Rhyheim Shabazz and león Reddz fucking

Leon Reddz has been deserving his own post for a while now. After all, we owe him much more than a few jerk offs.

Since the very beginning

Despite the complains in one of my last posts, I must devote a full article to Leon Reddz. Rhyheim does not stop fucking big stars around the globe, and it is impossible to catch up. But Leon well deserves personalized attention.

Indeed, he was there since the very beginning. We discovered Rhyheim in a scene shot with Leon for Tim Tales. Back then, Big Bro was still wearing a mask and we did not know how high he was going to fly. Leon was one of the influences who inspired Rhyheim, I am very thankful for that.

Talking about flying, Rhyheim missed his flight when he was starting his last tour. Fortunately for us, Leon, Eagle Eye and a third friend were around and with nothing else to do.

Leon, Rhyeim, and a reluctant guest

Leon Reddz showing his butts
The production starts with Leon Reddz showing off his sexy thin body. I love this boy butts.

Of course, as they had nothing else to do, ended in another epic fuck, documented by our master recorder Eagle Eye. Before getting in the fuck, we enjoy a few minutes alone with Leon Reddz.

The sexy boy, by the swimming pool, relaxes and touches himself. Needless to say, my favorite part is when his fingers start playing with his hole.

Leon Redds fingers himself

Soon, Leon Reddz walks into the bedroom and joins Rhyheim in bed. They give us a long session of kissing and smoking, and there we learn about a third guest. He remains by the side, while now and then Rhyheim addresses and invites him to join. It will not happen for a long while.

rhyheim and león Reddz kissing

After getting high and horny, Big Bro performs the best ass eating session I have seen from him so far. It is indeed contagious, my mouth is watering right now.

rhyheim and león

And not only we see Rhyheim eating ass as never before. Although it is not the first time we can see him sucking dick, it is perhaps one of the longest. Certainly, Leon Reddz has a very suckable cock.

Rhyheim eats león Reddz ass

We do not have to wait much for the fuck to start. As usual, Eagle Eye’s talent gifts us with countless precious moments.

Rhyheim fucking Leo

Finally, we have the best part. Leon rides Rhyheim in the shower in another masturbatory nuke.

Are you sure, Leon?

Leon Reddz and rhyheim kissing and fucking

Recently, Rhyheim shared that Leon Reddz wanted to stop bottoming. Although we respect Leon’s will, we cannot help but wonder.

Despite being a top, I am aware of the troubles of bottoming. Most know how hard it is to be always clean and ready, but it is not only that. Perhaps bottoms’ biggest problem is bad tops. It is easy to get hurt, I am aware of that.

However, I am also aware of the sky high levels of pleasure bottoms can experience. I know of no top who can reach as high as most bottoms can. That ability to give themselves to other, to get completely lost in lust, is just admirable. In my case, I am not ashamed of recognizing I envy them.

Look at Leon Reddz. He has produced plenty of material as a top and as a bottom. Where do you think he shines the most? Which ones are the scenes that trigger your harder boner? It may be my bias, but the answer is very clear to me.

When I fantasize with Leon, I want to fuck him. I want to kiss him and whisper in his ears while I am drilling him. I want to hear him moaning, lost in ecstasy.

But it is his ass, not mine.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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