Jeremy Tucker pornstars we miss

The list of gay pornstars we miss is extensive. Being in 2020, we have been jerking off at porn for about 40 years.

Every year there are new pornstars we miss

Back when we were starting this blog, we shared our history with pornography. Indeed, it is long and intense. Throughout these decades of gay porn, many pornstars have come and go. After all, it is a career that often lasts just a few months. The list of adult entertainment stars that stay performing in porn movies longer than that is relatively a very short one.

Therefore, there are many gay pornstars we miss. Sometimes, we miss them after a long relationship. Often, after just a short but intense crush. Beyond how long their careers lasted, and despite the fact that their works are forever recorded for our eternal pleasure, we now and then remember them with horny nostalgia.

We are still hopeful some of them will return to our screens, those who are still alive. After all, 2018 and 2019 brought back guys like HotRod, Jovonni, Brent Everett and Ashton Summers. They all have been out for different lengths of time but they all finally came back.

This is the list of the gay pornstars we miss right now. Needless to say, there are more. These performers are the ones that really inspired thousands of masturbation sessions. We are leaving out the ones that we fucked in our fantasies only hundreds of times.

Gay Pornstars We Miss 2020

The order of this list is completely random. We just follow the names that would go popping out in our memory clouded by years of marihuana.


timarrie baker, gay pornstars we miss 2020

Timarrie Baker is probably one of the gay pornstars we miss the most. Actually, we have not missed him for a long time. Until recently, we were still communicating and planning a meeting that never took place. I just hope he is OK, his last updates in his JustForFans are from December 2018.

Lance Alexander

His deep masculine voice and athletic looks are highly missed. I came to learn abut Lance’s popularity after I published an article sharing my admiration. Despite being dated more than two hears ago (February 2018) it still is one of the most viewed blog entries.

Chino Blac

Chino Blac riding Texas Bull's dick, best porn studio 2018, best pingas awards

If not the most, his is one of the most recent retired performers in this list of gay pornstars we miss. Chino delighted us with his performance with Rhyheim Shabazz and then abandoned us. He is still active in Twitter, but under a different name. We will treasure his memories for ever.

Danger Zone, hell I miss him

Breion diamond fucks danger zone for thug boy

During my crush on Danger Zone, high speed Internet was very expensive. I used to pay for a membership to Thugboy, and download every single clip casting him. I would keep those videos in a portable HD that is now lost. The first time he bottomed on camera, with Breion in the limousine, I stayed horny and crazy for weeks.

Alan Black

Alan black, gay pornstars we miss

One of my first Brazilian crushes. Do you remember French Connection? I used to long for the next issue of the Capoeira series, wishing Alan would be casted.

Alfonso Ribeiro

alfonso ribeiro for gay pornstars we miss

This one is from Kristen Bjorn‘s Brazilian period, and also worked for the local porn industry. His performance in Mystery Men impressed me for ever.

Joe Simmons

Unfortunately, Joe is one of several in this list who cannot return. He was taken by the HIV epidemic. He was the first muscular, tall, masculine Black man I enjoyed bottoming on screen. I wish I had seen more of him.

Mr Saukei and Markell

Markell and mr saukei pornstars we miss

I placed them together because with Danger Zone, they are the flagships of my Flavaworks period. I specially liked Markell, and his moaning when getting drilled. Saukei was just adorably cute, besides being able to fuck in the most imaginative acrobatic positions.

Jeremy Tucker

Jeremy Tucker pornstars we miss

Jeremy Tucker is another gay pornstar we miss very much. Many of you probably do not know who he is, but back in the 2000s he was one of the top guys. Incidentally, I think my infatuation with men of color started with him. Specifically with the very scene illustrating this section.

The movie is Blur, the studio Mustang, the director ChiChi LaRue. It was the year 1999, and one of Jeremy’s first performances. Since then, I have been hunting all over the world, looking for a man who looks like him.

Poax Lenehan

Poax Lenehan pornstars we miss

Obviously, my fondness for Brazilians is not recent. Poax inhabited my masturbatory fantasies very frequently. I am not sure, but I dare to say that he is one of the performers casted the most in the local porn industry.

Scott Alexander

diesel Washington fucks Scott Alexander

This man. Although Scott Alexander never became a super porn star, he was indeed in my Porn Heaven. Where are you, Scott????

Afrikan Prince

venom fucks afrikan prince

His porn career was not long, but my infatuation for him lasted years. It was the old good times of Real Urban Men, an extinct studio. First, Afrikan Prince starred as a muscular, hyper masculine top. However, after a few movies he soon showed his bottom side. Unfortunately I cannot bring the sound to you, but his high pitch moaning when bottoming just drives me insane, in the best way.

Jimmy Coxxx

jimmy coxxx

He is another pornstar we miss with a relatively long career. Recently, I started to research his whereabouts, but I stopped almost immediately. There is information about him being G4P, and I prefer to envision him as the horny bottom slut he shows in his videos. He shot several scenes with Cockyboys as Jimmy Clay.

Derek Reynolds

Derek Reynolds

This shorty was another of my fantasy husbands. I watched several of his scenes so many times, that I can mostly recall each of them. Even when my bad memory is legendary.

Very much missed XL


XL has been one of our favorite guys the last few years. He is based in Atlanta and besides performing in porn also used to offer services as an escort. He is a talented adult entertainer and also a very sensitive and smart guy. Unfortunately, we were never able to meet during his visits to DC. XL worked in porn up to last year, and then shared in his social media that was taking a break. I wonder whether the break will be ever over. I miss him, really miss him.



Rio is one of the pornstars we miss the most because he used to reside in Baltimore, close to DC. We did have the chance to meet before he moved to Brooklyn. His escorting services were just as hot as his porn performances. I still remember his tongue playing inside my mouth, Rio is an outstanding, passionate French kisser.

More gay pornstars we miss

Do you think this is a long list? However, you have no idea how hard I worked to reduce it to what it is. Sadly, I had to leave out several performers when we realized that the gay pornstars we miss are enough to start a porn encyclopedia.

As an illustration, we are not including guys like Tyson Tyler, Rick Pantera, Nubius, and many more.

As there is a good chance that we all are locked down, I dare to assume that I am not the only one suffering from nostalgia. It would be great to learn who you are missing. Would you feel like adding to our list of gay pornstars we miss 2020? Please, do add your contribution by responding to our Tweets or by contributing below in the Disqus box.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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