Nico Leon and Tayte fucking

A taste of closeted Hollywood comes with the first dish in Cockyboys‘ new series: Hollywood & Vine. Spoiler alert: Nico Leon shines in the sack and in the stage.

An ambitious production

started of Hollywood and Vine, for Closeted Hollywood

Unsurprisingly, Cockyboys delivers another ambitious production. We are happy to be spoiled by Jake Jaxon and RJ Sebastian’s creative partnership. With sense of humor and humility, they labeled “Hollywood and Vine” as “a quickie”. Actually, the production is much more than that.

Indeed the culture behind Closeted Hollywood is familiar to all Angelinos. Clearly, Jake and RJ know what they are talking about. They are and will probably be using the real landscapes where Hollywood DL agents interact. Knowing what we are talking about is always a priceless capital for any creator.

However, for this blogger, what really distinguishes this flick from a quickie is something else. After all, every single gay porn artist older than 30 is an erudite in closeted lives. The qualities that make Hollywood & Vine to stand our are others.

Let’s start with the time invested in delivering acceptable quality acting. All the performers in the “quickie” deliver their lines with comfort and credibility. This blogger cannot highlight enough how important this is.

Although the format is not original, Hollywood & Vine‘s quality is unusual. Plenty of studios have tried and keep trying to get porn performers to act, with diverse outcomes. Perhaps Nico, Tayte, and Leo are naturally gifted for acting?

I dare to guess they are not. This blogger suspects that they have rehearsed before recording. Or they have recorded several takes as they do in mainstream productions. The result is dialogues and texts not uncomfortable to watch.

Of course, it may not be everyone’s kind of porn. Fortunately, we have fast forward. Just go straight to the action in the clip and you will not be disappointed. We have already established that Nico Leon is a masturbatory nuke wherever he performs.

In a closeted Hollywood

Tayte Hanson blue eyes closeted Hollywood
From the very beginning of the interview sequence, I was mesmerized at Tayte Hanson’s blue eyes.

But if you are the kind who enjoys dialogues and situations building up to the climatic fuck, you will be in paradise. Although the offer of this kind of product abounds, here you will have the opportunity to actually enjoy the non pornographic interactions. In our opinion, right now, Jaxson and Sebastian have no competition in the art of porn story telling.

Do not misunderstand me. I am not saying that these actors deserve an Oscar or are Stanislavsky’s method embodiment. We are just saying that the quality of the acting is unusual for a porn production. The effort invested is noticeable, and made a difference for my viewing.

Only the exceptional quality of the acting would be enough to make Hollywood and Vine stand out. Nevertheless, there is more.

To add to the effective building up to our orgasms, there is a Jaxson/Sebastian touch that emphasizes the concept of a closeted Hollywood. Although I do not know whether this was intentional or accidental, it really made a difference in the way I enjoyed the flick.

I am referring to filming with some blurred object on the screen foreground. This gives to the viewer the sensation of spying. It is one of the signature resources of Cockyboys’ videos. Although we have noticed it many times, in few occasions it worked as effectively as in Hollywood & Vine.

This feeling of intruding into the characters privacy without them noticing is a powerful tool to contextualized and maximize the concept of a closeted Hollywood.

Tayte Hanson and Nico Leon

Hollywood & Vine
Often the frame tricks us to believe that the camera is spying on the performers.

If you are like me, the only thing that ultimately matters is the performers. Using the closeted Hollywood landscape to stage their interactions is great, but what I really care about is not the landscape. The acting can be good or bad. The script can be interesting or not. The production can be more or less poor. But the performers must be attractive to me (specially the one playing the bottom), and their interaction must be credible and inspiring.

I do not mean live changing inspiring, but masturbatory inspiring.

Tayte and Nico deliver. I was not expecting anything else from Nico, and was very happy with Tayte. Their interactions were appealing before and during sex. I was specially charmed by Tayte’s blue eyes during the interview scene.

Despite our recognition for the performers’ talent, we must remember that we would not appreciate it without the talent behind the camera. Consistently, the camera is framing the right places in the right moments. I would have not noticed the hypnotic/hypnotized expression in Tayte’s blue eyes should it would have not been intentionally shown to us.

You can find the description of the scene in Cockyboys website. Let me just add that from the first passionate, impulsive kiss during the interview scene, the chemistry between Nico and Tayte is contagious and masterfully documented.

The power of being closeted

hollywood & vine
After three decades, I still remember the desperate passion of my closeted fucks. Nico and Tayte deliver a similar experience. Admirably, they never drop their characters.

No, I am not advocating for a closeted life. I am only relating Hollywood & Vine story to my own experience of being in the closet.

Clearly, we prefer living our sexuality freely and without secrets, guilt and shame. Despite that fact, I cannot ignore how horny I was when I was in the closet.

Often we talk about the charm of Forbidden, or the irresistible attraction of Tabu. In this blogger’s opinion, such magnetism comes from a physical experience. It is not the very idea of the forbidden what makes it appealing. Instead, I find the explanation in the explosive release of pleasure (pressure) during the clandestine moments of liberation. It is a Pavlov reflex.

Casting Nico Leon as the closeted star is another example of geniality. He always fucks like the world is about to end. It is exactly the way I used to fuck when I was in the closet. Back then, fucking was a precious moment that I did not know when would repeat. Or even if I would repeat at all.

An outstanding casting (as in the right performers for the right characters), actors direction, and camera, empower the Closeted Hollywood theme to deliver a masturbatory missile.

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This scene with Nico, Leo, and Tayte is the first one of a new series. Needless to say, we are waiting to jerk off at Blake Mitchell, Avery Jones, and Calvin Banks.

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Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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