Krave Melanin’s JustForFans is a must if you are a fan of the Ebony God. His whole porn evolution is documented, almost from the beginning of his adult entertainment career.

Craving for Krave

Krave's ass

My admiration started the very first time I was knocked by his beauty. Indeed, Krave’s is one of the most mentioned names in our blog. We recognized him as one of 2018 Porn Revelations in our Best Pingas Awards for last year. However, we had not joined his fans page until last week.

The only reason for such an omission was Krave Melanin’s JustForFans’ price. However, although not yet where I think it should be, membership cost is now more affordable. So I am in.

Not only his fans page was more expensive than most. During one of his visits to DC, when he was still advertising as an escort in Rentmen, I reached out to him. He asked me for 500 bucks. Hell, I love him but that amount is way over my cap. I guess he was not into escorting as he is into porn. As a matter of fact, his Rentmen ad is not there anymore. Fortunately, I kept in my records one of the phrases he included in his vanished escorting profile: “Your favorite chocolate king. I like doing freaky ish, if you not into FREAKY ish don’t bother”. I am deeply sorry I could not afford meeting him, because I do like freakish

So I am doomed to craving for Krave. During that same visit to DC, I enjoyed his performance in one of Meatloaf events. He is as hot in person as he is on the screen. Besides, you can tell he is friendly, approachable, humble, all qualities that some times are missing from porn performers.

I am glad I signed up for Krave Melanin’s JustForFans. As it looks like I will not have the chance  to freak with him, at least now I can freak at him.

Please, replace the batteries

Krave Melanin's JustForFans

Be ready for an overdose of this hot chocolate addictive delicatessen. You will find 154 videos and 59 pictures besides other materials. In addition to the stuff he creates, Krave also shares many other images produced by other sources. For instance, advertisement of his live performances.

If you are a fan, you will not be surprised or disappointed. Be ready to dive in Krave’s planet, where the inhabitants are breathtakingly hot and freakishly passionate, and the atmosphere is 100% moaning and dirty talk. 

If you are not a fan, shame on you. What a fuck are you doing? You are about to have an unforgettable masturbatory experience. Krave’s production speaks for itself, I will not simplify his talent and beauty with my descriptions, although later I will highlight some material. Let me just say this.

Besides enjoying his physical perfection and unmatched freakiness, we learn a few things about our hero.

  • Although the first posts are quite artisanal, all along Krave Melanin’s JustForFans we notice how the star strives to deliver as close to professional quality as possible. He achieves this goal with more or less success, but the contrast between the first and the last posts is remarkable. Krave has not stopped growing.
  • Our Ebony God takes copyright seriously. He does not hesitate to share his frustration at finding his videos stolen in the web.
  • Krave is specially careful of his bottoming performances. Although there is a lot of talking interpreting our idol’s concern, we are not here to entertain on interpretations. We so not know the man. 
  • One thing is extra clear from the beginning to the end of Krave Melanin’s JustForFans: he needs to replace the batteries of his smoke detectors. Dios mío, that beep is a-n-n-o-y-i-n-g.

The beginnings

first clip posted by Krave in his JFF
This is the first clip posted at Ktave Melanin’s JustForFans, on May 11th 2018.

The first posts in Krave Melanin’s JustForFans are dated May 2018. We will find several pictures and 7′ clips, plenty of them, as our hero was probably posting files from his records. Most of the clips are solos, and we find our first threesome on May 2018.

In those old posts you can only see Krave’s face, his partners are only hot bodies and close ups to dicks and assholes. Quality is amateur, in the tradition of the best classic home made porn. However, from the very beginning you notice details in the edition that speaks loudly of Krave’s commitment to deliver professional adult entertainment.

There is no narrative, just hot raw making love. As an enticing addition to the smoking hot visuals, I find the moaning extraordinarily stimulating. Krave and his partners are not regular lovers but freaks, their very well documented verbal expressions and exchanges are very helpful to be immerse in their experience through the screen.

