyheim’s videos. More than one top out there is realizing that improvements are in need. More than one bottom is having an epiphany. More than one studio is studying his work.

The King of Vanilla Renaissance is leading us to healthier sex and, therefore, healthier relationships and lives.

These are the fours scenes I chose to make my case, but Rhyheim’s fans pages are filled with evidence. You should join and find out your favorite ones.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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