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I LIKE PINGA t-shirts are the perfect gift. For instance, your boyfriend would love you even more when he gets one from you this Valentine’s Day.

The perfect addition to your gifts list

I like pinga t-shirts, weed, and snacks
I hate to disappoint you, but the I LIKE PINGA t-shirts come without the weed and the snacks.

After being asked many times about I LIKE PINGA t-shirts, we finally made them available in our JustForFans page. You just have to click in this link to go to the JFF store and purchase them.

As the proud sluts we are, nothing like wearing a t-shirt pledging our devotion for dick. Beyond advocating for your likes, you will just look good. Imagine the eye candy your boy will be, right before you undress and fuck him.

Perhaps you do not have a boyfriend. After all, who needs one? But I am sure you have friends who like cock. They would love this gift, and looking like so many of our hotties who already wore one. Look at the pictures. Just to bring two examples, Italo and Hugo look really fuckable wearing the tees.

You may even have a friend you are not sure whether or not is into men. Voila! Here you have the perfect conversation starter. Imagine that hot colleague who seats next to you in the office, or that gym buddy you do not know how to head on. His face and his reaction when unwrapping our I LIKE PINGA t-shirt will be a great indicator of how good your chances of getting him are.

You can even customize them

victor wearing an intervened I LIKE PINGA t-shirt
Victor intervened the standard designed and turned the I LIKE PINGA t-shirts in a super sexy top tank.

Although we are selling only one standard design of our exclusive I LIKE PINGA t-shirts, they are very easy to customize. Indeed, Victor and Seth look hyper hot after they intervened the tees.

We only offer them in Black or in White, but depending on the demand your suggestions of new colors may drive us to add more options. Talk to us, we are always listening.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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