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Knowing how to eat ass is an extremely useful knowledge, even in COVID-19 times. If you have an ass around, grab him and let’s do some practice. If you are alone, you will have to wait for the end of the quarantine. Read, and be ready.

Pre-Word to How to Eat Ass

porn king Midas Italo Andrade shows his ass
Brazilian Delicatessen. One of my favorite asses to eat, Italo Andrade’s.

I have shared many times my passion for Besos Negros. Out of the many things I am missing in Quarantine Times, sinking in a man’s rear is the one I miss the most. 

Alone and locked down, I suddenly longed for ass aroma, and became crazily nostalgic. So I decided to write this post as therapy. Perhaps you want to stop here and read the article I linked above. You will have there a more general framework for my passion for scuba diving into men bubble butts. After reading that, come back, because here we will be more specific.

Please, remember that his blogger does not pretend to be an erudite. We are not certified as sexologists and no one should read us as when you read an authority on a subject. Our goal is just sharing our experience, giving our testimony, to add to the amazing diversity of the Sexuniverse.

Therefore, as any other personal testimony, my subjective nuances and limitations are all over this article. I am a homosexual man. I have never eaten a woman’s ass. Additionally, my preference is to be in control and on top. I have never enjoyed getting my own ass eaten. A successful ass eating experience requires skills from both participants, but I can only speak as the eater.

With all those caveats, allow me a few words on how to eat ass, Jose Soplanucas style.

Avoid surprises

how to eat ass Top four gay escorts DC sex market
Roy mason‘s cake.

In general, we could say that people love surprises. Clearly, the field of ass eating is one of those where that premise does not apply. 

Sometimes we just cannot avoid surprises. No matter the extent of your knowledge on how to eat ass, there are things out of our control even with preparation. There is no way around it, you must be ready for the unexpected. In other words, if you are into eating ass, you will eat shit. And probably, quite often.

However, that fact is not excuse to not being as prepared as possible. If you are planning the date, make sure your partner knows how much you are longing for eating his rear. The more clear and direct you are, the lower the chances for the unexpected. Consider how experienced your partner is. He may need some advice on how to clean himself

Of course, I would take a try from a booty in any circumstance presented to me. With or without preparation, my fondness for sinking in the darkest corner of my partners makes it irresistibly. Just know that my best banquets of human black holes came when the dish was deep clean and well prepared and served.

How to eat ass without Connection?

från smiling and showing his ass
Argentinean Delicatessen. I am longing to taste Fran again.

Perhaps the most important secret on how to eat ass well is connection. You would be surprised to learn how many men do not understand that it takes two for Tango. Women are quite right when they complain about selfish love making, and I firmly believe that there is no much difference in the way most gay and straight men experience sex. 

If you are one of those, I have bad news for you. There is no way to discriminate bad from good ass eating other than the pleasure experienced by the bottom lover. We cannot judge ourselves on whether or not we know how to eat ass. If there is a field where customer feedback is paramount, it is the smelly wet one where we are stepping right now.

First and last of all, pay attention to your partner. Perhaps it is recommendable not to go straight for the treat if you do not know each other well. As a warm up, enjoy first a little fore playing and establish tour bond. Just make sure you are in sync, feeling and tending to each other.

If this is not your first time together, if you have already learned each other love making signs and clues, you can jump straight into it. As always, in my understanding of good love making, the bottom line is the wellness and happiness of my lover. After all, good ass eating is not different than good music improv: you must be connected to your instrument.

His body will be your instrument. His moaning, shaking, trembling, twisting, crying, and yelling will be the music. With no connection, there will be no harmony. With a good connection, both of you can reach philharmonic existentialist orgasms.


how to eat ass Ruslan wearing American flag underwear
I have not eaten it (yet), but Ruslan’s ass is in my bucket list. Full video available at Rhyheim Shabazz’ fans pages

Ladies and gentlemen, we are entering a very delicate territory. I mean literally. A man ass is one of the most open to damage parts of our bodies. Think that normally it is always well protected, but we are about to strip away all shields and sink on it with our often hairy faces. We must be careful to avoid harming our partner. 

Specially if you are like me. Not only I have a goatee, and we know how sharp facial hair can be, but I am also passionate and tend to get lost into it. Although I am aware of my tendencies, the risk exist that I may unwillingly hurt my partner even if I am very careful.

The best way to protect him is lubrication. Be generous with your saliva. It is an amazing natural lube, and all we have to do is drink a lot of water to produce it in abundance. Drool all over the area. Spit, lick, squeeze your saliva not only in the rim but also all over the butt cheeks. You should get to the point of feeling like splashing in the pool with your face.

I love that feeling. I shave my head and am always smooth like a baby when I am planning to fuck. The feeling of sliding my smooth bold and forehead in between two big bubble butts, oily and shiny with saliva, warms my heart up. 

By lubricating the whole area you are not only protecting your lover. Besides, you are giving yourself easy and deeper access to the treat. After all, we are not talking about ass kissing here. If we are talking about how to eat ass, we are going to eat it.

Be in the moment

how to eat ass Kemon Jordan tattoo
Pstar Kemon Jordan‘s famous tattooed right cheek greets you before entering to one of the tastiest treats available in the DMV area..

One of the many challenges for having a healthy and creative sexual life is penetration deification. Some people even question whether or not you are having sex if you are not involved in genital penetration. And everything sexual that is not penetration is almost always considered fore playing, just warming up for the Real Thing.

