Avery Jones rides Blake Mitchell

Blake Mitchell & Avery Jones shine in the cast of the second chapter of Cockyboys‘ new series, Hollywood & Vine. If a narrative frame maximizes your porn viewing pleasure, it is time to join.

Appearances are deceptive

Blake Mitchell & Avery Jones
Blake plays an adorable and vulnerable pup waiting for his master to arrive.

After enjoying Nico Leon’s closeted adventures, we are now introduced to two new characters in Hollywood & Vine‘s Universe. Blake Mitchell & Avery Jones join a world where everybody seem not to be who everyone else think they are.

At the beginning, we witness a phone conversation. Our horny closeted hero Nick Leon (played by Nico Leon) seems not very concerned after being outed by the reporter he just fucked. In contrast, his agent Kevin Blake (played by Blake Mitchell) is furious, displaying all the features of an Alpha male in rage.

Right there is where continues the game of appearances started in the first episode. We have our first clue in the following scene. Leo Grand (Nick’s boyfriend) and Avery Jones (Kevin’s boyfriend) play two concerned husbands sharing their conjugal challenges and secrets.

Outstandingly for porn, the scene is deliciously performed and written. The witty dialogues keep you smiling, building for the laugh-trigging details. I could not stop laughing loudly at their ring tones. You will see if you watch the whole video.

After a good comedic introduction, we are ready to enjoy the porn itself when Avery opens the door of his intimacy, to teach Leo how to take control.

Blake Mitchell & Avery Jones

Avery trains Blake

During Leo and Avery conversation, we have our first clues. Clearly, Avery’s confidence and demeanor do not seem to match how his twinkish being should feel when dealing with bullish jock Blake.

And certainly our doubts are confirmed in the next scene. Now, we witness a nervous and insecure Kevin waiting for his boyfriend. Blake Mitchell plays the character comfortably. Naturally, he moves from entertaining when rehearsing different positions, to hilarious when checking his body smells. Unquestionably, he renders a character we all can relate to in our moments of anxious vulnerability.

Avery Jones’ entrance is just fabulous. The submissive looking boy displays outstanding skills as a dominant lover. His open superiority and disdain is only matched by Blake’s submissive performance.

Surprisingly, they role play a pup scene. It is like that scenario is following me. While Leo watches them in his laptop and jerks off, Avery gives us a master lesson on pup training.

Of course, the fuck is a premium porn experience. Blake and Avery keep their characters rolling up to the last minute. The way his character gets Kevin to beg and to edge, is a wireless viagra. If you are into role playing, this is indeed an example of my favorite genre: didactic porn.

Laughing at Porn

Avery Jones sucks Blake Mitchell

Up to certain exempt, Jake Jackson and RJ Sebastian are playing with fire. The whole scene can be read as a satire. When we mock traditional stereotypes, specially in porn where stereotypes are Holly Land, we may trigger dissatisfaction in some consumers.

Although Blake Mitchell and Avery Jones gift a masturbatory nuke to those of us into fluidity, perhaps it could be a turn off for the more traditionalist inhabitants of dark dungeons.

Nevertheless, those porn watchers probably never get any closer to Cockyboys. Their porn is still alive, but mostly as the left over of long gone times. That old time when sex belonged to dark, hidden, forbidden places.

Unlike that porn, Cockyboys is one of the shiniest power houses of the Neo Vanilla trend. Perhaps, we will talk about that later.

Meanwhile, join Cockyboys and have a few orgasms watching how Avery makes a good pup out of Blake.

Hasta la próxima inca, amig@s!



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