Marcus Young fucks Romeo Foxx

Guys in Sweatpants is a great option in quarantine times. Austin Wilde extends his talent as a performer, to deliver inspiration for mass masturbation.

Not porn but sex

first Guys In Sweatpants scene, Austin Wilde fucks Anthony Romero
This is the scene inaugurating Guys In Sweatpants. Back then, Anthony Romero and Austin Wilde were a couple. I do not know what happened to Anthony. I am wondering whether I am giving him all the credit he deserves.

According to the narrative in their Twitter account, “We don’t shoot porn; we shoot sex”. This self description could not be more accurate. Side by side with Cockyboys, the studio tops the Neo Vanilla porn market. But unlike Jake Jaxson’s porn factory, Austin’s skips long narratives and introductions and goes almost straight to the action.

Guys In Sweatpants was founded in 2013 by Austin Wilde. If you do not know him, you need to educate yourself on Pornology.

Austin’s porn career started back in 2005, in Raging Stallion, and soon took over the Pornosphera with his beauty and his talents in the sack. Besides being an extraordinarily gifted performer, he has been a strong advocate for himself and his principles. Therefore, his career was not exempt of conflicts with his employers. Although this post is not about him but about his studio, I strongly recommend you to research his history and, specially, his filmography.

By starting Guys In Sweatpants, Austin was able to create porn according to his own high standards. As porn fans, we are very thankful for his leadership and entrepreneurship.

Guys in Sweatpants’ production

Clark Parker and Mateo vice for Guys In Sweatpants

The studio’s production is unquestionable at the top of the market. Not only Guys in Sweatpants is recognized by its porn audience, but also by its peers in the Adult Entertainment Industry. For the third year in a raw, they won Favorite All Sex Studio in the 2020 Str8UpGay Awards.

Even if they are an All Sex studio, do not expect only In Media Res porn, like most fans pages. Sometimes they will include a very short narrative at the start, or some non sexual interaction amongst the performers, before getting to the hot action.

However, the intro is always very short. The performers are soon fucking each other, delivering the studio strongest asset: the outstanding quality of the sex play. As a watcher, I know that often porn sex is not real. Nevertheless, even if I make an extra effort to identify the fake signs, there are none to see.

There is no artistic intention other than documenting smoking hot real interactions between performers actually into each other. The sex play in Guys In Sweatpants always look spotlessly real and intense. Indeed , the kind of sex I like the most, when the partners freak each other into Nirvana dimension.

Although I do not know who is behind the cameras and direction (should I assume is Austin Wilde?), high praise goes to whoever he is. The frame is consistently in the right places and angles, in the right moments. Additionally, the edition is flawless, it is impossible to tell whether or not the scenes are staged and artificially fabricated.

Guys in Sweatpants’ men

Guys In Sweatpants models

If you are like this blogger, what brings you to porn is not the themes or the quality of the production. It is rather the men. Besides the outstanding quality of the sex play, the cast is the other strength of Austin Wilde’s productions.

Guys in Sweatpants‘ performers catalogue is impressive. After seven years of existence, there are very few gay porn stars who have not worked for them. Not only they are many and the hottest amongst the hot, but they are a very diverse crowd.

First of all, we have Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero. They were a couple when Austin started the project, and together delivered some excellent scenes. I wonder if they are still partners, I have not seen Anthony for at least a couple of years. Perhaps, we should give him more credit as a co-founder.

Austin and Anthony are not the only “classic” stars in catalogue. We also have monsters like DeAngelo Jackson, Boomer Banks, Beaux Banks, Tate Ryder, Rod Daily, Tyson Tyler, and many more.

If instead of looking for the veteran performers we check the new arrivals, the list is not less impressive. Several of Guys In Sweatpants‘ stars are in our list of American performers to follow.

As an illustration: Dante and Romeo Foxx, Aiden Ward, Marcus Young (I am crazy for this one), Angel Rivera, Cade Maddox, Mateo Fernandez, Küper, and a very long list of new talent.

Thank you Austin Wilde

Mateo Fernandez fucks ty Mitchell

Austin could have chosen to continue his successful career as a mega porn star. When he founded Guys In Sweatpants he was not at the end of his career, but rather still on the rise.

I wish I knew more about him, about what is behind his irresistible piggish smile. Unfortunately, I do not know much. However, I dare to guess what happened. Why a rising mega star would leave the comfort of working for others, to take on the challenge of leading a risky enterprise, as risky as a new porn studio is.

My guess is that Austin became frustrated. He got tired of dealing with the disrespect and disregard for adult films performers. He got full of looking at his talent wasted on shitty productions and untalented directors.

Instead of becoming an infant terrible or a complainer, Austin said fuck off and started Guys In Sweatpants. His own studio, to treat performers as he likes to be treated, and to produce the kind of premium quality porn he is proud to perform in.

Thank you, Austin.

Being in Masturbation Time, I must encourage everyone to sign in to Austin’s porn factory. Honoring the uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Guys In Sweatpants is offering a “Quarantine special”: only 11.29 for 30 days.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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