new treatment for prep

Today I woke up to good news on a new treatment for COVID-19. Additionally, I also learned about a new PrEP development.

New treatment for COVID-19

new treatment

This one is in all major newspapers’ front pages today May 18th, so I guess I am not telling you anything new. Check for instance what The Washington Post published this morning, about Moderna’s trials on a COVID-19 vaccine. If you click on the image above, you will launch the related Moderna’s page.

Although we all are thirsty for optimistic news (I know I am) on the pandemic, I would advise to take it slowly. This is very early news for this new treatment, based in positive results in only 8 patients. Let me repeat that. This wave of optimism that prompted breaking news headlines is based in results IN ONLY 8 PATIENTS.

The actual trials are starting in July. Of course, I am crossing my fingers and hoping this is not propaganda. Read the whole Wapo article and you will see why I am hopeful but distrustful.

No more daily Blue Pills!

new treatment

Fortunately, we do have well supported good news although not about a new treatment for the current pandemic.

Back in March 2018, we shared hopeful developments about a new drug for PrEP approved for worldwide clinical trials. I am about to celebrate my third anniversary taking my daily Truvada, and could not be more thankful for this progress.

The new drug, Cabotegravir, has apparently succeeded. Sadly, the study was not yet published in a peer-reviewed journal or presented to HIV researchers at a conference, due to the COVID-19 global crisis.

Not only the study seems to prove the efficacy of Cabotegravir, but also the new drug was more effective that our current Truvada (medication that combines two different drugs). Although the scientific procedure was interrupted, we can be reasonably confident on hoping to stop the treatment with our daily pill to replace it with an injection every other month.

Indeed, something to celebrate my friends.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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