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Italo Andrade’s OnlyFans is a delicious sample for the whole package. Welcome to a new issue of our Porn Fans Pages Reviews.

A taste of Italo

porn king Midas Italo Andrade shows his ass

What else can I add to what I have already written about Italo? Since the very first time I saw him making love with Rhyheim Shabazz, I wanted him. Fortunately, I did have the chance to meet him. Since then, I have met him other times and kept in touch with him. Without any doubt, he is deserving of the Best Rio Garoto de Programa in the Best Pingas Awards 2019.

Perhaps you do not have the chance to fly to Rio as we did. In that case, Italo Andrade’s OnlyFans gives you the opportunity to develop an addiction to this gorgeous Brazilian God.

Perhaps you are planning a near trip to Rio. In that case, Italo’s fans page gives you a try for what is waiting for you. Because if you do meet him, that is how it will feel. Exactly like he had been waiting for you, for ever. Not only Italo is an outstanding porn star. Besides, he is an extraordinary geisha.

Hopefully, you will learn that, even if it is hard to believe, Real Italo is more beautiful and attractive than screen Italo. When they see his clips and pictures, shocked by the shining perfection of his skin, my friends ask me whether the images are photoshopped or doctored. No, they are not.

His OnlyFans

Italo Andrade introduction porn king Midas

First, the price is right now only 9.99 monthly. In my opinion, a very competitive fee. Many performers are asking for more money and offering less quality.

Second, you have access to exclusive material produced by one of the most if not nowadays the most popular Brazilian porn star. He has 295K followers in Twitter and 16K in his Instagram. Although those are not record numbers, they are significant for a South American adult entertainer.

Although Italo cannot be better than he already is, his OnlyFans does have room for improvement. Right here is where we have still one more reason to consider:

Third, Italo is developing the right network and partnership. He knows his OnlyFans can be better, and understands what he has to do. Clearly, one of his best decisions was embracing a partnership with Rhyheim Shabazz. Since then, his catalogue has remarkably improved. Do not forget, besides having the Midas touch, Rhyheim comes with EyeFilmz.

Italo is learning from the best. One of the most important lessons a porn self producer must learn from Rhyheim is the power of networking. With his years of being active in the local porn industry and massive popularity, Italo has an extensive network. The pool of talent is impressive.

If the Corona Virus hysteria allows us, we will be in Rio in April and will have the chance to fish from that pool.

A few samples

Italo Andrade’s OnlyFans includes 27 photos and 32 videos. Not a bad number if we consider that he opened the account in August 2019 (I am writing this on March 2020).

Let me highlight a few of my favorite pearls.

Italo and Andy Rodrigues in Italo Andrade's OnlyFans

Here we see Italo with Andy Rodrigues, a local rising star. Andy has one of the most mouth watering cocks I have ever seen on screen. He has become one of Rhyheim’s favorite boys. If you pay attention to these two interacting, the chemistry is obvious. In case you are curious, there is a lot of video of Italo and Andy in Rhyheim’s fans pages.

I have not heard anything about Andy escorting. However, if I were in São Paulo, I would reach out to make an offer. He resides in Santos, nearby.

italo topping Leon

I introduce you to one of my favorite clips. There are not many videos of Italo topping. Beyond any doubts, he is as talented as a top as he is as bottom. It is documented. Evidently, we are not exaggerating when comparing Italo to a geisha. The boy is a natural in the sack, it is just his core. His boy toy here is Leon Reddz.

italo and victor for italo Andrade's onlyfans

Of course, my selection would not be complete without Victor. Italo and Victor met in one of Rhyheim’s orgies and immediately fell for each other. We were privileged to document their relationship in our November 2019 visit to Rio.

Everyone Loves Italo

Italo now has an adorable pet. I think I already know the theme for some of the pictures and video we will take in April.

What can we say? The boy is just fucking adorable. I am not sure, though, whether or not someone who has never met him can see his shining in screen. I am not talking about his physical beauty, but about his spirit’s warm luminosity. Gladly, for 9.99 monthly, you can join Italo Andrade’s OnlyFans and be blessed by the healing power of this Orixá.

Hopefully, we will be privileged to add more to his catalogue. Despite travel bans due to COVID-19 pandemic, we are still planning to spend our Spring Break in Rio.

In that case, we will be working with Will Prado and Carlos Maranhão to increase the hot stuff available in Italo Andrade’s OnlyFans (and in our own JustForFans).

Stay tuned. Follow us in Twitter and Instagram.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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