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Fantasy Fucks is all we can have amidst a global pandemic. Other years we would develop shopping lists, and new fucks catalogues. Forget about it in 2020, thanks to COVID-19.


fantasy fucks new fucks

While getting ready to create another list sharing our fucks prospects, I realized how much I enjoyed 2019. We have been so busy slutting around and reporting our adventures, that we did not have time to think about whom we wanted to fuck.

When I went back to update my last shopping list, I noticed that we did not develop any since the one for 2018 and its update. We had a very fucklific 2018, an amazing 2019, and when 2020 was starting to look good, we were smacked down by the pandemic. Now, we only have fantasy fucks.

Although the future gives us no optimism about the global health crisis, as we are in one of the poorly managed countries around the world, we will bet on more fantasy. Without dreaming that in a couple of months I will be able to travel and hook up, it would be hard to find joy in my every day present life.

If you are new to the blog, please do not misunderstand this post. As fans, we do not feel entitled to have sex with any adult entertainer and no one should. We just wish for luck.  At the beginning of our blogging quest, we were focused in gay escorts and, therefore, we would often talk about “to do lists” and “shopping lists”. I LIKE PINGA has evolved since then, and now we embrace all of adult entertainers, not only gay escorts. We wanna do everyone, get the hell out of our fucking way.


Counterintuitively, because I live in the Land of the Free (if you are White and wealthy), out of all my fantasy fucks, these are the ones with less chances to turn into reality. Not only because the MAGA-virus will keep us locked down for most of this year (I am in DC, so far it is confirmed until June 15), but also because this blogger is not fond of USA prices any more. 

Our blog followers have already noticed the switch. We are becoming more focus in porn when we are in the States, and our reports about escorts start piling when we are traveling abroad. However, in very special situations we would be willing to make a few investments in USA soil. Despite the fact that the chances to actually fuck with these guys are extremely low in general, in same cases it is still possible.

Krave Melanin

fantasy fucks Krave Melanin Porn Beauty

Indeed, I cannot write anything new about this man. My admiration and lustful appreciation for his beauty and talent have been shared many times in this blog. So I refer you to a search of our content, and will not write long about him here. I cannot help it, his image is the first one to come up to my mind anytime I think of asking for three wishes to a genie. Krave has been in all of my To Do Lists, and nothing has changed.

Fantasy level rating: near zero, but not pure fantasy. We did have some chances about one year ago, when he was visiting DC now and then, and he was escorting. Since then, he has dropped his ad in Rentmen. Topping him is indeed pure fantasy, but there is a very low chance that we may play some day. Clearly, he is one of the few exceptions where I would not mind about a high price tag.

Judas King

fantasy fucks

My fondness for Judas comes through Rhyheym Shabazz’ dick. My crush on Big Bro is public, but unlike any other. I want to wake up in a Kafkaesque world in which I’ve metamorphosed into his ass-ubiquitous cock. 

Since I saw Judas riding that famous dick, I have been fantasizing about him. My interest has kept going up as I enjoyed his home made porn and collaborations with bigger stars. I grew specially fond of him after I learned he finds big men attractive.

Fantasy level rating: pure fantasy. I have never contacted him, we live far away from each other, and I see no traces of escorting.


fantasy fucks

At this moment, my fantasies can be properly described as Pupcore-centric. I am absolutely adoring this boy. We have a 3 months membership to his fanspage, and we love his tweets.

I really hope I will have the privilege of pleasing him someday. My role playing fantasies are just so many that it is hard to choose the one to inspire my orgasms, each time I decide to work on one. He has been a student, a puppy, my neighbor’s son, a Sex Bender Superhero, a college football team Capitan, a patient at the doctor’s office, a massage client, each one of those in all kind of variations, from romantic vanilla to kinky S/M tough playing. They may be not original, but those scenarios worked beautifully. 

Of course, one of the advantages of fantasies is perfection. There are no accidents or clumsiness, and the only limit is our imagination. If we ever met, we will not have all the Hollywood special effects of my fantasy role playings, disappointingly.

Fantasy level rating: if we were not in lock down, there is a slight chance my fantasies could become real. Although I have not found any offering of escorting services, we exchanged a few communications and the vibe is good. 


cagedjock for fantasy fucks

I find CagedJock intimidating and at the same time captivating. His physical beauty seems perfectly sculpted, but it is not what mainly caught me. 

Although I have explored my sexuality with an always openminded attitude, there are many things I have not tried. Not because I did not want to, but because my circumstances have not exposed me to many things, even if I was and am curious about them. CagedJock seems to be an explorer of non mainstream sexual territories, and would love to join him and follow his lead to learn new stuff.

Exploring new kinky universes with a smoking hot man indeed captivates me. But at the same time I feel intimidated. This blogger is not used to following his partner lead in bed. In spite of my discomfort, it looks like I will not have another choice. 

Fantasy level rating: if we were not in a lockdown, there is s slight chance my fantasies could become real. He took the initiative to reach out to me to express an interest in meeting. Unfortunately we are not in the same city, although NYC is not the West Coast.


