We needed to update our Best Gay Escorts catalogue. Paradoxically, as our Reviews get larger, our premium recommendations get shorter.

To enter this exclusive list

This reminder is always good. This is a one man blog. Of course, we are talking about my preferences. The list of recommendable providers is just too large to be fairly assess by any mortal without superpowers. Not being included in this article says nothing about the talents of the not mentioned gay escorts.

However, this time we wanted to go beyond recommending recommendable professionals. After all, you just need to scout the Reviews page to see all the guys we think worth the try. In this article we want to highlight the cream of the crop.

In order to include a professional in this catalogue of best gay escorts, we consider:

  • The service provided should not feel transactional. The guys included in this list are the best gay escorts I know because they all made me feel wanted.
  • I am only assessing skills in the sack. I do not hire when I am lonely, but when I am horny. If you are the kind of client looking for company, these recommendations may sometimes not be for you.
  • Skills in the sack must be outstanding. At this point I have been with thousands of men, so my statistical pool is relevant. All the guys in this list blew my mind as extraordinary geishas.
  • Although their skills in the sack was the core variable, the men in this list are considered best gay escorts also because of their professionalism on communications and personal interactions, their honesty, and their reliability.

Best gay escorts in the USA

Considering that the national capital of the United States is currently my place of residency, most of the professionals I interact with are those who visit Washington DC. To see my wish lists you can check other posts, today we are only writing about the guys we did meet.

Kevin Houstonsbest

Let’s start with Kevin. You can check his Rentmen profile here. We mentioned him many times in our blog, but you may want to read his first and his second full reviews, as well as his Best Pingas Awards recognition. Kevin is currently based in Las Vegas, but travels frequently across the USA.

allen best gay escorts
Allen in our first meeting.

Allen indeed deserves to be in every list of best gay escorts in the USA. Although he is based in Dallas, he spent most of his time touring the country. Follow his Rentmen ad to know where he is heading. He is also frequently mentioned in our little blog, but you may want to focus your research on his first, second, and third reviews.

Kemon Jodan for best gay escorts
Pstar Kemon Jordan after fucking

Kemon Jordan resides in Richmond and travels often through the area. Check the reports on our first and on our last meetings.

gay porn stars in DC best bottom 2018
Trap, pictures available in our JustFor.Fans account

You can find Trap in Los Angeles, his home base, but he is also a frequent traveler to the East Coast, specially to Atlanta. We only had one meeting that left me longing for a second one.

Jaden Galore ass nov 18 windows shopping
Jaden Galore’s beautiful smile. Wait for the update to his Rentmen ad, he will be here by the end of November.

Jaden Galore is another deserving member f this best gay escorts update. Although he resides in Orange County, we are fortunate in DC. Jaden has family in our area and comes to visit now and then when it is holiday time. Do not miss our report.

Sean Xavier for best gay escorts
Sean Xavier

Sean Xavier is back. His ad in Rentmen seems to report him as residing in Washington DC. The last time we met he was in his way out of the industry. Since then, he has returned (we are about to lose count of his retirements and returns). We reached out offering an interview but Sean seems not to be interested in talking to us.

Jay Alexander top four gay escort dc sex market

Jay Alexander is a new addition to our list of best gay escorts. Do not miss the report of our meeting. He is based in Florida, but travels a lot, and there are rumors of him moving to California. His partnership with Rhyheim Shabazz is causing a lot of chatting in the Pornosphera.

Improved Kevin for best gay escorts
Kevin Ryder

To close our best gay escorts in the United States, we bring Kevin Ryder. After retiring from the army, he has settled down in Atlanta. Since our last meeting we have kept in touch, and the boy has not stopped improving his body, now with a professional coach.

Best Garotos de Programa in Brazil

Our adventures in Brazil are just starting. We expect this list to be longer soon, as we are returning to Rio de Janeiro in November. Meanwhile, I have two emphatic recommendations.

Italo Andrade shows his ass

Italo Andrade occupies a special place in my memories. Our meeting stands out amongst my most outstanding experiences. Just as an illustration, the boy busted three times during a one hour session. You will read more about we together, he is the first one I want to see in November, for Fucksgiving 2019.

Jonathan at the beach

I met Jonathan in Rio de Janeiro, although his home base was São Paulo. However, it looks like he moved to Rio after I left Brazil. We met twice, once in Pointe 202 and once at my place for a threesome with other GP. The boy is dynamite. If he moved to Rio, I will see him in November.

Best Taxi Boys in Buenos Aires

premios ilp 2018 best pingas awards Carlos Aleman
Carlos Aleman, desafortunadamente, se ha retirado de la oferta pública.

We had a lost and a win in Argentina. The lost was Carlos Aleman retiring. He is an exceptional lover and unfortunately is not anymore available for new clients. He received our award for best gay escort in Argentina 2018. We wish him the best and, as we keep in touch, will keep you posted with any changes in his public availability.

Fran wearing I LIKE PINGA t-shirt
Do you notice the joy in Fran’s face in all these pictures? The same joy he shared during sex. The full set of pictures is posted in our JustFor.Fans page.

Fortunately, we had a huge win. Our first meeting with Fran was explosive, and our second date confirmed the exceptional quality of his service. Again, as in Italo’s case, we were fortunate to meet this Argentine hottie. Both of them are outstanding amongst the best.

Stay tuned. 2019 may have more surprises for us. It has been unbelievably generous to us so far.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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