kurt and Rhyheim for is Rhyheim Shabazz a genius?

Is Rhyheim Shabazz a genius? Perhaps such a question seems weird as we are discussing an adult entertainer. Well, if you think that adult entertainment does not require talent, skills, and intelligence, you are wrong.

A very stable genius

In the first place, let’s honestly confess that nowadays we do not know what is going on. We are quite lost in this post-industrial and post-literate age. I am. After Trump’s victory and sustained popularity, I am not going to pretend to understand what is going on.

Indeed, there are a few privileged minds that seem to grab the moment, while most of us try to play catch up or are just left behind. And there are those I would not dare to call “privileged minds”, but rather lucky folks. Like our impresentable president.

Clearly, he is not a genius. Trump just mastered one single idea, do you remember “Inception“? From the premise “what you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what is happening”, he built his alternate universe of self servicing lies and bigotry.

We do not know yet whether or not a real genius who understands the new era is raising in the political realm. Although some friends may point to Pete Buttigieg or Andrew Yang, it is still premature to make an assessment.

However, if we step out of politics, we may find clearer pioneers. For instance, in the Pornuniverse, Is Rhyheim Shabazz a genius?

Out of discussion

Perhaps, we may never find out whether or not Rhyheim is a genius, although below we will make our case. Nevertheless, it is hard to argue against the fact that he is a phenomenon never seen so far in the gay porn industry. Let’s check the facts.

Despite Rhyheim giving his first steps in adult entertainment as recently as last February, his following in Tweeter is currently 187K, and going up.

Not only he is popular amongst porn consumers, but also a charismatic leader to other adult entertainers. Mostly everyone producing porn material, celebrity or not, is looking after a partnership with him. Although I have tried, it is hard to publish a wishing list for him, because it gets quickly outdated. The man is a mass fucker.

Rhyheim has built his success not by looking for shocking or unusual imagery and situations. Instead, he is doing it by mastering and excelling in the most classical and conventional of the scenes. Unquestionably, he has revitalized and updated the meaning and relevance of vanilla sex.

In spite of our attempts to understand, describe, and label his brand, he continues to break through and overcome our expectations. Is Rhyheim Shabazz a genius? We are not sure, but following you will find the reasons why I think he may be.

Post-racial porn

After Barak Obama won the presidency twice, we had a lot of talk about a post-racial society. Nonetheless, I am not White, live in Washington DC, and teach in a high school. Of course, I never believed that wishful bull shit.

Despite the fact that racism and racial injustice are strong and healthy, we do think that it is possible to rise over a racist/racial mindset in some specific circumstances and for some specific groups and/or individuals.

I am not saying that Rhyheim has a post-racial mindset. No one can have such a privilege living in a racist culture. Although I do not know Rhyheim much, I dare to say that most of his views and experiences are constrained by our racist context, just as everyone else’s.

Nevertheless, we do think that his sex mindset is at a post-racial stage. At least, everything he has publicly shared allows that impression. Perhaps “private Rhyheim” holds racial sexual views. Regardless, we see no traces of such limitations in his public porn brand.

I have seen many followers describing some of his scenes as inter-racial sex. Of course, we do see in the screen men coming from most races available in his location, but I dare to say that the “inter-raciality” is in the eyes of the beholder and not in our Triple X hero’s.

His last “inter-racial” scenes

As an illustration, take a look at his last works. For many, his adventures in Brazil are good examples of inter-racial sex. Similarly, the orgy with Caged Jock, LeoX, and Zario Travezz, has often been labeled the same way.

Despite our racist mindset seeing inter-racial sex, there is no trace of such in Rhyheim’s framework when presenting the material. His generous and consisting praising of his partners’ qualities never includes racial commentary.

Not only we cannot find direct racial commentary. Besides, there is no presence of the usual hierarchies and preferences that could allow us to infer the presence of racial views. Read carefully his tweets and posts in social media and his fans pages. If you find any, let me know.

This is one of the reasons why we are wondering. Is Rhyheim Shabazz a genius? He may be, because it does requiere some degree of geniality what he is doing. Not only he may not have a racial sexual mindset. What is still more remarkable, he is not recurring to an easy porn market hook when developing his porn brand.

