This update on Fran is long due. Not only because he deserves as much praising as I am able to give, but because there are also significant news that supplement my previous report.

Update on Fran’s fees

Fran wearing I LIKE PINGA t-shirt
Do you notice the joy in Fran’s face in all these pictures? The same joy he shared during sex, despite knowing I had tricked him. The full set of pictures is already posted in our JustFor.Fans page.

When I called Fran for our second meeting, he gave me bad news. The fee for his time was actually U$S 100 for visitors. Of course, I was not expecting this and my first reaction was getting upset. Fortunately, Fran kept his calm and his flawless manners and we survived through the situation. 

Before moving on, Let’s remember that in my opinion providers can have any business model that works for them, as long as they are honest. I leave that opinion very clear in this article. Now, that I am looking at it in retrospective, I can summarize my interactions with Fran in a way that addresses the points that some clients would raise. And also a way that highlights who has been the dishonest player in this match.

What I did

gift from MI for Update on Fran

First of all, I knew that double pricing is a regular practice in the Argentine market. Although I did not know whether or not Fran’s business model was in, I assumed it was and decided to trick him. 

Before contacting him through his ad, I obtained a local phone chip. As I am originally from Argentina, my accent and a local phone number would not raise any suspicions. 

I did not have to lie, just not telling the truth would lead Fran to believe I was a local client, as he did.

When, flabbergasted by the quality of our first meeting, I called him for a second appointment and Fran gave me the update, I got upset. What a mean bitch I am.

Finally, and happily, I understood what I was doing, and decided to pay the updated fee.

What Fran did in our first meeting

Naked frontal for Update on Fran
Although I experience only his power bottom talents, Fran also enjoys being a top. I am confident he is a Power Versatile.

Perhaps rather than “Update on Fran”, this article should be more about an update on my own attitudes and privileged assumptions. Fran just delivered a lesson to me.

First of all, he thought I was a local client contacting him for the first time when he agreed on our contract. 

At the very beginning of our first date, when explaining why we were meeting in an airbnb, I told him I was from DC, although I did not yet tell him I was a blogger. Fran did not make any comment, and did not bring to the table any suggestions about changing our agreed fee. 

Despite knowing that I had tricked his filters, Fran delivered a service that I would never forget. After playing, I shared about this blog and offered him $AR 500 extra for taking a few pictures. He gladly and generously accepted.

What Fran did in our second meeting

When I called him, Fran brought the topic of his fee immediately, politely and appropriately but without wasting our time. When I got upset, he patiently ignored my rudeness and waited for me to be ready to listen.

Fran never addressed my dishonesty, but his misunderstanding. He explained to me that when he learned that I was a visitor, he did not say anything because he would not re-discuss a contract. Fran did not know whether or not I would actually call him again, so there was no point on bringing a topic that was uncomfortable and could be unnecessary. 

Fran did not have to give any explanations. However, he went out of his way, while calming me down and bringing me back to reasoning, to explain to me his business model. I do not want to go through all of the details but he did share many.

When I finally accepted and we met for the second time, I did not notice any differences in the quality of his service, other than the expected improvements when you already know your lover. That spoke loudly about his honesty and professionalism.

Despite making about half of the money he could have made should he knew I was a visitor, Fran rendered a performance in that first meeting that totally blew my mind.


Update on Fran

If you are a frequent reader, you know my stand on second and third dates. They are crucial to assess how well you click with a provider.

The problem with guys like Fran or Italo is that the first meeting is so good that it is hard to imagine how to improve that experience. Exceptionally, like in Carlos Aleman’s case, they can go even further than in the first meeting.

However, most times the improvement is less surprising. Like in the many improvements I noticed throughout our second date with Fran. They have less to do with the provider performing better and more with two lovers who already know each other.

In our first meeting we established both of us were very much into passionate kissing. This second time we deeply dive into it before and throughout fucking.

We also clearly established Fran loves my dick and how it feels inside of him. We did not invest time in explorations. Fran worshipped and ate it for a long time before devouring it with his ass.

Of course, before fucking I feasted in his hole. I did learn here that butt cheeks and legs are a major ergogenic area for Fran. 

I think I already highlighted this in my first report, but I cannot speak enough of it. Fran’s ass is absolutely delicious. Spotlessly smooth, receptive, and sensitive. Not only eating it feels good, but fucking it feels even better. 

We never needed extra lube besides the power of our combined salivas. My dick was deeply inside very quick and with very little pain for Fran, and was so warm, and wet, and happy. Just contemplating the intensity of the pleasure in his facial expressions while I was trying different rhythms, angles, and depths, well worth much more than U$S 100.

I cannot wait for returning to Buenos Aires

Carlos Aleman
Carlos Aleman is unfortunately retired from Buenos Aires’ escorting market. Let’s hope is only for Buenos Aires.

Meeting Fran in Buenos Aires was such a privilege. Now that Carlos Aleman is retired, I doubt there is anyone else in the local market that can shade him. 

The topic of his business model may be controversial. If you disapprove it, just stay away. But if you are the kind of client I am and plan to meet him, you are about to be very happy. Too many of us pretend to know better than the providers what their business model should be. I do not want to be one of them.

To him, the difference is abyssal. For us, it is significant, but not much. For half or even a third of what we pay in the USA, we have the kind of experience that we will remember for ever. Do not forget, we are not talking about regular sex or a regular provider. Trust me. I am an old slut. I am comparing him against a statistically significant group. Fran is exceptional. He has unquestionably joined the select group of my favorite escorts around the globe.

Besides, he taught me about a privilege I was not aware of. In Argentina, without actually being generous I have the privilege of feeling and looking like I am.

However, and despite all the lessons he has taught me, I confess I will continue using my dishonest tricks when visiting my homeland. I will keep using my privilege to test the providers the first time, and then it is up to them to bill whatever they want if I want to meet them again. My promise is that next time I will not get upset.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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