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A few jerking off resources would be a very welcome recommendation, I think. Indeed, in Masturbation Time, gay porn websites will be on demand.

Let’s pay for our porn

bucket of money for gay porn websites and adult entertainers
Right now it is time to open our wallets and pay for our porn. We should support not only our favorite porn performers, but also our regular guy. Unquestionably, the pandemic is demolishing their finances.

Expectedly, we just learned that DC’s lock down will continue until April 27th. As we all know, there is a good chance that your place of residency is in similar circumstances, no matter where in Earth you are. Additionally, there is a possibility that the COVID-19 global crisis may last 18 months, and include several waves.

Certainly, gay porn websites will see their traffic rocketing up.

Although we should assume (or hope?) that new porn productions already stopped, we all do have access to an almost infinite library of pornography. Our problem indeed is not where to find porn, but how to brush the crap out of the good stuff.

Needless to say, most of us have an account and enjoy stolen porn in Pornhub or similar services to condiment our jerking off fantasies. Now more than ever before, this is a good moment to pay a membership to our favorite website to support the industry.

Not only your favorite porn studios should be in your thoughts, but specially your favorite porn stars. This crisis is a nuke for escorting and for new productions. The income of all gay adult entertainers (I consider sex workers members of that group) has just being demolished. It is time to join your favorite stars fans pages and help them to survive through the crisis.

Closing the intro, you may want to send some cash as an advance to your regular escort, if you have one. Or two. Or…

Jerking Off Resources

Our blog’s main purpose has always been to provide a public service. Clearly, a few recommendation to inspire two months of masturbation is a useful resource. First, let’s see a few stars fans pages, and then we will highlight a few gay porn websites.

Jerking off at Gay Porn Fans Pages

Our dear porn stars are some of the many workers tragically affected by the pandemic. Please, consider joining your favorite guys’ self made porn outlets to support them. In order to do that, you do not even need to enjoy their home made production. After all, even when we are giving away just a few bucks, we all together would make a difference on keeping his income up.

Beyond your generosity and willingness to support the guys who inspire your masturbatory sessions, I can highly recommend the following gay porn fans pages as truly must haves in any gentleman’s portfolio of jerking off resources.

Rhyheim Shabazz

jerking off resources Rhyheim fucking Jack Hunter
Rhyheim hammers mercilessly Jack Hunter’s ass. Once again, we thank EyeFilmz‘ camera skills.

We have written generously sharing our admiration for Rhyheim’s talents. Perhaps you can read this article about his production quality and diversity, and this review of his fans page. However, I would also search our archives and read the many articles written about him (including three interviews) and his work. I doubt there is any other source with more information about Rhyheim.

To fully enjoy his adult entertainer talents, I recommend you to subscribe for the full package, which includes not only his paid fans pages but also his social media. Needless to say, you may join his OF or his JFF, content in both is identical.

Max Konnors

jerking off resources Max Konnors fucks Ruslan Angelo
Max Konnors fucks Ruslan Angelo.

If you are an admirer of this popular gay icon, this is a due addition to your jerking off resources. Not long ago, we wrote this review about his page.

Krave Melanin

krave jerking off resources

Just mentioning him triggers compulsive masturbation sessions. This blogger finds Krave absolutely nerving of unconditional worshipping. Take a look at our review. You can scout around all the stuff we have written about him.

Max Avila

jerking off resources

This Colombian God is the Latin equivalent to Krave Melanin. I cannot think of him without feeling an urgent need for jerking off. As an illustration, read our review.

Italo Andrade

Italo Andrade makes frontal for jerking off resources

Last but not least, one of our favorite human beings on Planet Earth. Italo Andrade‘s fans page review is here. He really is an outstanding lover.

Other fans pages

This are all the fans pages I have had full access to and review. Additionally, you can read this post with other recommendations. Unfortunately, I have not yet had time to join and review some of the pages I recommend there. I am also very curious about this mouth watering boy.

Jerking off at Gay Porn Websites

After almost three years of existence, we have recommended many websites. Besides a couple we linked at the beginning of this post, you may want to take a look at this one about Black Porn and this other one about Porn Art. Furthermore, I would like to recommend these ones:


gif with gay porn website Flavaworks home page

If you major inspiration for jerking off is Men of Color, Flavaworks is Paradise. Although I am not 100% sure, I am confident they hold the most extensive catalogue for Black, Latino, and Blatino porn. You can read our report if want to know more.

  • Website (this is the mother URL, the detail of websites is in the report linked above.
  • Twitter


Hollywood & Vine, from gay porn website Cockyboys

Cockyboys is one of the top studios for what I call Neo Vanilla sex. Inside that category, they produce indeed the best porn wrapped in a narrative. Take a look at our review and our reports about the first and second clips of their last series.

Guys In Sweatpants

gay porn website Guys In Sweatpants models

Side by side with Cockyboys, Austin Wilde’s gay porn website rules the Neo Vanilla reign. Compared to the previous recommendation, there is almost no narrative and the cast is more diverse. The clips are masturbatory dynamite. You can read our report.

Redirect your leisure time money

monkey jerking off

Of course, you have your own preferences. Perhaps you may want to contribute and add your recommendations to this post. You can do it by commenting in the related Tweet or at the bottom of this page, at Disqus.

After all, we have at least two months ahead with little human interaction. Despite having a generous imagination, inspirational supplements will be a useful resource. Therefore, here you have these jerking off resources we are bringing to your attention.

Bottom line, do not forget. Now more than ever, our favorite guys need our financial support. We have now the opportunity to redirect some of the money we used to invest in going out and traveling, and apply it instead to support the men who work hard every day to keep themselves attractive to us. Unquestionably, if there is ever going to be a time to pay them back, that time is NOW.

To start, you can join our JustForFans. It is only 4.99.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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