Although it is not the first time we see  Shabazz & Zevran in action, it is the first time we see Big Bro in Cockyboys. If you are his follower, do not expect any surprise, but this is a great acquisition for the studio’s audience.

He belongs to the People

Besides being the first time we see Rhyheim in Cockyboys, it is the first time we see him in a studio other than TimTales. With Shabazz & Zevran @ Cockyboys, the exclusive contract with the European porn factory is officially terminated.

As the clip was shot right before the COVID-19 crisis, it is probably the last Rhyheim’s new stuff we will see for some time. The whole industry, just like most of the country and a huge part of the world, is frozen.

By the way, I am proud of how responsibly the adult entertainment industry has reacted. Even when the quarantine hit them hard, performers are actively advocating for physical distancing and following the CDC safety guidelines.

Without this crisis, we can only imagine the noise that a non exclusive Rhyheim Shabazz would be making in the Pornosphera. If you were the owner of a porn studio, would you not be reaching out to him to try to borrow (may be rent?) a little bit of his magic?

That is why, with or without pandemic, we can confidently say that Shabazz & Zevran may be Big Bro’s first scene with a USA studio, but will not be the last one. Gladly for Rhyheim’s followers, his contractual freedom opens a whole world of new possible interactions with guys who do have exclusive contracts.

Shabazz & Zevran @ Cockyboys

Shabazz & Zevran @ CockyBoys

But the shout out goes to Cockyboys for being the first studio to catch the opportunity. As Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian’s is one of our favorite USA porn factories, we should also shout out to Rhyheim. This blogger is guessing, but dare to say that this was probably not the first offer to Big Bro. 

If you follow Cockyboys and Rhyheim, you will not be surprised. Shabazz & Zevran is another rendition of the high quality porn both of them have spoiled us with. If you follow one or the other, you will have an even more inspiring experience.

For those new to Cockyboys, you will see one of two main formats used in their productions. The other one is the narrative series we praised in other posts. This one is the interview to/conversation with the performers, followed by the hot action. Despite not being original formats, Cockyboys has mastered them. 

Sean Zevran does not need introduction. The man has been in the spot since 2012, if you do not know him I want to know you. Sean has been a frequent visitor of Rhyheim’s legendary bedroom; and had performed before for Cockyboys. No one will be surprised. Just relax and enjoy another of his spectacular performances.

Rhyheim Shabazz is a record and ground breaking performer. However his high speed rocketing career is short, just a little longer than one year. Perhaps some in Cockyboys’ audience do not know him. 

Those are the ones who will gain the most. If you are in that group, you are going to enjoy Big Bro’s unique talent. Not only the man is beautiful and an extraordinary performer. Besides, he will inspire his partner to shine at his best. Shabazz & Zevran will leave a memorable impression in you, certainly.


Shabazz & Zevran acrobatics

Wether or not you knew them, the first thing that will strike you (always strikes me) is Shabazz & Zevran’s appearance, of course. Besides both being physically beautiful, Rhyheim’s dark complexion makes an appealing contrast with Sean’s lighter tone. 

In this particular scene, the second thing that stroke me was the contrast in their demeanor during the opening conversation/interview. There is a moment when Rhyheim mentions being nervous, but Sean totally disregards pointing out that he is not nervous but playing nervous for the crowd.

Sean knows Rhyheim much better than I do, so I am not going to argue with him. Rather than arguing, I would bring an additional impression. Whether or not Big Bro was nervous, he was clearly uncomfortable. That was the second contrast that stoke me: Rhyheim’s nervousness/discomfort against Sean’s confident, calm, reassuring demeanor. 

As I was gradually  leaving the opening conversation behind, a third contrast hit me. I say “gradually leaving”, because the interview is edited with short samples of the incoming sex match, until we finally leave it behind.

While the sex interaction was spotlessly edited, the interview section showed a few sloppy spots. Significantly, not in the transitions between interview and sex action, but during the conversation itself. I cannot help but wonder what was cut out.

Finally, once Shabazz & Zevran get into each other, we all are hit by the intense power of their chemistry. We are witnessing two of the most talented porn performers nowadays, each one of them a porn powerhouse himself, building engaged passion into each other. Of course, the result is a massive HJ Bomb. 

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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