Rhyheim and Jay did it again. No, I am not talking about fucking, that would be no news. Instead, I am talking about resetting porn industry standards with a new ground breaking delivery.

When Big Bro says…

When Rhyheim says something, we better believe it. He has been dropping clues for a while about a special performance with Jay Alexander. Indeed, we were all wondering how they would top the master lesson of love making delivered their first time. Such a feat looked impossible to the eyes of simple mortals like this blogger.

However, these are not simple mortals. Rhyheim and Jay are, in my opinion, unquestionable masters of sex and pornography. Excuse me, I meant Sex and Pornography. 

The whole Adult Entertainment Industry should be looking up to this new release, and learning. 

Rhyheim and Jay go swimming

Rhyheim and Jay miss the first time fucking
Have you ever seen imperfections in porn? It is like all porn dicks never miss their ass-target, and always go in the first time. It has always made me feel clumsy and inept in bed. Well, in this scene Rhyheim and Jay are confident enough to show us that they also miss the first time, some times.

The scene tells us the story of two lovers spending a full day (and night) in a swimming pool. Rhyheim and Jay, both probably the top Vanilla lovers in the industry deliver another spotless and outstanding love making demonstration.

They start, of course, by kissing as only these two Gods know how. From there, we witness sex in a float, underwater, by the pool side, and in the shower. We see them fucking under the sun and also under candlelights. Even Shiva tried to participate a couple of times, but the poor bitch was ignored.

The colors, the bright of natural light when the lovers are playing under the sun, the outstanding romantic effect of candlelights around the pool when night arrives, it all adds impacting beauty to the sexual performance.

Rhyheim and Jay fucking in a float at night
Observe the camera game here. This is just one single example of many occasions where EagleEye rides his camera with unique talent.

Rhyheim and Jay masterfully please each other, and the magic is skillfully documented by EagleEye. The camera game is, once again, an essential contribution to the perfection of the production. The way Eagle drives his Eye from close ups to more general views, the way he looks for, finds, and shares key expressions and interactions, takes us to merge into the lovers’ feelings.

Rhyheim and Jay cannot stop fucking

Instead of me writing about it, let me just point to a few key details throughout the videos. Their full versions are all available at Jay’s fans pages, and also at Rhyheim’s.

Rhyheim and jay fucking in the pool
The bright and colorful scenario and the smoking hot interaction, once again highlighted by EagleEye camera game. Not only he does not miss any details, but brings to our attention all key expressions and interactions of the two lovers.
Rhyheim and Jay move to the shade
After the hot action under the sun, Rhyheim and Jay take the heat to the shade. But of course, they never stop fucking.
Rhyheim and jay camera in the shade
The fuck in the shade is just as hot as the beginning under the sun. And I cannot stop praising EagleEye’s work.
Rhyheim and jay cumshaw in the shade
The fuck in the shade by the pool side ends with a cumshot welcomed by a kinky expression in Big Bro’s baby face.
jay and Rhyheim kissing at night
The sun goes down and the lovers did not have enough. Rhyheim and Jay are back to the pool, starting with a session of kissing and fondling that worths several cumshots.
Jay and Rhyheim kissing in the shower
The lovers are done with the pool, but not with making out. More hot action continues in the shower, in another scene crowned by one more cumshot.

Besides smoking hot sex

Of course, if we are talking about Rhyheim Shabazz‘ productions, we will enjoy many features not specifically sexual. Beauty and personal details, however, add to the entertainment experience.

shiva tries to suck Shabazz' dick
TV series have Lassie and Rio Tin Tin, cartoons have Pluto, Astronautic has Laika, and Porn has Shiva. Here, she tries to get a taste of her masters meat but fails.
shiva wants a threesome
The most famous bitch in porn wants a threesome and is ignored. Get ready to be sued for discrimination, Rhyeim and Jay.
Big Bro and Jay Alexander underwater
There are long minutes of beautiful subaquatic videography. Once again, EagleEye leaves us speechless. Esther Williams must be shaking in her tumb, but out of ecstasy and excitement. She wants to join the choreography.

Waiting for the next boom

underwater fuck close up

Indeed, with this rendition, Rhyheim proved his genius. Not only he delivers the best performance of his short porn career, but also dazzles us as a creative producer. Just watch the whole production, there are no words that would make justice to its quality.

Therefore, and not for the first time, we are left wondering how he is going to top this work. He will, I am sure he is already cooking something spectacular for us.

After this article, we will take a break for pornography to report on our adventures in Brazil and Argentina. You can get started by reading our traveling log at Boytoy. Soon, we will be publishing here detailed reports on our meetings with escorts in the Real South.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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