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If you are looking for taxi boys in Buenos Aires, you have several options. Today I want to introduce you to Onyce, my favorite source of hot local men. Welcome to a new issue of PINGAS TO WATCH 2020.

Buenos Aires

looking for taxi boys onyce busqueda por zonas
Onyce offers a unique feature in Buenos Aires gay escorts market: a search by area.

As those who have been following the blog or my posts in the M4M Forums and Boytoy know, this blogger is originally from Argentina. To be more specific, I am an intoxicating mix of Corrientes y Buenos Aires. If you do a search, you will find several reports written after my annual trips.

Every year I spend all July in Argentina, most of the time based in the capital city. However, I usually also take advantage to check nearby cities looking for taxi boys. For instance, last July I visited Corrientes, Montevideo, and Rio de Janeiro. Besides the reports I share here, I also keep traveling logs published in Boytoy. You can check here my last adventures in the South Cone.

Of course, we are always looking for taxi boys when we travel. As informed in the links above, Argentina is a relatively small escorts market that however offers a generous number of web outlets with advertising of gay masseurs and companions.

The oldest and best known website if you are looking for taxi boys is Soy Tuyo. To make an analogy, Soy Tuyo is to the Argentinian market as Rentmen is to the USA. There is a significante difference, though.

Rentmen provides a good service, Soy Tuyo does not. This is why we are recommending Onyce if you happen to be looking for taxi boys in the Rio de la Plata.

Looking for taxi boys in Onyce

looking for taxi boys onyce search by role
If you are looking for taxi boys in Buenos Aires, Onyce offers a search by role

Many of the professionals advertising in Soy Tuyo have very questionable references in the local forums, including robbery and physical threats. Nevertheless, their ads are still up. Besides, perhaps the most annoying feature to me, you need microscopic vision to appreciate the ads pictures in the home page. In my opinion, Soy Tuyo is stalled in the past. Despite years in the market, they have not had an upgrade that I can remember.

Those are some of the reasons why I think Soy Tuyo is not anymore the best resource to find professionals. Let me explain why we think that Onyce is the new Argentine website to follow in 2020, if you are looking for taxi boys in Buenos Aires.

Since the birth of this blog, we have been supportive of alternative escorts websites in the USA, not because they offer a better service, but to fight against Rentmen’s virtual monopoly.

Our support for Onyce is radically different. Of course, we would be fighting Soy Tuyo’s market dominance, but we would be also supporting a better source for our hobby. Furthermore, Onyce is right now in the middle of a relaunching that makes it the most promising Argentine source for looking for taxi boys not only in Buenos Aires but in other cities in the area.

Onyce is better

onyce más vistos
Onyce gives you the chance to check the most popular profiles.

First of all, just look at the pictures. When you are looking for taxi boys in Onyce, you do not have to be inside a profile to enjoy big, clear photographies. Even in the general catalogue, the icon/pictures of the boys are big and give you a very clear impression of their looks.

When I am in other escorts sites, I am often disappointed after clicking in the icon. As the little pictures do not allow you to notice details, when you see the big ones in the profile you realize he is not what you were looking for. I guess this happens to you quite often if you are like me. Well, it never happened to me in Onyce.

Second, the speed. The site has been just revamped and this is perhaps the most remarkable improvement. Navigating the catalogues, the profiles, and all the resources is smooth and super fast.

Third, the search engine. When you are looking for taxi boys, their competition does not offer categories. Onyce has three: a search for zone, a search for role, and a top list with the most visited profiles.

Last but not least, the boys. Which of course is the most important feature for us. If you share my preferences, you will like them. When I am looking for taxi boys en Onyce, the question is not whether or not I will find one. The challenge is rather which one to pick.

Finding taxi boys

My first experience with Onyce was last July, during my visit to Buenos Aires. Back then the speed was not as good as it is now. However, the interface was already attractive. I was simply lured to the site by the big and clear pictures of the providers.

When looking for taxi boys in Buenos Aires, I always check the local forums. I found two boys with good comments, called and hired them. You can check the detailed reports in our Gay Escorts Reviews.

One was Luciano. If you check him he may be in Mar del Plata, but his residence is Buenos Aires. His review is published here. Those into twinkish cute boys will absolute love him.

The other one was Fran. You can find in the Gay Escorts Reviews the report of our first meeting and also an update after our second date. I find Fran to be not only irresistibly attractive but also an unforgettable lover. We celebrated his talent with our Best Taxi Boy Award of the Best Pingas 2019, after including him in our updated catalogue of best gay escorts around the world. Indeed, when I think of my next trip to Buenos Aires, he is always one of the first thoughts that comes to my mind.

Just take a look to the catalogue. They have many quite hot gay escorts and a couple of attractive masseurs. I want to highlight one that I will probably call in my next visit: Ayun. I have seen his performances for Latin Leche and I want him.

Looking at the Future

At the beginning we said that we like Onyce not only because it is good for looking for taxi boys, but also because it is a promise. This is perhaps what lures toward the site the most, right after the hot boys.

More Taxi Boys

Clearly, the first improvement we would like to see in the site is a more extensive catalogue. I am hopeful the revamp of their business model will attract more taxi boys to join their offer.

The revamping not only improved the site interface, but also includes a very aggressive presence in social media. Social media is nowadays the hotbed and the lobby of the adult entertainment industry. There is a generational shift taking place right now, and the clients who base in websites their relationship with internet are being replaced by younger generations mostly social media centered.

Onyce is ahead of American gay escorts websites on this point. I am not sure whether it is out of lack of vision or out of fear to law enforcement, but Rentmen and other American outlets keep a very low profile in social media. Not Onyce, they are relentlessly and aggressively going for new following.

Hopefully this aggressive presence will bring them new advertisers. If you are reading this article and happen to be a gay escort working in Argentina, Chile, or Uruguay, I strongly recommend you to reach out and publish in Onyce.

More promises

The revamping has just started, and improvements are being made on the go. For instance, the site is not yet secure. However, I am told that soon will be. Additionally, some of the new features are still not functional. You will notice that they are teasing us with something called Onyce TV. We do not know what it is, but we are dying to learn.

The site also links to a Tumblr blog with additional information about the advertisers, as well as related news and articles. I wonder if as part of the revamping they will absolve the Tumblr blog under their one domain, considering Tumblr restrictive policies on adult topics.

Before writing this report, we contacted the team behind Onyce. They are enthusiastic about the relaunch and really engaged in building an improved and upgraded service. They are open to constructive criticism, I am sure they will appreciate it if you reach out to them with any suggestions.

I am planning on meeting them during my next trip, and learn about the backstage. I wonder whether it is easier to work in the adult entertainment industry in a more sex positive culture like Argentina’s compared to Puritan USA, despite the always struggling economy.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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