I met Italo Andrade at the very beginning of my visit to Rio de Janeiro. Indeed, he set a very high standard for the rest of the boys I would meet in Brazil.

Italo and porn

Italo y Rhyheim fucking
Italo Andrade’s facial expressions in this gif are just a sample of the many details in his performance with Rhyheim Shabazz that infatuated and hooked me.

The first time I saw Italo Andrade was in my Twitter feed. As you all probably know, ironically, Twitter has become the social network where you must be if you are into porn and the adult entertainment industry in general. I say ironically, because it is a network originally focused on text. Damn Instagram.

Italo is one of the top porn stars in Brazil and has a history of more than 5 years doing porn. When he started, with Marcelo Mastro, was under age with only 17 years old. His filmography is quite long and no one in Brazil who is into porn would not know who Italo Andrade is.

Despite seeing him in several clips, I had never really noticed him until a few months ago. I guess I and the rest of the world discovered him thanks to Rhyheim Shabazz’ magic touch.

Italo was one of the local beauties that Rhyheim invited to “collaborate” during his visit to Rio de Janeiro. It was during these sessions where I actually noticed that Italo Andrade was someone special. 

Fortunately for Italo, and for all of us, Big Bro is using his influence to help him to expand his market. I am not going to share any exclusive news, just allow me to say that we all will hear more about Italo Andrade.

Italo and escorting

Italo Andrade introduction
Italo Andrade the day we met in my Airbnb in Rio de Janeiro

After watching his performance in Rhyheim’s production, I got infatuated by this boy. It was not his beauty, although he is a beautiful twink, one of the products of the racial mix only Brazil can give us. I guess he would be considered Indio in his country.

It was not his beauty but something I read in his facial expressions. I have shared in other posts my passion for sex freaks, for those guys who can truly give themselves into sex as into an existential experience. That was exactly what I was reading in Italo Andrade’s face. Perhaps he was not the hottest looking boy in Rhyheim’s orgy, but to me he was clearly the best one.

When I started researching Rio’s market from Washington DC (I am in Buenos Aires while writing this review), I stepped into his escorting ad in vivalocal and started bouncing against the walls, that is how thrilled I got. I am not linking to his vivalocal ad here because Italo is now visiting his family in Recife, and the ad is down. Unfortunately vivalocal does not keep the same URL for his advertisers, and the link I have is no longer functional. You can connect with him through his Twitter or his IG accounts.

Later on I would learn that he has been escorting since his 18 years old, one year after starting his porn career. However, I did not know Italo Andrade was an experienced sex worker when I found his ad.

Every time I hire for the first time the escorting services of a porn star without having any references, I wonder the same. Will he be able to perform with a below average looking guy like this blogger, the same way he performs with smoking hot porn stars? I never learn the answer until I meet them.

Meeting the escort

Italo Andrade shows his ass

Setting the appointment was easy. Communications with Italo were quick and straight to the point. Unfortunately, we were in a challenging situation. This blogger was visiting Rio de Janeiro for only one week. During that week, Italo was going to be in the city only for one day.

When I arrived to Rio, on a Sunday, Italo was in São Paulo. He would return to Rio on Monday late night, and leave to Recife on Wednesday very early. We only had one day, Tuesday, to set our appointment. And so all of his regulars residing in Rio, his home base, had. Italo was going to have a very busy day.

Despite being extremely demanded, which is always a good sign for any service or product, Italo was very friendly, responsive, and able to accommodate me in his schedule. He kept in touch all the time letting me know about any adjustments we needed to do. As I was in vacation, my times were very flexible; and as I really wanted to meet him, I was also very accommodating. 

Finally, we consolidated our appointment for Tuesday in the early afternoon. Italo Andrade, the Brazilian Porn Indio star, arrived to my place on time.

Fucking like a porn star

pic from Italo photo shot in Rio
All pictures illustrating this review, and more (40+) are available in our JustFor.Fans account.

All uncertainty was cleared away as soon as he stepped out of the elevator and we locked eyes to greet. He was Ready. His eyes were telling that he was happy to see me, and that he wanted me. Now.

My readers know that I am not a talker. I move on to action quite fast. However, I do always start with a short conversation, offering something to drink or smoke, in order to relax and make both of us comfortable with each other. I did offer to smoke, and learn that Italo does not smoke weed.

Unusually, we did not talk. At all. We just started kissing passionately, with desperation, perfectly connected and tuned. We made out for a while in the living room, did some oral, and then moved over to the bedroom.

Before jumping into bed, Italo Andrade, the big Brazilian porn star, told me that he was not expecting me to have such a big dick (I do not have a big dick, just thick. I think this is Brazilian standard bull shit, because all the Brazilians I fucked with in this trip told me the same, and they all had dicks bigger than mine), and asked me to step into the bathroom for deep cleaning himself.

Once he was done, we moved immediately back to action. Italo gave himself without any inhibitions. He is an easy to read lover, and so he is easy to please despite being very demanding. His ass is warm and welcoming, we did not need any lubrication besides my saliva.

Italo Andrade is my dreamed sex freak, the perfect balance of generous and selfish lover. When I finally busted, he had had already three orgasms. Busting three times with a client is always surprising and unusual, but if you consider that I was not his first nor his last client of the day, it is just flabbergasting. 

Italo after fucking

Italo relaxing in the sofa

After Italo busted for the third time, we finally had some conversation before he ran to the next client. We returned to the living room and he lighted a cigarette.

That was a surprise, he was not a weed but a tobacco lover. I usually can smell and taste tobacco when I am with a smoker, but not this time.

We had only 15 minutes, but we squeezed a quite lively chat in that time. Italo Andrade was still friendly, and warm, and still making me feel that he wanted me even after fucking. He was eager and enthusiastic about sharing and letting me learn more about his life.

This is when I learned the little pieces of information that I have been dropping throughout this post. I also learned that he has not been involved in a sentimental relationship since he started his porn career, more than five years ago. Furthermore, like this blogger, Italo Andrade enjoys not being tied to anyone and is not looking for a relationship.

This is also when we took a few pictures, some of them illustrating this article. There are more, and they are already posted in our JustFor.Fans account.

As you all know, I am an old slut. At my 56, and since I have been fucking like a bunny since my middle 20s, I have been with many men from many different backgrounds and in many different places. Italo Andrade is one of those lovers you meet very few times in your life. 90% of the guys you can read about in my reviews are excellent lovers. Italo is above them all, in a very exclusive Heaven populated by the very few guys I will never forget and will always long for.

Saying goodbye to Italo was hard. He is one of the reasons I will return to Rio.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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