There is more, though.

Another genius’ breakthrough

Indeed there is more. Have you seen his scene with Kurt Jacobs? As usual, it is a spotless piece of talented porn work (let’s never forget how much credit EagleEye deserves). But it is much more.

Across the diversity in display in his pornography, we had tried to identify some patterns before the release of that clip. We noticed that Rhyheim partners were guys in their 20s and 30s, with gym worked bodies.

Although just one scene does not contradict that pattern, it truly breaks it. Rhyheim’s performance with a Daddy Bear indeed surprised us. I must add, gladly surprised us.

In addition to breaking stereotypes; besides giving hope to millions of daddies who were resigned to watch it on the screen, that scene does much more. It shows clear intentionality.

Despite what we may think his personal preferences actually are, Rhyheim shows a thorough understanding of his context. He takes risks, and he takes them in a progressive, inclusive, and sex positive direction. That is clearly the mark of a genius.

Is Rhyheim Shabazz a genius?

Is he? Actually, we cannot know. It is yet too soon. Do not forget, he has been out for less than 6 months. However, let’s summarize all the clues that allow us to see geniality.

  • Although he may be just a lucky man, it is hard to think that just the addition of privileges would result on this level of success. He is smoking hot, gunned with an exceptional dick, outstandingly skilled to make love, educated, smart, charismatic, all rare features to find together. However, they do not guarantee that you will reach a social media following of 187K after just 5 months of activity. Geniality could be the explanation to factor in.
  • Despite not being a millennial, he seems to be very well tuned to the dynamics of nowadays culture.
  • Despite starting in a context marked by competition and selfishness, he has built his brand and thrive by collaborating and consistently supporting other porn performers. Taking the risk of going against solidly established practices requires geniality.
  • Besides that one, Rhyheim is thriving by going against other market practices that everybody thought sound. His conscious dodging of stereotypes and traditional labels is successfully expanding his following and questioning popular “niche strategies”.
  • Our hero is not only thinking of the American market. His traveling and his social media show a clear global thinking.

Waiting for the next surprise

In our series of interviews (one, two, and three), Rhyheim shared that he is not attracted to any physical feature in particular, but to confidence and honesty. To be honest, back then I thought he was giving me a nice speech. However, the more I learn about him the more I tend to gladly accept I was wrong.

One of Rhyheim’s most pleasantly shocking features is his transparency. I have processed tons of public information and private exchanges. As a result, I am ready to drop my questioning tendency and embrace his sincerity.

I also used to think he had a plan, and to ignore his pledge of being improvising and going with the flow. I have changed my mind.

Perhaps the most charming of his features is his relax way of riding his wave, not being afraid of taking risks and following his heart. And simultaneously keeping his professional awareness and developing a high quality business and service, collaboratively.

He is not the only star I follow. With others, I look forward to their next delivery because I know what to expect and I know I will probably masturbate for whatever is coming.

Unlike with them, I do not know what to expect from Rhyheim. Many times I have not been turned on by his choices. However, I look forward to his next production because I know that even if it may not be an inspiration for my jerking off, it will probably question some of my prejudices and understandings.

The mark of a genius

Is Rhyheim Shabazz a genius? I think so, but I must confess I am stoned when writing this article.

What else can you expect from a porn genius? Elevating porn above what is usually expected is a feature of geniality. Who else has shown such a unique talent?

The only other name that comes to my mind is Bruce LaBruce. Needless to say, elevating porn above expectations is the only thing they share. Bruce is not a performer. Besides, his path purposely looks for revulsion and questioning.

Unlike the queer director, Rhyheim questions us without scandalizing us. We do not even realize it thanks to the smoothness of his ways, and the fact that porn is at the core of his production. Unlike Bruce, who uses porn as an excuse to deliver his queer revolutionary message, Rhyheim gives us pure hardcore porn.

If he is not a genius, I do not know a better word.

And now, I am going to wait for his next scenes in Barcelona for Tim Tales.

Hasta la prΓ³xima pinga, amig@s!



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