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This is my Fucks Wish List for Rhyheim Shabazz. It is actually much longer, it was very hard to choose only these four guys.

Rhyheim is fucking everyone

Rhyheim’s last partner. Of course, I meant to say last by May 14th, 2019. After all, this words can become outdated in a few seconds.

We could even question the purpose of this post. Why to suggest four names to fuck, when it looks like sooner or later he is going to fuck us all anyway? Truly, Rhyheim’s Wish List must have the volume of the old phone directory books.

However, this is not his To Do List. This is my Wish List for Rhyheim Shabazz. These are the guys this blogger wants visiting Big Bro’s bedroom, as soon as possible. Rhyheim is willing to fuck anyone knocking at his door, and we cannot wait for him to go through the whole male Los Angeles population. Plus visitors.

Probably, you are like me. You and I do have a few favorite guys we prioritize. We are going to open a poll in Twitter to give you also the chance to contribute some names. 

Some groups lobby legislators looking after their interests. As Rhymeim’s fans, let’s lobby to have him fucking the guys we admire, in the interest of our masturbatory landscape. 

These are the boys in my Wish List for Rhyheim Shabazz. Go to Twitter and vote or add your own.

Krave Melanin, the First One

Krave holds the undisputed pole position in my Wish List for Rhyheim Shabazz. We have been begging for this meeting for a long time now. We even included this fuck as one of the options in a Twitter poll. Be sure to check the new one and vote.

If you are into porn and/or this blog, you should know Krave. He won one of last year Revelations in the 2018 Best Pingas Awards. Besides that, He is the second God added to my Divine Trilogy. I am still waiting for the Third One.

Imagine Krave’s phat lips French kissing Rhyheim. Imagine this mouthwatering Power Versatile taking over and owning Big Bro. I cannot imagine Rhyheim bottoming (although we know he did), but if someone is going to drill his ass in front of the cameras, I want him to be Krave Melanin.

We do have good news for the admirers of good sex between smoking hot men. Rhyheim and Krave have both declared their interest in playing together.

Diego is the Second

Adding Krave to my Wish List for Rhyheim Shabazz was easy. After all, his name always pops up in my mind any time I think of future fucks.

Indeed, choosing the following three names was a challenge. We are fond of many beautiful men, and would like all of them jumping in the legendary Angelino mattress. However, we picked only three more names after the Great Krave. These suggestions follow no priority order.

Our second choice is Diego. Our lascivious admiration for this man is public. He received the Sexiest Man in the World diploma in the 2018 Best Pingas Awards.

We can’t add anything new to what we already wrote about him. Let me just say that his porn talents and contributions have not received the recognition they deserve. 

Diego is beyond sexy. I cannot look at this man without thinking of fucking him. Besides his looks, his Power Bottom skills are out of the chart. If he were more active in the industry, the 2018 Best Bottom Award would have not been so easily granted to Trap.

I may be wrong; I think his last work for a studio was his performance for The Fuck House. Despite his absence in porn studio films, Diego is quite active in Twitter and has his own Only Fans account.

Ashton Summers

The next porn model in my Wish List for Rhyheim Shabazz is Ashton Summers. The Boricua God has returned recently after an absence of about one year. He has an exclusive contract with Helix Studios, but usually these contracts do not include home productions for the models fans pages.

Ashton is a passionate lover, and his physical beauty is maximized by his dance and acrobatic gymnastics training. He is the hottest freak ever born in Puerto Rico, an island that has no shortage of hot freaks production.

Recently Ashton declared his interest to connect with Sean Zevran to work (fuck) together. I wonder whether his interest extend also to riding Rhyheim. 

This one would probably pose a challenge to Big Bro. Ashton’s Latino stamina is out of the charts. If Rhyheim can match his energies, we may have a lot of content coming from this clash of stars.

XL closes the Wish List

krave and XL wish list for Rhyheim Shabazz
Two of my favorite performers, XL and Krave Melanin (Best Pingas Awards revelation 2018), kissing. I am a romantic after all. Movie available at BreedItRaw

XL has been in the top list of my favorite gay porn stars for a long time now. He is an exceptionally talented versatile performer, although his best work in my opinion has been as a bottom.

His last gig is a smoking hot scene with Osiris Blade for Black Rayne, one of our top favorite studios. If XL has his own fans page, we are not aware. His best performances can be enjoyed in the mentioned studio and in Dawgpoundusa

When I imagine these two stars together, I envision a passionate romantic scene. I already highlighted four scenes that made of Rhyheim the unquestionable King of Vanilla Renaissance. He and XL together would be Epic Vanilla, a heigh hard to reach for any other combination of porn performers.

Out of the Wish List for Rhyheim Shabazz

There are many performers who did not make it to this very exclusive four names list. It was really hard to choose such a short number of candidates, but we did have help to exclude some strong names.

Two I want to see and will see

Will Schokolade did not make it to the final cut. Will started his porn career performing for Latin Leche and soon rocketed to the top charts. Perhaps not as fast as Big Bro conquered the English speaking market, but in a few months after his debut Will took over not only the Rio de la Plata, but also the much more competitive Brazilian porn market. There is a good chance Will and Rhyheim will meet, but I decided not to include him in this selection because we already devoted a whole post to advocate for this encounter.

We are not including Chino Blac. Not because we do not want to see him riding Rhyheim’s, we do. Hell, we do. Chino has declared he is retiring from porn, but also shared his strong interest in fucking Big Bro. The only reason he is not in this Wish List is our confidence about these two fucking sooner than later.

One I want to see but we will probably never see

Alam Wernik is not in the list either. This meeting, which would have blown out Internet and the Pornosphera, almost took place a few weeks ago. I am only going to share here that one of the two Big Stars did not meet his word, and the relationship is not in the best place right now. You guess who. Bottom line, I do not think they are going to work together any time soon.

One you want to see

Another big name we are not including is DeAngelo Jackson. I am mentioning him because of his popularity. We are aware that many are waiting for this event to take place. Actually, I am quite confident they will work together and probably break more than one record on that day. Nevertheless, and even if I have the highest respect for him, DeAngelo is not in the top list of my favorite performers. He is here because of you.

Make your own Wish List for Rhyheim Shabazz

Go to the related Tweet and add your own names to the list, or vote for one of my four suggestions, as soon as you read this post. Let’s lobby for our favorite stars or Rhyheim is going to be dried out by his neighbors.

Indeed, writing this post has been a challenge. I am trying to publish it in a rush, before Rhyheim fucks one of my suggestions and this whole post turns outdated and obsolete. Anyway, I give it just a few weeks at most.

If you are enjoying the blog, please join our JustFor.Fans page. Clearly, we are not porn stars or porn creators, we cannot offer that quality. However, if you are a follower of the blog, you will find additional video and pictures related to the posts we publish here. Furthermore, you will be supporting our work by paying only 4.99 monthly; or even less if you sign up for multiple months.

And I have to stop writing, before Rhyheim fucks one of these men.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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