I love penetration, and always do it after eating ass. Nevertheless, when I am scuba diving inside my lover, I am not in the mindset of someone prepping for something else. No, sir. This voracious blogger is rather in the mindset of someone who is going to die and this is the last thing that can do alive.

Choose a comfortable position for both of you. Make sure that he can relax and at the same time is offering you as much work space as physically possible. Double check that you have easy access to all of your work space, and at he same time you are comfortable enough to be able to work for a long time. I mean it when I say long.

We do not want to be interrupted or distracted by body-mechanical concerns. Making sure that you are starting in the right position allows you to focus in the important work. You are about to eat that cake and you want to get lost in the flavor.  Your are also about to play that instrument, and you want to get lost in the music. You need no distractions.

Forget about the future and get into it. Forget about you and get into it. Focus on your partner and get into it. 

Be thorough

how to eat ass krave melanin ass
Another major item in my bucket list: Krave Melanin delicious dark chocolate hole.

And when I say “get into it” I mean it in all its possible senses. We are not discussing here standard ass eating. Fuck no. There is not such a thing if you are a real cannibal like me.  

How to eat ass without thoroughly getting into it? Once you are starting to explore your work space, you must love it. Everything else must vanish while the only things that exist are the ass, your will to service it, and the responses that your actions trigger in your lover. That is your whole universe while you are down there.

How to eat ass without thoroughly getting into it? You must love that ass. Nothing is more important that licking and working out on it, and delivering pleasure. Loving and protecting that ass is your purpose in life. You would die to protect it, and also fighting for it if someone else wants to take it from your mandibles. You are like a ferocious wild animal devouring its prey. No one can get in between you and your ass.

And you are going to love all of it. The beautiful landscape of shining bubble butts hills and wet, turgid black pits captivates our eyes. The intoxicating smell inspires hallucinatory trips. The deep flavor condiments the singing moans. Each inch of your epidermis freaks out scouting amongst the different textures, from the slippery smoothness of the bubble hills to the trapping emptiness of the unescapable black hole.

How to eat ass without eating it

ALLEN third time how to eat ass
Another delicious American treat. The very much edible Allen.

As I said before, this article is not about kissing ass. We are going to eat it. We are going to eat it all, and we are going to lick the plate. 

Even when the idiom is “eating ass”, the area in question is much boarder than the ass itself. Our working area includes the whole butt-cheeks and the upper back of the thighs, as well as the base of the penis from the prostate and up. 

In my personal ass eating liturgy I always stimulate all that area, building momentum before sinking into the very rimming. And once you get into the rimming you do not stop there. Thanks to generous lubrication you can dive deep, ass far as your lips can go first, and your tongue then. After all, keep in mind that you are not going for the rim, you are going for the prostate.

Be creative

how to eat ass carioca Douglas alam wernik en Buenos Aires best kissers
Douglas, a carioca delicatessen imported to Buenos Aires.

How to eat ass well without being creative? You are exploring an extremely erogenic area, triggering unexpected reactions. Here we are back to the surprises we are able to enjoy.

This is when my musical analogy becomes the most relevant. Listen to his moaning, and keep yourself tuned to his body reactions, and play them stimulating the area with different speeds, and pressures. Play with different combinations of liking, kissing, sucking, and tenderly biting with your lips, always supporting your mouth with your hands work.

The area around the rim is closely connected to the prostate and the penis. Use all of your resources to work out those three areas together. Explore them, probe them, experiment with the effect of the different kinds of stimuli you can apply. 

Use your imagination to inspire diversity into your work and avoid your personal repetitive tendencies. Imagine you are French kissing a mouth, licking ice cream, devouring a meal like a wild beast, or anything else that may help you up to explore different triggers.

Be open to surprise yourself. I love first times, and despite decades of eating ass they happen quite often. 

Be safe

how to eat ass
For other tips on how to eat ass, you may want to check our third interview to Rhyheim Shabazz, where he shares some of his tricks.

No matter how thoroughly we have cleaned the area, eating ass involves some risks. It is important to take as many precautions as possible inside our comfort zone.

It is strongly recommendable to get the shots for hepatitis A and B. In spite of washing the area as thoroughly as possible, at least a few molecules of shit are doomed to survive. Rinse your mouth and gargle with some oral disinfectant immediately after playing.

Observe the area as well as possible, and also use your hands sensitivity to find any warps or suspicious signs, and avoid the contact with your mouth if you see, smell, or feel anything suspicious. 

In all my years of eating ass, I got an infection only once with bacteria. It comes with the shit, you know. If my experience is relevant at all, be alert to nose bleeding and sinus congestion, and go to an emergency room as soon as possible. They will give you antibiotics and soon you will recover. 

Let’s go for our next ass

how to eat ass
Beaux Banks is another of the amazing asses I have been lucky to taste.

Of course I am not always able to gather all the conditions to have an awesome ass eating experience. As a matter of fact, it has been long months since the last banquet deserving to be remembered. I cannot wait for my next treat.

Locked down by the pandemic crisis, I am sure most of you are in the same place. I wanted to say thank you for reading us, thank you for following, and specially thank you to all of those who have reach out to express your fondness for I LIKE PINGA.

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The pandemic crisis has postponed our plans, but it has not killed them. We do have a pending expedition to Rio de Janeiro, and I will find ways to keep you entertained, informed, engaged, and interested even from my sheltered in place corner. 

Please, support us. Please, join.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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