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Rhyheim and Boomer Banks is another lesson of masterful love making. When our dicks were still healing after Big Bro’s last expedition to Rio de Janeiro, we are back to shaking it like horny monkeys.

Rhyheim is back

Rhyheim and Boomer Banks fucking, close up dicks

Despite producing enough video to keep his fans pages for several months, Big Bro was still landing back home when he started the massive uploading of the whole new content. This is one of the many reasons why he is our favorite adult entertainer. Indeed, other adult entertainment artists would have delivered the new material in weekly installments. 

Not out hero. Not only he shared in a few hours most of the hot videos produced in Brazil. Besides, just minutes after uploading them, he was working hard (you all know how hard he works) on new collaborations with American performers. I was not surprised, this would not be the first time that Rhyheim treats us with his generosity and willingness to please his following. Although I was not surprised, I confess I was initially disappointed. 

Boomer Banks

rhyheim and boomer banks toes sucking

One of his new partners was Boomer Banks. I do not think he needs an introduction. However, just in case, let me highlight that he is one of the Great Ones. Boomer has been active in the porn industry since 2013, and received awards as a porn artist and gay escort (remember Rentboy?) as early as 2014. Needless to say, nowadays 5 years in porn is a full Age.

Originally from Mexico, Boomer has been one of the Performers of Color who break through traditional barriers and succeeded in conventional studios. Not only he conquered the mainstream industry, but also advocated for others, speaking out against racial discrimination in the industry, and mentoring younger new comers. Therefore the army of baby Banks in adult entertainment. When I met Beaux, he called Boomer his “porn dad”. And he is only one of many.

Furthermore, Boomer has lately became one of the louder voices in the industry speaking out against Top Supremacy. Eventually we will write something about it, but I am sure most of you know what I am talking about. We have imported from mainstream culture many homophobic and machoism prejudices and Boomer is one of the big stars bravely confronting them. 

Therefore, when I learned about Rhyheim and Boomer collaborating, I was expecting something different. I imagined Big Bro would display all his rituals, as he did in other occasions when welcoming a big star. 

I was about to be disappointed. No going out to welcome the visitor into his sex nest. No candle lights, no staging. Rhyheim and Boomer did not even follow the smoking ritual. Fuck, I miss the weed kissing.

Two Giant Stars Clash

rhyheim and boomer banks fucking from above

However, the disappointment was short lasting. Soon I understood that none of Big Bro’s traditional staging and rituals were necessary. This was not a regular encounter between two super stars. Beyond that, this was a meeting between two masters of love making. 

Perhaps Boomer presented to Rhyheim an unusual challenge? Indeed, fucking with an exceptionally skilled veteran demands a level of performance quite different to fucking horny twinks and very young men. Rather than the spectacular passion of rock and roll, we need the delicate and exquisitely delivered passion of a Romantic symphony. 

My disappointment at the in media res scene, quickly turned into fascination. Do not look for the acrobatics and the spectacular displays. Instead, pay attention to the little details since Rhyheim and Boomer Banks’ very first seconds of interaction. 

King Banks

Boomer sucking Rhyheim's cock

Boomer delivers a spotlessly submissive performance. I am used to seeing how Big Bro inspires in his partners their best. However, this was not just Boomer’s best performance I have seen. Furthermore, it was the first time I have seen him completely given to his partner. 

Do not misunderstand me. I do not mean he did not fully open himself to his previous porn partners. He did, but there always was a moment where he would take over as a top or as a power bottom. This time he delivers a consistent and masterful submissive performance, totally giving up control to Rhyheim, all the time. 

Rhyheim and EyeFilmz

close up penetration

Not only Boomer’s performance surprised me. We all are used to Rhyheim being in control. Nevertheless, I have never seen him before playing his partner with this rigor of exquisite detail. The musical analogy is quite eloquent. As a master pianist improvising a new melody, Rhyheim goes through all of Boomer’s keys, following the tune of his moaning.

Here, we have to recognize once again EyeFilmz’ contribution. He documents every little detail with scientific precision. We witness how Rhyheim is recognizing the new territory, with consciously administered intensity, through his hands, his cock, his mouth and his eyes. EyeFilmz does not miss any touch, any caress, any lick or sight. The interaction of these two man-geishas is meticulously recorded with generosity of angles, movement and framing. 

As said before, we always notice how Big Bro inspires the best in his partners. Somehow, this time he was also inspired. In Rhyheim and Boomer Banks we probably see one his unique performances in his short but rocketing and prolific porn career. 

Seeing Rhyheim and Boomer Banks’ porn performance is not only compellingly masturbatory. Besides hot, it is educative. If you have been reading us, you have seen us referring to Big Bro as the King of Vanilla Renaissance. Well, this scene is a master lesson of what I now call Neo Vanilla. We will write more about that some other time.

If you have not yet joined Rhyheim’s fans pages nothing is wrong with you, but we probably have nothing in common.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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