If you are one of our trillions of followers, you know that we have fallen in love with Brazil, specifically with Rio de Janeiro. We were planning a visit last April, but the global locked down trashed our projects. Although we do not know when we will be able to return, we will. Here is where we step in territory where my fantasies will become true, for sure. 

Will Prado

fantasy fucks

Will is another of the beauties I met through Rhyheim Shabazz’ cock gravitational attraction. The boy is beautiful, talented for adult entertainment, and one of the performers I was going to hire back in April to make some videos with Italo Andrade. He resides in Porto Alegre, but was going to fly and stay with us for a week. Damn COVID-19.

Fantasy level rating: this is fantasy only because of the pandemic. As soon as we can travel, I am making this real.

Carlos Maranhao

I discovered Carlos surfing stolen porn in Pornhub. When Rhyheim visited Rio the last time, I recommended him. As he is Italo Andrade’s friend (consider that Italo has probably worked with every single recognized Brazilian porn performer), making the contact was easy. Rhyheim’s Holly Cock confirmed my interest. Carlos was the other performer I was bringing to Rio (he resides in São Luís) to shoot a few videos.

Fantasy level rating: as soon as we can travel, I am trying to make this real. However, he is not as close to Rio as Will Prado is, and we may have to wait longer to meet.

Nando Chaves

Nando Chaves

Nando is my last Brazilian finding. The few videos I have seen are just irresistible, and I want him. I am waiting for Italo to tell me whether or not he knows him, and whether or not he is a guy that we may enjoy working with. He resides in São Paulo, it would be easy to brig him to Rio.

Fantasy level rating: this one is the only Brazilian that is pure fantasy. I have not even seen any advertising of his services as a garoto de programa. The only reason why I would consider moving his rating a little tiny bit higher than pure fantasy, is that in my experience all Brazilian porn stars are also escorts. Expect an update.


Besides Brazil, my other regular destination is Argentina. Before the pandemic, I was trying to devote one of my trips to Colombia or Mexico, but Rio would keep bringing me back. Considering the situation in Brazil, perhaps we will be able to travel earlier somewhere else. 

Lonso Leone

I tried to reach him during my last visit to Buenos Aires but he did not respond until I was back home in the States. He is a local popular webcam and OnlyFans performer. Although he does not advertise as a taxi boy (Rio de la Plata slang for escort), he told me he is up for it. He would be a perfect match to film with my local favorite boy Fran.

Fantasy level rate: as we have talked, I would not say this one is pure fantasy. There is a low chance we will hook up during my next trip to Buenos Aires. If the rating is not higher is because the lack of fluid communication in the past. If you are around, you should reach out to his Twitter or his Instagram.



He shines in his performances for Latin Leche. I am also considering matching him to Fran to shoot some video during my next trip to Buenos Aires. The boy is versatile, and very much a hot version of the next door boy, just like Fran. Just their Argentinean accent gives me a boner.

Fantasy level rate: Although this is pure fantasy because I have not yet contacted him, out of the Argentinean fantasy fucks he is probably the one I will most certainly fuck. He publishes an ad as an escort in Onyce, which is a local escorts website that always gave me good providers.

Max Avila

max Avila's onlyfans

This Colombian deity drives me crazy. In my masturbatory landscapes he is a Mayan (my fantasies do not follow geographic or historical reality) warrior I found dying in the forest, and saved. Since then, he has been my aggressive slave, always bullying me into dominating and fucking him. Check his fans page. After I wrote that report, he has posted tons of new material with several guys.

Fantasy level rate: pure fantasy. I have not heard of him offering escorting services and we have never talked about hooking up. Plus, I am not planning right now a trip to Medellin. However, our particular circumstances have improved the chances for trips to South America out of Brazil and Argentina.


Out of all my nowadays fantasy fucks, these guys are the ones with better chances to be in my bed sometime between now and 2021. Notice the wording. Indeed, my masturbatory universe is right now overpopulated. 

Despite not devoting full paragraphs to them, these other guys are also fantasy fucks these quarantined days: Nico Leon, Marcus Young, Küper, Chris Faded, Liam Cyber, Dante Lauro, Ruslan Angelo, Ken Summers, Klein Kerr, and Pietro Duarte. All of them are porn performers, some are also escorting. I adore all of them, but the chances to meet are very close to zero.

Additionally, we are not counting all the guys we did meet, and nowadays are present only in our fantasies. Guys like Italo, Hugo, Fran, Carlos, Allen, Seth Knight, Beaux Banks, Trap, and so many others

If you are a fan, or a client, do no forget to show them your support. They inspire our fantasies but they live in reality. Consider that porn production is completely frozen at the moment, and sex work is almost at zero.

Join their Fans Pages. Send them a gift from their Amazon lists (this is becoming quite trendy). Use those extra dollars you are saving in gas, bars, and restaurants, to support them. They maybe our fantasy fucks today, but in a few months could become real dicks in our thirsty mouths.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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