Gabriel cross sucks dick for CutlerX's fans pages

Welcome to our review of CutlerX’s fans pages. After our commentary on Rhyheim Shabazz’, this is the second issue of a new service provided by I LIKE PINGA.

Two fans pages and a website

CutlerX does not need introduction. Unlike Rhyheim, he is not a newcomer but a well established porn star. We assume you know who he is, if you are from planet Earth.

Besides the considerable amount of work we can find in traditional porn outlets, Cutler reaches out to his followers through his own channels. He has his own website, Cutler’s Den; a JustFor.Fans and an OnlyFans accounts.

Although we do not consider ourselves followers, we have the highest respect for his porn and adult entertainment trajectory. Despite not being fans, someone in his team added our JustFor.Fans account to his Friends, and therefore we have full for free access to the material.

For once, we were lucky. From our point of view, the biggest flaw in these webpages is the membership price. U$S 19.99 hits the highest range of the market pricing scale. Indeed, it looks like switching to the standard USS 9.99 that gives you access to many sources of premium material would be a god business decision.

However, if you feel comfortable paying that price for porn, go ahead. CutlerX’s fans pages will provide you with plenty of hot entertainment.

General outlook

CutlerX's fans pages
Dakota Payne skillfully eating our hero’s dick. Full clip available at CutlerX’s fans pages.

The first thing you learn when you sign in to CutlerX’s fans page is that he is not working on it alone. Apparently, the pages and the website are managed by a triumvirate. Besides our idol, the material is produced by two other guys introduced as Jeff and Anthony Duran.

But not only there is more than one name in the production team. Although Cutler is indeed the protagonist, his presence is gradually fading amongst many performers. Many videos do not cast him.

Apparently the intention is more ambitious than a regular fans page. When you explore the videos the feeling is similar to being in a more traditional hard core porn site.

Clearly, they have a lot of material available. They seem to have started in 2018, nevertheless there are 197 videos posted. New material is posted every week, often several times a week.

The performers are quite diverse. The patterns that stand out to me are their age, predominantly in their 30s, and an abundance of bearded faces and furry bodies.

The scenes are never longer than 30 minutes, some times less than 20, edited to include only the hottest moments. Usually there is no fore playing or narrative. This is in media res porn. The camera is mostly focused on close ups, much alike traditional productions. It is not easy to find a frame where you can see full bodies and both faces.

Do you wanna sample CutlerX’s fans pages?

My favorite picks

Indeed, we can find very hot stuff at Cutler’s. Here I will show you a few of my favorite scenes, but there is a lot more if you feel in exploring mode.

Donnie Argento and Cazden Hunter. Full video available at CutlerX’s fans pages.

My first pick is the last scene posted. Two performers I have never heard of, one of them very hot for my taste. I am talking about Donnie Argento and Cazden Hunter. The latter is the one I find hot, and takes dick like a champion.

Zario Travezz and Taye Scott in one of the hottest scenes. Full movie available at CutlerX’s fans pages.

I do know both performers in my next pick. Taye Scott is an outstanding bottom, although not recognized enough. The other one is an international premium star and one of my favorite power Vers stars, Zario Travezz. The chemistry between them is obvious.

Dakta Payne fucked by CutlerX's fans pages
CutlerX fucking the hell out of Dakota Payne. Full movie available at CutlerX’s fans pages

Finally, we have Cutler performing in my next pick. It is not a long scene, but in less than 30 minutes you have lots of kissing, sucking, eating and fucking. Dakota’s facial expression in the gift is priceless. I wish the camera were more often focused on that.

Cutler goes to Europe

Santi Konnors at CutlerX's fans pages
Santi Konnor rides CutlerX’s dick like a champion. Full video available at CutlerX’s fans pages

Cutler is an international icon. Thanks to his cosmopolitan network, we can enjoy another master performance. Santi Konnor, one of the best Power Bottoms in the Milky Way, based in Barcelona, rides our hero’s dick like the Colombian geisha he is.

Gabriel Cross at CutlerX's fans pages
Cutler preparing Gabriel Cross’ hole for his ready to go dick. Full video available at CutlerX’s fans pages

From Barcelona we jump to London. Another well established international star. Powerhouse and power bottom Gabriel Cross delivers another historic fuck.

After CutlerX’s fans pages

This is a pearl I found in Youtube. Cutler should have more personal stuff for his fans, but his approach to his fans pages is closer to the traditional porn website than to the new trend of home made porn.

To close this report, we would like to give you the chance to suggest whose fans page we should review next. You can comment below through Disqus, or respond to the Tweet with this post.

We do have some ideas, like Krave’s, or Sean Zevran’s. I did not make a decision yet, and will do it very carefully because I have to pay for those.

Although waiting for the next subject is going to be hard, we are about to get busy. In a few days I am starting my summer adventures in Argentina and Brazil, probably also Uruguay.

Amongst the cities I am planning to explore we have Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Rio. Of course, I am planning to have a lot of Carlos and Douglas, but you can also expect some new guys. Very hot ones, I just do not want to make any announcements to not break the magic.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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