By gay escorts in the Real South I do not mean Alabama. Hell no. I mean south of south of Rio Grande. We are about to start hunting for taxi boys and garotos de programa.

Manhunting in Argentina and Brazil

Forbidden Apple, fully viewable in our JustFor.Fans account. Last year we found this delicious boy in the Argentinean Northeast. This year we are saving our money to hire in Buenos Aires and Rio.

Welcome July! We have started our summer vacations a few days ago. As usual, we will spend the whole month outside of the United States, hunting for gay escorts in the real south.

To begin, we flew to Buenos Aires and then Corrientes, in Argentina. This Friday we will return to Buenos Aires and then depart to Rio de Janeiro on Sunday. Our visit to Brazil will last one full week, and we will finally return to the Argentine capital for the last fifteen days of July. Our flight back home lands in DC on August 1st. 

This first week of my trip is devoted to family, friends, and Grindr and Scruff. You will not find in this blog much details about my hook ups, and I do not have much to add to my reports from last year about Corrientes. This daddy bear seems quite popular here. In case traveling is amongst your interests, this year log will be shared in this thread at Boytoy.

However, soon we will have plenty of adventures to share here. In our 2019 trip we are planning not only a taste of taxi boys and garotos de programa, but also our first contact with local porn stars. In this post, we are unfolding our near future plans, so our followers know what to expect the next weeks.

A foreword before talking about pingas

Iguazu falls
Iguazú Falls in the Argentina/Brazil border.

Although this blog is about sex, and more specifically about daddies into younger men, we need to make a disclaimer.

Argentina, Brazil, and every other country I have visited are indeed full of beauty and wonders. We strongly encourage you to step out of bed and saunas, and enjoy the breath taking landscapes, the food prepared with unprocessed ingredients, the local history and culture, and the overall warm and friendly spirit of the locals. Many of you would also add shopping to that list, go ahead.

If you are looking for sex and you are average attractive, or slightly below average like this boggier is, you will find plenty. Older bears are quite popular and your hook up apps will provide you with a generous source of twinks and younger men for free. Additionally, sex workers offer prices significantly more affordable than their colleagues in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend you to go beyond sex and make real connections with these young men. They are not only a source of carnal pleasure, but also a fascinating gate to other cultures mindsets and life styles. You will be surprised at how warmly your respect and curiosity will be rewarded, and at how much you can learn not only about them, but also about yourself. 

We start with garotos de programa

To begin our scouting for gay escorts in the real south, we are visiting Rio de Janeiro. As this is going to be our first time in this legendary sex Mecca, we are very excited. Our base will be an Airbnb apartment in Copacabana, and we plan to taste a combination of advertising escorts and garotos de programa from the saunas. 

Due to our visit being quite short, we won’t be able to explore the Carioca saunas as in depth as we scouted their equivalents from Salvador back in December. However, we will do our best.

Depending on how satisfactory our saunas visits are, we will try a few guys who advertise on line. This blogger has three boys in his To Do List. The interest in them comes from their outstanding performances during Rhyheim Shabazz’ visit. I do have a favorite one, though.

I am going to go out of my way to meet with Italo Andrade. Just watching at his facial expressions when fucking with Rhyheim, is enough for a flash masturbatory bust. I am not linking to his escorting ad because I found out that the links in are not permanent, and you may end looking at someone else’s pictures. But the fact is that he is offering his services as a garoto de programa on line, and I already contacted him.

Italo is going to be traveling to São Paulo and Recife, and will be in Rio for one day in between those trips. Meeting in that one day is our only hope, and we are trying. Certainly, I am praying to the god I do not believe in

Two more Carioca gods

Italo, as well as my other two candidates, are quite popular porn stars in the local market, with a massive following. After Rhyheim’s visit this following has significantly expanded beyond Brazil.

My second candidate is Estevão Oliveira. He also collaborated (new euphemism for “fucked”) with Rhyheim in his recent visit. However, the first time I saw him performing was in one of the earlier clips shared by Big Bro before turning from amateurism to professionalism. I looked for it in his OnlyFans but could not find it. 

Finally, we have Yuri Oberon. Although we may not be a good match for sex, I find him extremely sexy, witty, and overall adorable and interesting. If we do not match sexually, perhaps we could work on an interview. His personal experience as a garoto de programa and porn star in Brazil, as well as his participation in Rhyheim’s expedition, could be very interesting topics.

We continue with taxi boys 

best escorts alam wernik en Buenos Aires
Carlos Aleman, a Venezuelan sex god available in Buenos Aires

Our hunting for gay escorts in the real south moves to Buenos Aires after Rio. Actually, we will have only one meeting with Carlos Aleman before departing to Rio. I cannot be more than 24 hours in the Argentinian capital without enjoying his company. We will have more encounters after my return from Brazil.

