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Rhyheim is in Brazil. Although is not Carnaval season, now better than ever before, alegria é brasileira.

American spy? No. American slut.

First, in the heat of Trump clashing against Mexico, Rhyheim traveled to Puerto Vallarta. As soon as he crossed the border, Internet traffic skyrocketed. Immediately, the cyber defense teams all over the U.S. triggered the alarms. Soon, they found out it was just porn. I mean, very good porn; they are still masturbating in the Defense Department.

Now, Rhyheim is in Brazil, just a few weeks after Bolsonaro declared his animosity against gay tourism. Brazilian defense systems were immediately set in Red Alert by the Internet traffic peak. As a consequence, my sources tell me that Bolsonaro ordered the immediate arrest of the gay invader.

However, Brazilian security forces are wiser than Bolsonaro. When the commanders saw the first videos of Rhyheim in Brazil, they realized what would happened if they followed the President’s order. All those Carioca security agents would end riding the American cock in an orgy of sex, caipirinha and maconha. Of course, after being weed kissed one by one.

We can assume that all intelligence agencies now know that Rhyheim is not a spy. He is just a Slut, and a very talented one. The man just ran out of American holes to drill, and traveled abroad looking for fresh meat.

Rhyheim is in Brazil

Rhyheim is in Brazil right now, he landed in Rio just a few hours ago. His plan is to spend a couple of weeks enjoying Brazilian hospitality.

First, he is going to stay for a week in Rio do Janeiro. Besides having fun, enjoying the beach, and vacationing, Big Bro has other plans. Of course, Rhyheim plans to produce a lot of content for his OnlyFans and JustFor.Fans pages. In other words, he is about to fuck a lot. Rhyheim is in Brazil to continue doing the same he does in Los Angeles.

As he was not able to smuggle EagleEye packed in his bags, he found a replacement. While Rhyheim is Brazil, his camera man will be a local friend, EyeOftheStorm. This is not Big Bro’s first visit to the country, he can count on a few friends he made before.

His Rio pre booked fucks

Despite being quiet busy fucking in Los Angeles, Rhyheim still have time to plan future fucks. Just as those travelers who enjoy planning the experience in advance, he already created a tight itinerary full of Carioca attractions. Well, perhaps they are not all Carioca. At least one of them is actually from Uruguay and one from São Paulo.

This blogger does not know much about three of the guys Rhyheim will meet. I have seen one of them, Estevão Oliveira, in some earlier clip with Rhyheim. You can check it here. The boy is smoking hot. Then we have Yuri Oberon and Italo Andrade.

I am specially fond of Yuri. I have seen him in only a few clips in my Twitter stream, and they all are very hot. However, the main reason why I am interested in him is other. Besides being a porn star, Yuri is also a garoto de programa, an escort. I may visit Rio in July and meeting him is very tempting.

Finally, we also have Will Schokolade in our itinerary. Will is not Brazilian but Uruguayan. We have been promoting this meeting, I do not have much to add to what is already written. Perhaps, as a side note, I could share that I am already jerking off in advance.

Rhyheim in São Paulo

In case Rhyheim survives these four hotties’ life squeezing asses, the plan is moving from Rio to São Paulo. Unfortunately, Big Bro has not yet shared much about his Paulista fucking plans. Hold on. Perhaps he has.

We know he is very excited about meeting Max Booty. Actually, Rhyheim has created a lot of expectation about the scene they will film together. Perhaps he is expecting to work that Paulista booty so hard, for so long, and so many times that there are no other plans. His trip to São Paulo will actually be a long and deep dive in that monumental booty.

Needless to say, these are his five pre-booked fucks. There is a good chance more smoking hot men will be trapped in his net. My friend will need Viagra for this trip.

Future plans?

If Rhyheim keeps traveling, it would be a great investment for the money we are paying for his fans page. Do not misunderstand me, I am not complaining. Furthermore, I strongly recommend you to sign up if you still have not. It is the only fans page I have ever paid for, and I do it with pleasure.

I am planning to start a series of reviews of fans pages. There are so many and it is so hard to distinguish which ones are worthy. I will start with Rhyheim’s, the only one I am paying for. I am going to continue with Cutler X, who graciously invited me as a friend in JustFor.Fans. And then I hope other performers will be interested in allowing me access for me to create a review.

Going back to traveling, I know Rhyheim has plans to flight to India. Besides, I am trying to persuade him to visit Buenos Aires in the second half of July, when I am going to be there.

Besides trips, Big Bro continues plotting new surprises with locals. There is something very hot being cooked with the King Of Kissing, Jay Alexander. Since we first discovered him, Rhyheim has been a prolific performer. It looks like he has not plans to stop any time soon.

Meanwhile, Rhyheim is in Brazil. I know some of his neighbors are already missing him. We are not. That is the one advantage of not living close to Big Bro.

Hasta la próxima pinga. amig@s!


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