Luciano is other of the gay escorts I had the pleasure to meet in Buenos Aires. If you are into slim, sweet twinks, you will love him.

Manhunting in Buenos Aires

Luciano sacándose la ropa

I wonder if Caribbean immigration and Brazilian influence are sexually gentrifying Buenos Aires. I did notice an improvement last year, but indeed I am noticing it now. Luciano, though, is Argentine.

First of all, Grindr is booming. There is abundance of twinks cruising for daddies. Although I did get some transactional offers, the overwhelmingly majority of the boys who reached out were not looking for money. 

Second, you have sex in public and cruising places. Right now it is winter, so I did not explore parks or streets. Besides, this is not really my scene and what I know it is not from direct experience. But I can recommend some sources.

An old resource

In general, I would advise to check this thread from the local forums. Participants are continuously updating information on saunas, porn movie theaters, sex clubs, and parties. Apparently, the most popular sex party is right now Los Fiesteros, a twice a week very crowded orgy. 

Besides immortal Amerika, the bars and discos landscape is always changing. Even Contramano has closed doors and turned into a weekly party in another bar in Palermo. KM ZERO seems to be the new gay landmark in Avda. Santa Fe, perhaps you will read a report on that place. I went last Friday, and saw Luciano hanging out with friends right there.

There is no more a gay neighborhood in Buenos Aires. The many places hosting a booming gay life are spread all over the city. If you want to explore them, you will have to move from San Telmo to Palermo, passing by Barrio Norte and Recoleta.

The new trend the last five years, is gay or gay friendly floating parties. The events do not take place always in the same place, and therefore you must be connected through social media to learn the location for your next favorite party. I am told there are quite cruisy, but a better fit for those younger than 40.

If you need a taxi boy

screen shot of soy Tuyo is the main escorts website in Argentina.

Finally, we have the very generous gay escorts market. Although this is not the season to explore street cruising, locals seem to believe that is a dying scene even in the right season, just like in any other major city around the globe. 

As mentioned before, you can find some local providers advertising in hook up apps like Grindr or Scruff. Be aware that, besides the universal emojis used to discretely convey a transactional offer, locals use taxi cabs. 

Besides the apps, talking about mixed sources, apparently the already mentioned disco/bar KM ZERO would be a good place to find escorts. As I said before, I was there on a Friday and saw Luciano, so perhaps it is true. I need to go once more at least on a Saturday, which I am told is the best night.

Finally, you have many websites with advertising taxi boys. I would dare to say too many if you compare Buenos Aires to other markets. Therefore, I am going to recommend only two that in my opinion are the best ones: SoyTuyo and Onyce (where I found Luciano) and Fran. I am becoming specially fond of the latter, that is in the middle of relaunching its brand in social media.

Of course, just as I recommended before, always research the local forums to find out whether or not there are shared experiences with the professional you are targeting. 

Finding Luciano

once screen shot
Onyce has become my favorite source for Buenos Aires’ taxi boys. I find it to be much more visually appealing than its competitors, plus they have an excellent boys catalogue. As a coincidence, Luciano was the Model of the Month in July.

I found Luciano in I like planning in advance my trips, even several months before starting. My exploration of Buenos Aires’ online offer started more than two months ago. 

My main resource had always been SoyTuyo. However, I always hated its small pictures grid layout. I was gladly surprised when I noticed Onyce more dynamic and visually attractive design. They have a catalog significantly smaller than SoyTuyo’s, but for my taste relatively hotter. Onyce was the source where I found Fran, Luciano, and Erik, the three guys I was planning to try during this trip.

Luciano looked very athletic and appealing in his pictures. Nevertheless, do not ever forget sound practices. We must always vet our candidates before making first contact. I went to EscortsXP and, using their search engine, found a few experiences shared by clients. They all consistently praised his looks and performance, so I made the decision to add him to my Shopping List.

Once in Buenos Aires, one of my readers contacted me through Instagram. We have the same taste, he likes my recommendations, and recommended me Luciano. I was actually planning to call first Erik, but this conversation changed my mind. The piece of information that I liked the most was that Luciano was actually Correntino and not Misionero as his ad states. I am also Correntino.

Meeting Luciano

Luciano desnudo desde atras

Communications with Luciano were quick and straight to the point. He quoted $AR 1,800 for his time, and after a few texts we were setting an appointment. 

He showed up on time, and struck me as an attractive, sweet twink, although not as athletic looking as I was expecting from his pictures. I loved the music of his talking, Correntino is one of my favorite Argentinean accents.

We chat a little bit and soon started to make out. Luciano is an engaged, sweet kisser, and very accommodating in bed. The moment I felt he enjoyed the most, if the hardness of his boner is an acceptable evidence, was when I was eating his ass. Before and after that moment, his hard on was less consistent.

He performed as a skilled bottom, taking my dick with no issues in a few different positions. Please, remember that I can only share my experience. Do not label Luciano or any of my other lovers based only in what happened in my bed. They are always able to do much more. 

If you are into slim, sweet, White twinks, Luciano is the perfect match for you. Do not pass through Buenos Aires without giving him a call.

A few more days in Buenos Aires

Luciano posing with a towel

Luciano may be the last professional I try. Carlos Aleman is retired and cannot comment about my meetings with him. Douglas, who I wanted to try a second time, is not in Buenos Aires these days. I have still Erik in my shopping list, but I think I am going to invest what is left of my budget in Fran

I am having a fascinating experience that will be able to share later on. You could say that this blogger is living one of the major clients’ fantasies. More about that is coming, but you can always check my travel log at boytoy if you are curious about it.

Perhaps I will also be able to attend KM ZERO this weekend and produce a report on the place. Rumor says that is the best surviving place for clients to find taxi boys (inckudying the strippers) and make deals in the go. So far, just rumors.

Stay tuned.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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