Rhyheim and chino

Rhyheim and Chino finally hooked up. Unexpectedly for this blogger, they delivered a scene of classic romantic passion.

An expected Fuck of Titans

Whether or not you believe in any gods, we all were praying for this to happen. Recently, we published a Wish List for Rhyheim. We explicitly excluded Chino Blac from the selection because we knew it was a given. We were correct, indeed. I did not know about it, but they were fucking while I was publishing that post.

In one corner, Rhyheim Shabazz the Newcomer. Despite being new, he also is King of Vanilla Renaissance, and an exclusive TimTales model. Rhyheim has probably broken all records, becoming the undisputed 2019 porn boom. His Twitter account has reached 136K followers, however it was opened less than four months ago.

Veteran porn stars are lining up to ride his dick. Perhaps it is too soon to tell, but we may be able to start talking about a before and after Rhyheim Shabazz. In any case, his popularity amongst not only consumers, but also sex workers, speak of an unseen leadership and charisma in the industry.

In the other corner, Chino Blac, the Veteran. Chino is a well established, popular, talented performer, one of the most celebrated Power Bottoms in the industry. This blogger is specially fond of his work in the Fuck House Series, by Black Rayne Productions. He does not need introduction.

Rhyheim and Chino together was a porn bomb everyone was begging for. To maximize the expectation, the great Chino had announced an astounded decision. His fuck with Rhyheim would be the last performance of his impressive porn career.

Rhyheim and Chino

For a moment, this blogger forgot who the King of Vanilla Renaissance is. Despite everything I’ve seen, and even written, I was expecting an explosion of raw rough animal sex.

On the contrary, Rhyheim and Chino had an incendiary romantic affair. In a quiet theatrical opening, we see Rhyheim lightening candles and arranging the scene, before stepping out to welcome Chino.

The dialogue would not be better should have been scripted.

  • Do you smoke, don’t you?
  • Yes, I do
  • Things are a lot more stressful when people do not smoke. Are you shy?
  • I am VERY shy
  • I can tell
  • Why do you say that?
  • Because I feel the empathy

They walk into Big Bro’s nest, and almost immediately kiss. The contrast is great. Tall versus short, lighter versus darker, semi naked versus dressed, confident and cocky versus shy and humble.

After kissing, they head upstairs. The house Alpha Male soots a last command. “Shiva, you can stay here”. There are no bitches allowed in his bedroom… for the next 30 minutes.

Chino takes control

Next, the ritual began. Rhyheim and Chino are kissing and weed kissing. It sounds like the usual business, however it is not.

The contrast is captivating. Against the odds, it is the short one who is in control. It is Chino, reaching up to the giant and handling his face while kissing. There is even a wonderful moment where he seems to climb the mountain and at the same time to establish his dominance.

Not only Chino is the dominant during this hot, sexy warm up. Already in bed, he climbs on top of Rhyheim and introduces his own version of the weed kiss. Chino extends his control by twisting the ritual and turning it into a blunt kiss.

As I watch the scene for the first time, I am thrilled. I had never seen before anyone calling Rhyheim into submission. I had never been able to imagine Rhyheim as the bottom.

Chino was doing what I though Trap would do. He was taking possession of the mountain, commanding authority from below. It would not last, though.

Rhyheim strikes back

Chino keeps his control until Rhyheim starts to eat his ass. We are now back to normal. Eating Chino’s ass gives him the control he did not get from eating his mouth.

During all this interaction the demeanor is passionate and romantic. The lovers are synching, and the bodies are fitting. The task is to connect, to trust, to ease. Rhyheim and Chino are rendering such an exemplar performance.

After the ass eating, they are ready to step up the game. The key is still vanilla and romantic, but the lovers already established trust and connection. Now, they can ease themselves into passionate intercourse. Let me share some flashes:

  • Rhyheim’s hard dick bouncing in between Chino’s intentionally shaking monumental butts.
  • Chino’s ecstasy facial expression when surrenders to bottoming
  • Wet noises and clear close ups of the legendary dick drilling relentlessly the legendary hole
  • Chino’s moaning, stopping, and when I am thinking he is going to complain, he whispers “you are going to make me cum”

Let’s call it tied

Then they move to missionary. We know, because he shared it with us, that it is the most challenging position for Rhyheim. We can tell he is working at his top capacity.

The scene is hot. Rhyheim and Chino lock their eyes and merge into each other. For moments, it looks like Chino is retaking control, absorbing the King in between his legs.

When they move on from missionary, Chino seems to be definitely back in control. The next thing we see is our Power Bottom dancing on top of Rhyheim. This is the one time when I feel disappointed.

Chino is sensually dancing in what looks like a warm up to ride Rhyheim’s cock. However, Rhyheim is just jerking off at the Dark Skin Beauty dance, and so he busts.

I was expecting Chino retaking control and owning that cock with an anthological ride. After all, this was supposed to be his last fuck.

As an afterword, let’s recognize once again EagleEye‘s talented camera. I wish he was able to make more edition work, but horny Big Bro does not give him a break.

Was this Chino’s last fuck?

Rhyheim and chino
Chino Blac can put up with any dick in the Solar System, however Californian weed is too strong for him.

Chino’s plan was moving on from the adult entertainment industry, as he had gotten a new job. However, he had bad news waiting for him back home in Atlanta.

Unbelievably, someone collected a number of links to his porn work and sent them to his new employers. We are yet not 100% certain about the outcome, but it looks like Chino has lost his opportunity.

Imagine. He must be right now rethinking his next steps. We may have more Chino for us, but let’s wait for him to decide what is best for his life.

Switching topics, Memorial Day is coming. If you are in the DC area, that means we are taken over by Black Pride. Stay tuned for more news.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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