Sluts of the world, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your shame.  Sex workers and their communities, it is time to come out of our closets and demand the respect and rights we all deserve.

A sex positive revolution


It is time to start a more intentionally sex positive movement, now. Although everyone with a sex positive mindset would be welcome, we all should indeed accept sex workers leadership.

By sex workers we mean everyone putting their body in the trade. We include not only prostitutes in their delicious infinite diversity, but also porn performers and strippers. In few words, if you are trading with your dick and your ass, you are a sex worker.

If you are just fucking a lot, you are a holy slut. Although sluts also suffer stigmatizing, we are not target by law enforcement as sex workers are.

Just as drag queens were the leaders of the most memorable protests for gay rights, sex workers will lead a movement for a more sex positive culture. One where sex work is just as honest as any other job; and where sex workers are of course entitled to the same rights and obligations that any other worker. One where they receive the same respect and recognition that any other service provider would receive.

And just as farmers and factory workers fought in the two previous centuries using their tools as weapons, sex workers will lead the new sexual revolution by weaponizing their working tools. No, I am not talking about Police and counter demonstrators facing giants dildos and sleazy traps of lube.

A call to action to all Sluts


Sex workers tools are actually their bodies, cocks, holes, and  naked skin, rather than their sex toys. They are the unquestionable leaders because they are the ones who cannot hide. The rest of us, sluts, should be respectful allies, and follow while fucking with them. 

Perhaps it is time for Sluts and sex workers to shake the stigma out of ourselves. Perhaps it is time for us to overcome our pity differences. If not now, I do not know when.

First, we have a platform in social media that allows us to communicate amongst us, without intermediations. Second, there is a significant and growing subculture actively advocating for a more sex positive mindset. Finally, we are in the political moment when interest groups are networking and lobbing to develop favorable public policy in the presidential candidates platforms. 

There is no better moment for like minded people to get together and get organized. Whether or not we are able to infuse friendly public policy in political platforms, at least we will be able to advocate for the common interests of sex workers and sluts.

I call to our porn stars and escorts who are also opinion leaders, to take responsibility and intentionally lead us. I cannot wait for retiring from my full time job, to join them in public advocacy as a Public and Proud Slut. 

Slutty politics


Some of the items in any decent slutty political agenda should be:

  • Progressive and science based sex ed in the K-12 educational system.
  • Affordable health care, including PrEP at no cost for everyone, trans gender services, and mental health support.
  • Effective copyright protections for all porn production, including self produced content for fans pages.
  • Porn performers contracts should include royalties, like performers contracts in mainstream non porn entertainment industry. 
  • Elimination of discriminatory regulations and/or policies against sex work and adult entertainment content (like blocking us from Google Ads) or shutting down our accounts in Instagram and other platforms.
  • Decriminalization of sex work.
  • Access to housing and to the non sex jobs market without discrimination.

Existing options


We could found S.L.U.T.S. (Syndicated Lovers United Towards Sex; or Society of Lascivious Unapologetic Tireless Sluts; you can create more), or we could join one of the already existing advocacy organizations.

Out of the ones I researched, I came out with one clear favorite: The Sex Work Outreach Project USA (SWOPUSA). It is a progressive organization with a thoughtful framework that is a perfect match for our particular interests, indeed.

Of course, it is mostly focused on female sex workers. So far this article has not mentioned female prostitutes. Not because we were ignoring them, but because we know nothing about them. However, we do know that most of the sex trade takes place amongst heterosexual players.

If we sluts want to achieve anything, we must follow our prostitute and porn stars sisters’ leadership. I mean real sisters, with pussy. On one hand, they do not have the few privileges and advantages we are granted just for being males. On the other hand, they have a long history and more experience advocating for their (our) rights.

Although I just started my research, I did not find in SWOPUSA any references to male prostitutes. They may be there and I may need more time to find them. However, if there are no references to the homosexual sex market, perhaps we should bring them and enrich the organization. I am confident we would be welcome, for several reasons.

A progressive hub for all Sluts

banner from swopusa website for sex workers

Why am I so confident? Because SWOPUSA is a progressive, inclusive organization. Its Mission Statement sets perfectly the tone.

