Zario Travezz bottoms for Rhyheim Shabazz

Zario Travezz is the last gay porn star I had the pleasure to meet. There were a few circumstances that conditioned the experience, though. I would give him a second try.

Porn star alert

Zario traces and cade Maddox
Zario Travezz and Cade Maddox in the scene that introduced him to my masturbatory landscapes Full scene available at Noir Male.

Zario Travezz is in the overpopulated group of my favorite gay porn stars. He has been in the industry for quite some time, however I learned about him recently.

The first time I noticed him was his debut for Noir Male. In this scene, Zario bottoms for Cade Maddox, and leaves his first impression in my Pornuniverse. Nevertheless, he already had a long resume working for other studios.

Definitely, what made my decision of hiring Zario, was his performance with Rhyheim Shabazz. Or should I say his performances, considering he is a frequent visitor in Rhyheim’s fans pages.

When I noticed his Rentmen ad was reporting him in DC, I immediately contacted him. Of course, with the usual concerns when we are reaching out to a porn star. It is easy to be disappointed if they cannot perform with an average Joe as they do with other hot looking porn stars. I have probably mentioned this concern in every single review of a porn performer.

Zario gets lost in the hood

Zario in our t-shirt

Actually, I contacted him three days before his arrival to DC. Communications were friendly, straight to the point, and quick. Zario texted me the day before our appointment to confirm.

On the day of our date, he kept me posted with his progress. I gave him my address (his fee was the same for an in or an outcall) and directions, and Zario called his Uber.

For those who know DC, I live “on the other side of the Anacostia”, the poorer area of the city. For many years I have been the only non Black person in my neighborhood. Even now, when gentrification is taking its first steps in the area, my hood is probably between 80 and 90% Black.

When he walked out of his Uber, Zario Travezz got disoriented. He texted me “I’m here but it doesn’t look like a place that a White man would be living at”. I am still laughing.

Remember, so far he had only seen my Rentmen profile picture and we had only texted. Zario did not know I have an accent.

Zario Travezz in the sack

my weed
I am glad to live in DC and to have tools like whereisweed and leafedin

Later, already in my place, he shared that being lost in the hood was stressing. Of course, he did not want to look like an outsider walking around with his phone as a compass.

We chatted a little bit to help him relax, smoked my aqua pipe, and soon we were making out. Zario Travezz is an attentive kisser. After a short making out, we moved to the bedroom.

We quickly got naked, I positioned him on the edge of the bed, and sank into his ass. Zario Travezz’ hole is as tasteful as you can ask for, and additionally he has a big and beautiful dick perfect to integrate to the ass play.

Although Zario was doing everything I asked him, somehow I was not feeling our chemistry was the best. Instead of checking with him, I rushed through the rest of the experience.

Without changing his position, we started fucking. We just had to add a little bit of lube and my dick was all in. It was hot and intense. After I busted, Zario asked whether I wanted him to cum. I told him it was not important to me, and he chose not to cum.

It is really not important to me in these circumstances. Zario is traveling, which means he may be meeting multiple clients in one day, or meeting with other porn stars to “collaborate” for their fans pages. He needs to save his man milk.

The after fucking

Zario Travezz bottoms for Rhyheim Shabazz
One of Zario Travezz’ many scenes with Rhyheim Shabazz.

Zario Travezz was always very nice and friendly. What I was perceiving as lack of chemistry is something that always can happen in these situations. We may just not be a good match, or that day was not the right time for us.

Closing, there were two more “incidents” that were not helpful. I paid with cash I brought from Argentina. Some perfectly legit bills, just very old. Zario got distrustful and commented that he had never seen those bills before. I offered him to go to an ATM, but he accepted the cash.

After that uncomfortable conversation, we were sitting in my living room while waiting for his Uber, trying to make conversation not very successfully. During one of the uncomfortable silences, I did not know what to talk about, and remembered that Zario is from the Los Angeles area, as another porn star and escort I have met and like a lot.

So I asked Zario to say hello to this other famous porn star. He reacted surprised and almost offended, and said that he did not know who that person was. I just apologized for assuming all porn stars know each other and fortunately his Uber was there and moved us out of the situation.

Zario is a beautiful man, and delivered a hot fuck. Our lack of chemistry can be explained in a thousand ways. Indeed, I would like a second try to find out whether we are just not a match.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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