rhyheim in Rio

First of all: Feliz Aniversário, Rhyheim. I want to start there, because I am not sure whether or not our hero reads my posts beyond the first lines.

Um Feliz Aniversário Carioca

Rhyheim Shabazz is celebrating his birthday in the international capital of Carpe Diem: Rio de Janeiro. This is his second visit to the city as an adult entertainer, and therefore he is meeting some old friends. Of course, if we are talking about Big Bro, we know he is also introducing us to a few new ones.

Notice that I called Rhyheim an adult entertainer instead of a porn star. Or a mega porn star, I should say. At this point, calling him a porn star of any size is not a good descriptor. Not because being a porn star is not great, but because Rhyheim is something even greater.

He has proved that his talents as producer, comedian, promoter, talent hunter, and screen writer (I am afraid of forgetting something) match his skills as porn performer. I think we are ready to call him something else than porn star. I do like “adult entertainer“.

So Feliz Aniversario, Rhyheim, if you are still reading down to here. And to everyone else, let’s take a look at the Brazilian delicatessen partying with our hero.

Os velhos amigos

Let’s start with the old friends. Several of the garotos we met in Rhyheim’s previous visit are there. Besides, this time he is not traveling alone and brought Leon Reddz and EyeFilmz (remember EagleEye? this is his new Twitter name) with him. By the way, I know you are sill reading. Feliz Aniversário, Rhyheim.

One of the known faces (and other body parts) is my favorite Brazilian God: Italo Andrade. I had the pleasure of meeting this boy last July, and will never forget him. Hopefully, I will spend time with him in November during my Fucksgiving in Rio. Besides being a mesmerizing porn star, he is probably the best escort I have ever hired.

Besides Italo, we see again two local beauties: Yuri Oberon and Estevão Oliveira, both porn stars and gay escorts. I tried to meet them in July, perhaps my luck will be better in November.

One last known face is Max Booty, from São Paulo. I do not know much about him, beyond the fact that Rhyheim likes him a lot.

Um feliz aniversário com novos amigos

But of course, we are talking about the Number One American Mass Fucker. The old friends are just not enough.

From the very first day we are introduced to beauties like Vtcarvalhow. However, the trip is not yet over and we are confident we will continue meeting new hot boys until the very last minute.

In spite of that hopeful fact, I have to highlight the newbie that so far has impressed me the most: Andy Rodrigues from Santos, close to São Paulo. He seems to be very popular in Brazil, and we can tell why. His physical perfection is one of those pearls that only Brazilian racial mixes can deliver.

His dick is massive, an he seems to be pretty good in the sack. I do not know anything else, but Andy looks very promising. Of course, I am wondering whether or not he escorts. Just meeting him may worth a trip to São Paulo.

One last time, Feliz Aniversário, Rhyheim. Although today is your birthday and you are supposed to be the one in the receiving end, you keep giving.

Please, do not stop.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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