Unfortunately, it is probably going to be too progressive for some of our readers, specially the older ones. Indeed, it is hardly an option for you if your political preferences are leaning towards Conservatism and against Socialism. We are Leftists Sluts, Bitch.

Let me introduce you to SWOPUSA’s Mission Statement:

Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA is a national grassroots social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of sex workers and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education, community building, and advocacy.

SWOP is committed to the safety, autonomy, and human rights of people in the sex trade, and stands in solidarity with the many social justice movements intersectional to our own, including but not limited to Black Lives Matter, disability rights, drug and immigration reform, gender equality and the LGBTQ movement, and the rights of the working class. “

I think it is clear why I would suggest you to stop reading if you feel uncomfortable with anything mentioned in this framework. It is a quite good description of this blogger politics, but I am aware that it is not a good match for many Americans.

SWOPUSA Advocacy Agenda

banner from swops website, for sex workers

They developed an advocacy agenda for the years 2016/2018 that is perfectly compatible with the one I suggested above in this very article. They consolidated their agenda in four major goals:

“1. Violence against sex workers (including systemic and police violence)

2. Addressing decriminalization and legal status of sex work

3. Reducing Stigma and discrimination

4. Responding to the Anti­Trafficking movement”

Right now, the organization home page states that it is going through significant changes. One of those will probably be an update to their Advocacy Agenda.

Besides their Mission Statement and Advocacy Agenda, there are other features this blogger intensely likes. Allow me to give you a quick overlook of their Values.

SWOPUSA’s Values

against porn

They summarize their ethical framework in five values. Following, you will find them and a few excerpts of their definitions this slut is specially fond of. However, I strongly recommend you to read the whole page.

  • DIGNITY AND RESPECT: “Sex workers are human beings who deserve the same dignity and respect given to non-sex working people…We validate all forms of sex work as equal, and actively work to dismantle whorearchy (the idea that certain types of sex work are more or less dignified than others) in the public, as well as within our sex worker and activist communities.”
  • COMMUNITY: “The Sex Workers Outreach Project strives to create conscious sex worker communities, valuing anti-racism and anti-oppression education as a means of fostering safe environments for all… “
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: “…We actively work to identify, acknowledge, and dismantle forms of oppression that manifest within our groups, our organization, and ourselves, and hold ourselves accountable to make good on incidents where we fall short.”

More sweet stuff, dear sluts

  • SELF DETERMINATION: “….Our bodies are our own. As members of SWOP, we demand that individuals retain the exclusive right to determine how they use their own bodies under all circumstances, including in making occupational, health, lifestyle, sexual and reproductive choices…We condemn the structural oppression that seeks to take away our power and control through violence, labor exploitation, and economic marginalization. We acknowledge that methods of survival, self care, and asserting autonomy differ from culture to culture and person to person, and value non-judgement as a means of offering support to all people.”
  • SEX WORK IS WORK: “We stand by sex work as a form of emotional and physical labor that people of all backgrounds undertake as a means of supporting themselves and people who depend on them, and as a means of surviving. We maintain that consent and the upholding of individual rights are key differentiators between sex work and sexual assault, and we reject the notion that sex work is inherently linked to violence…We believe that when sex work is decriminalized, and when sex workers do not suffer from stigma and discrimination, issues of abuse in the sex trade can be better identified, addressed and nullified.”

Sluts of the World, Unite!

veteran drag queens and sex workers from stonewall

I hope you can see why I like this organization so much, despite the lack of mention of homosexual trade. That may be our future task, dear homo sluts.

I signed up for their newsletter a week ago, but have not received any issue yet. They seem to be organized in chapters tied to geo location, and Washington DC does not show up in the list. 

I am wondering whether or not they would accept a chapter based not in location but in interest. I am wondering whether we (this blogger and his like minded slut friends) could join them as a Social Media based group.

Finally, this blogger is also wondering whether or not any of you, sluts, would join. I will wait to receive their first newsletter, and to learn more about the organization,  before making any decision. Indeed, my preference would be organizing a group of male sex workers and their communities to join. However, if no one joins me, I will probably sign in as a new individual member.

If you are reading, let me know your thoughts. You can reach me through private messaging or you can also comment below in this post to start a public conversation. 

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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