best adult entertainer 2019 Rhyheim Shabazz kisses Krave Melanin

No more arguing, Rhyheim and Krave must fuck. We have been advocating for this clash of Mega Stars for some time now.

It is going to happen

Let’s start there. Sooner or later, it is going to happen. I would dare to even say sooner than later. After months of preaching that Rhyheim and Krave must fuck, we are witnessing the preparatives for what could be The Fuck of 2019.

Why are we bringing back this topic now? After our first article advocating for this Monumental Fuck, the chatting in the Pornosphera picked yesterday. We tweeted:

Almost immediately, the Tweet generated several conversations, until finally our Ebony Gods joined. Despite my call to move the conversation to a less public forum, we learned a lot about how these deals between big porn stars are made. It was funny.

Rhyheim and Krave will fuck

After so many words written about why Rhyheim and Krave must fuck, it is great to write that they finally will. Furthermore, we all had an exceptional opportunity. Not only we learned how these negotiations go backstage, but also witnessed the conversation taking place in real time right in the threads started after the tweet.

Let me summarized what we learned. Backstage, Rhyheim and Krave negotiated a scene together. There was a point of strong disagreement: Krave performs as a strict top/vers, while Rhyheim only tops.

To add to the disagreement, Krave seemed to be slightly uncomfortable at Rhyheim’s attitude. Earlier on, when he asked Big Bro what he would get from bottoming for him, Rhyheim would have responded in a cocky way. (Everything is documented in the thread if you have the patience to go through all the branches.)

rhyheim and Krave must fuck

The whole conversation was friendly and hilarious. When I was starting to write this post, it looked like Krave was surrendering at the pressure and taking the deal in Rhyheim’s terms.

Who is the Big Man

rhyheim and krave must fuck

If that is the final outcome, Krave would be the big man here. However, I am afraid that he may be making the right decision for the wrong reasons. This post, originally, was going to be a well thought article laying down all the reasons why Divine Krave had to ride Rhyheim’s Big Black Crown. Unfortunately, the events run faster than my writing, as usual when reporting Rhyheim’s adventures.

Considering that while I am writing, these two may be already fucking, instead of a well thought article, I am about to just vomit quickly the reasons why Krave made the right decision.

Although we always thought that Rhyheim and Krave must fuck, we never advocated for anyone’s submission. In order to fully understand my point, some of us will need to change their mindset about topping and bottoming.

Krave and Rhyheim must fuck

Rhyheim Shabazz porn tv
Angelinos thought that an early Blatino Oasis was taking place, but actually it was a flock of Black Gay Porn Stars lining up to play in the legendary bedroom.

Let’s quickly lay down the reasons if we want to publish this before their scene pops up in our Tweeter feeds.

You two together have the potential to shut down Internet. However, it must be a fuck, otherwise the nuke would turn into firecrackers. As porn stars, you would probably be both rocketed to the highest point ever in your careers.

Krave is thinking from the wrong mindset when he says “you topping me”. I do not think Mr. Krave Melaning has a thorough understanding of his own greatness. If you are reading, Krave, let me tell you this.

He is not topping you. You are not letting him fuck you. You are the one fucking Rhyheim’s beautiful, long, always hard dick. You are the one owning that scene and taking over the fuck with your Super Ebony Hole. You are the motherfucker in control raping that top until you squeeze the last drop out of him.

Wait a minute, after that I have to jerk off.

Even more

Additionally, Krave wins the character clash. After all, Rhyheim could have delivered his first versatile performance. We are talking about Krave Melanin, bitch. He well deserve the gesture, and it is no sacrifice. We know Rhyheim has bottomed before, I am sure he could do it again. Particularly in special occasions, and I think a fuck with Krave qualifies.

By accepting Rhyheim’s terms after standing clearly his ground, Krave not only proves to be the Big Man here, but also shows that he understands that bottoming is not a role less deserving of respect and power than topping. It is a sex political statement, specially because it is his decision.

Rhyheim is trapped by his role as a top. Krave is free to do whatever he wants. He can choose and he did. Respect to Krave. And he did it giving first a fight for his own terms, standing up to Porn King Midas. My man has big balls, and my mouth is watering.

And more

Finally, one more big reason. You are going to enjoy it so much. Both of you are sex monsters, gifted freaks like very few on this side of the Milky Way. You are about to please each other in what will probably be a memorable experience for both of you.

And we are going to watch and bake and jerk.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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