Unfortunately for most of you, this extraordinary Venezuelan lover is now partially retired. By “partially” we mean that he is keeping his favorite regular clients and is not advertising anymore. Do not try to contact him to his old number, he’s switched to a new one. However, do not feel hopeless. From some previous conversations he has hinted that may be considering touring Europe and the USA, or perhaps opening shop in Buenos Aires only for visitors. Stay tuned, more information is coming.

carioca Douglas alam wernik en Buenos Aires best kissers
Douglas, a beautiful Carioca offering his services as a masseur and gay escort in Buenos Aires.

Besides Carlos, I am going to play with another acquainted from my previous visit. Douglas, the beautiful Carioca import, is a must. Last year I left the city after meeting him only once, and he kept teasing me through his IG account afterwards. His IG is no longer up. Damn IG.

alam wernik en Buenos Aires
Randisan will be in Buenos Aires for a few days, as his base is in Lima, Peru.

To close with the old faces, there is a good chance we may meet with Randisan. He is back to Lima, but will be filming a new movie for Latin Leche. We may repeat our session of playing and taking pictures as last April in Mexico City. We will mention him again later on this article.

New gay escorts in the real south

Once we celebrated life with our well known faces, the time will come for new taxi boys. Out of all the resources recommended last year, we focused on and to select our candidates. Despite being banned from the local forums, we are able to read the information shared by the participating clients. Although quantity and quality of information have somehow decayed since last year, it is still quite useful and educative to get acquainted to the local gay escorts market.

Erik from Soy Tuyo for gay escorts in the real south
Erik, one of the new guys I wanna try in Buenos Aires.

Our first choice is Erik. I have a thing for “petisos”, and this shorty looks very edible and fuckable. The experiences with him shared in EscortsXP are all good, which is rare in that virtual community. I am going for him.

Fran from for gay escorts from the real south
Fran, a next door boy I saw in Latin Leche and will try in this trip.

Second, we want to meet Fran. We found no information about him in EscortsXP, but have been delighted by his performances for Latin Leche since the first time we saw him. Fran looks like a typical next door boy from Buenos Aires and my mouth is melting. I will contact him.

Luciano from for gay escorts from the real south
Luciano, with raving commentary in the local forums.

Third, we have in Luciano another strong candidate. He is a cutie and additionally comes with very positive commentary in EscortsXP. I will also contact him, surely.

More gay escorts in the real south

Luka from soy Tuyo for gay escorts in the real south

There are two more taxi boys I may contact, but the interest is not as high as with the previous providers. Luka has been a candidate for many years after I saw his work in a couple of porn scenes. Even when that was several years ago, there is positive and recent commentary in the local forums. 

Renzo from Soy Tuyo for gay escorts from the real south

Finally, I like the pictures of Renzo. Unfortunately he does not show his face and I was not able to find any information about the quality of his services. I may contact these two guys, but the chances are that instead I would go for a repeat with my favorites from the first groups. I just wanted to call your attention to these two interesting guys.

What about some porn stars

Kendro Leandro y Will Schokolade fucking in a Latin Leche production, for Best Latin Porn Site 2018, Best Pingas Awards two South American stars
Kendro Leandro and Will Schokolade fucking in this episode where Latin Leche abandoned the classic G4P script.

As we reported before, this year we are expanding our focus on gay escorts, to also include gay porn stars. Some of them check both boxes, like the Brazilian garotos de programa mentioned above. All of them are popular stars in the Brazilian pornuniverse.

We also mentioned Randisan, who is casted as Randy by Latin Leche. In case you are interested, we also have many pictures and softcore clips in our JustFor.Fans page. As he is going to be filming a new movie in Buenos Aires, I LIKE PINGA may be able to sneak in the set to witness the making of the new production. Fran, also referred above, has performed in a few scenes and will hopefully be in my bed.

Additionally, we are trying to reach out and meet two local porn stars who do not advertise as escorts. I am talking about Kendro Leandro and Will Schokolade. Our conversation with the Uruguayan Ebony God is more advanced, and it looks like we will be sailing to Montevideo for an interview. Kendro has been more elusive but I am still hopeful, although he is right now In Bogotá. 

Para hacer bien el amor hay que venir al sur

Do you remember Rafaella Carrá? I used to populate my masturbatory fantasies with her dancers. The wisdom of her lyrics is out of discussion. You must come to the South if you want to make love the right way. 

While I am right now making love with a few guys from Grindr who I am not going to discuss here (they are private citizens), I cannot wait for starting my paid making love and being able to share with you. I am confident we will be able to add several names to our list of Best Gay Escorts

If you find my To Do Lists appealing, stay tuned. In a matter of a few days we will start publishing reports. Also, if you happen to have any recommendations in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Rio, please reach out and let me know. Finally, if you think I should add you to my list, also let me know. We are still accepting applications.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s.



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