Lost amongst the older posts you can find this pearl:

The first clip of Krave Melanin bottoming, published on May 23rd, 2018
The first clip of Krave Melanin bottoming, published on May 23rd, 2018

I understand it is the first bottoming performance of Krave ever published. I said it is lost, because there is a lot of talking after this post about Krave bottoming for the first time in video, even when he had already done it.

Krave and bottoming

Krave post about bottoming

I share that post here, because Krave published it open to everyone. There are other messages in his JFF written for only the members.

To be honest, Krave seems so concerned about his copyright that I am illustrating this article with fear. I sent a message to his Twitter asking for permission to borrow images from his JFF, but did not get any response.

From that post, dated July 2018, to the present, there is a clear evolution. Krave is much more comfortable now bottoming in video, and pleasing us with the display of his outstanding Power Versatile skills.

krave bottoming
From “Kraving that Ass”, November 2018

In September, 2018, he makes several announcements of an incoming video of him bottoming, “Vers Life”. From there his versatile skills show up quite often. Indeed, Krave’s hard rock dick while he is being mercilessly drilled is a memorable picture. I am getting hard right now.

Shyness aside, some of the Versatile performances documented in 2019 are really outstanding. Throughout this year, the clips in Krave Melanin’s JustForFans show his growing as an adult entertainment powerhouse. However, he could become even more than just another mega gay porn star. He could lead a movement to redefine the relationships between power and sexual roles.

Krave and friends

Krave fucks Trap
One of the first guests to share the screen at Krave Melanin’s JustForFans: Trap.

There is only one unquestionable protagonist in Krave Melanin’s JustForFans. You will find tons of our star’s solo pictures and videos. I did not count them, but the videos of Krave playing alone with his dick and/or his ass probably outnumber the clips playing with partners.

Looking at the parade of performers also speaks of Krave’s professional evolution. Recently, as his porn name is getting bigger, he can summon more stars than at the beginning.

In June, 2018, we have the first big star visiting: our adorable Trap. After Trap, we have several visitors. The first one with some filmography behind is the great King, who delivers an unusual performance flip flopping.

Krave and King showing their Power Versatile talents in “Press”, June 2019

Amongst his frequent visitors we must highlight SexualRiderJay. Indeed, some of the best versatile performances we can enjoy by Krave, where inspired but this skilled partner.

Krave and friend
Krave and SexualRiderJay. There are countless clips documenting the outstanding chemistry between these two lovers.

The last couple of months

Krave drilling Casanova. Super hot and fresh scene from September 2019.

It appears that Krave Melanin’s JustForFans may be switching directions. In the last couple of months the number go big porn stars collaborating has increased exponentially. Whether or not this is just temporary or an intentional trend, we do not know.

We start the line up of stars in September 18 with Casanova. He is not amongst the most recognized porn performers, but is indeed one I like a lot. I have been following him since several years, when he was in his teens, infatuated by his mouth. Krave inspires in him his best ever bottoming performance.

And after Casanova, the line does not stop: Rhyheim Shabazz, Leon Reddz, Trap again, Fame, Adrian Hart, Dakota Payne, Devin Franco, Zario Travezz, Nate Grimes, and Diego Grant.

Diego Grant Ass and Krave Dick
Diego Grant’s ass craving for Krave’s cock, outstanding performance and one of the last master fuck pieces available in Krave’s JFF.

As I am writing this report, The fuck with Diego is the last one in Krave Melanin’s JustForFans. Believe me, only this clip worths paying for the membership. I did not know Diego, and after this performance I want him.

To close, do not be afraid of wasting your bucks. You will be signing up to one of the top fans pages in the market, and enjoy the work of one of the best porn gods in the USA.

Keep tuned, we will continue adding reports on fans pages in this new service offered by I LIKE PINGA. Follow us in Twitter and Instagram, and join our JustForFans to access additional material related to the blog posts.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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