Kevin the Best Escort 2018 for our Best Pingas Awards is visiting DC. You should not miss the opportunity.

This is actually a come back

Kevin the Best pinga news

I should have noticed it. After being in touch quite frequently, Kevin the Best had vanished. Now that he showed up in the area, I learned what happened. The boy fell in love and in a relationship that kept him away from escorting.

Unfortunately for him, the relationship is over. Luckily for us, one of the best gay escorts in the market is back.

Just in case you do not know who we are writing about, he is known as Kevin Houstonsbest. However, his traditional screen name can be misleading. Last year, he left Houston and settled his new base in Las Vegas. That is why I am calling him Kevin the Best.

We have written about him many times, indeed. The last report on our meetings is here, amongst others you can find in the Reviews page. We also always include him in our lists with premium recommendations. And of course, we celebrated his talents in our Best Pingas Awards 2018.

Kevin the Best cannot be better

I used to write very detailed reports of my fucks. Then, I realized how boring I am in bed. It is always the same script. First kissing, then some dick sucking and lots of ass eating, then drilling. Indeed, I am a man fond of routines. Do not expect so many details now.

This was our first meeting in 2019, we had much to catch up, and unsuccessfully tried to have a conversation when I arrived to his hotel. Despite our need to talk, we had not fucked in a long time and we were horny for each other.

Let me highlight here how affectionate Kevin the Best is. Even in the roughest moments of our fucking, he would look for cuddling, begging for hugs and kisses. We know each other, so we fucked we surgical precision. He edged a couple of times, but we were very careful, as he had to save his cum. I was the first client of a Saturday, and he was booked for the rest of the day.

Remember this advise. Always, when you are hiring a touring gay escort, do everything you can to be the first client of the day. This is a concern you should not have with a local hire. But if you are pursuing a traveler, he will probably have multiple hires in one day. Catch him first and fresh, best time is around noon, which is usually when they get up.

I failed to provide

Kevin the best

Kevin the Best wanted me to bust inside of him. We really tried, long and hard, but I could not deliver. It happens almost aways when my partner is taller than I am. We are like two pieces that do not perfectly fit.

I busted while we were kissing, after a long fuck. With one hand I would jerk off, with the other one I would grab his rock solid humongous butt.

That one is always a point to underline, his unbelievable butt cheeks. They are huge, and still muscular hard. Kissing Kevin Houstonsbest while grabbing them, eating his ass while being asphyxiated in between them, feeling my dick smashed by his ass boulders is, perhaps, the memory I will treasure the most from our dates.

Finally, after I exploded, we cached up and talked for a full hour. This 23 years old boy is young, but is learning fast. I am glad we click so well.

Kevin the Best is planning to stay in DC for at least a full week. You should contact him. I know his bottom side, but I am told he is also a quiet skillful top. No one has ever complained about this recommendation. Trust me, he will blow your mind.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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