caged jock and rhyheim for Neo Vanilla Porn

Are you looking for an Alpha Bottom? Get your dick ready to be taken over. Welcome to Caged Jock’s universe, and another issue of our Fans Pages Reviews.

Caged Jock

Although Caged Jock has started to show his face only recently, he has been a social media character and influencer for several years. In 2015 he published a video in Tumblr that turned him into the most recognized male adult entertainer into chastity. 

We share that video here, to allow you to compare. Indeed, this gorgeous man has built an out of the charts body in these five years. An Alpha Bottom is in the middle of an intricate network of sub/dom practices. As part of his submissive side, CJ has a Superior who set his physical goals, and has re-channeled his repressed sexual energy to building a body to better serve men.

If you want to learn more about gay men into chastity, start by reading this article from Out Magazine. But if you really want to know and learn, you must subscribe to his fans pages. Caged Jock is a social media veteran, and displays his talent in multiple outlets. Our post today is not about this particular fetish, but a general review of CJ’s adult entertainment production.

Most of his production comes from his self made porn and his collaborations with other performers. However, you can also enjoy his talents in a few scenes shot for Peter Fever.

Before starting to work on this review, I contacted him to ask which one of his several outlets I should join. He recommended his JustForFans, and therefore all commentary and images illustrating this article, are coming from that source.

The Rise of the Alpha Bottom

Caged Jock B&W front for Alpha Bottom

In my fantasies, Caged Jock comes out of a cloud of smoke as a samurai who starts dropping his armor to become a geisha, and give himself to me. I am aware that CJ is probably not Japanese, but the whole thing about him is displacement. 

We can forget about traditional roles and labels. Caged Jock shakes all mainstream expectations about what to expect from an Asian gay man, a bottom lover, a submissive partner, or any of the other more or less stereotypical species wandering the Gay Sex Zoo. Instead, he shares his testimony of personal exploration and not only self-discovering, but also self-design.

In his universe, Power Bottom turns into Alpha Bottom. In the process, Caged Jock demolishes prejudice after prejudice, leaving a landscape deserted of common places. He will switch roles when you less expect it. CJ will strap a dildo over of his caged dick, and will mercilessly top his partner. At the same time, he will obediently wait for his Keeper to tell him when, where, how, and how many times he can cum.

And those are just examples. Caged Jock documents his quest and generously shares a widely diverse array of S/M practices. Additionally to the regular entertaining purpose, he strives to teaching what he knows, and to ask for guidance when he is not knowledgeable of what he is trying. Be ready for an orgasmic learning experience.

His JustForFans

Caged Jock and Rhyheim Shabazz for Alpha Bottom

I like the concept of an Alpha Bottom, as it expresses the syncretism of Caged Jock’s sexual practices. Although when we discuss adult performers we rarely mention exhibitionism because of its redundancy, we should make an exception here.

There are a few performers that document most of their sexual lives, up to the point of having the camera fully incorporated. They may not share everything they film, but they do record most if not all of their sexual playing. Caged Jock is one of them.

The first thing that will strike you once you join his JustForFans, is the overwhelming amount of pictures and video to enjoy. There are many different practices documented, with abundant material for each, and a wide array of quality. Fist fucking, bondage, chastity, role playing, multiple sex toys, douching, sex in public, solos, sex with fans, sex with other performers and porn stars, nipple play, are only part of the catalogue of this generous library.

As I am writing this review, we can enjoy 364 videos and 185 photographies. Our Alpha Bottom hero is a frequent poster, he does it several times on the same day quite often. Even now, when the pandemic has slowed down everyone’s production, he keeps posting. I had not checked JFF in a couple of days, today I had 10 alerts about new posts, all of them by CJ.

Besides all the visuals, Caged Jock keeps a fluid dialogue with his admirers. We have 450 posts where he shares news, opinions, memories, his philosophy of life, lessons on different practices (specially caging and chastity, but not exclusively), surveys on viewers preferences, give aways of used underwear and sex toys, and all kind of announcements.

An Alpha Bottom’s Chronicles

Caged Kock dick licking through the cage, for alpha bottom

That well could be the title for Caged Jock’s JustForFans. His self discovering and self design quest is generously documented. Although CJ’s Internet life started (I think) in Tumblr back in 2015, his JFF is considerable younger. He opened his account in July 2018.

In the first months, you will notice an overwhelming number of posts. I have not talked to our highlighted artist, but I assume he just dumped at the beginning all the stuff he had created for his older outlets, like Tumblr

After a huge amount of material posted in July and August, we found the only pause in his timeline until November. Since then, he has been posting regularly and without interruptions. 

Along the timeline, you can notice a slow but steady improvement in the quality of video and pictures, as well as the edition. One of the things I like is the presence of a narrative. Caged Jock will always write a post accompanying his videos, providing context. Sometimes, this narrative is part of the video, edited in at the very beginning.

Remember, he does not want to entertain and arouse you, only. He also wants to educate you. Furthermore, he is also actively looking for learning. Caged Jock keeps an open minded attitude. He consistently looks for creating a connection with his followers and for meeting them when the chemistry is right. 

When it is, grab your pants. Or better don’t.

An Alpha Bottom’s nest

Caged Jock uncaged for Alpha Bottom

Like an irresistibly beautiful spider, Caged jock is always hunting. Do not forget the Alpha in the Bottom. 

In addition to all his regular hook ups, fans, and clients (just in case, CJ is also a sex worker), there is a long list of gay porn celebrities of all sizes parading on his sexy ass.

Let me give you just some examples: Rhyheim Shabazz, Zario Travezz, Leon Reddz, Axel Abysse, Austin Wolf, Ty Mitchell, DeAngelo Jackson, Cade Maddox, Alex Hawk, Liam Cyber, Jake Perez, Ray Diesel, Max Konnor, Papi Suave, Devin Franco, Damian Dragon, Sherman Mauss, Mateo Fernandes, Aaron Burke, Riley Ward, Phat Rabbit Killer, John Thomas, Master ThickTool, Rocco Steel, and Manuel Sky.

Indeed, this is an extensive list. However, it is not an exhaustive one. Many other hot men have surrendered to the commands of our Alpha Bottom.

In very few occasions did the spider leave his nest. The overwhelming majority of the videos were recorded in CJ’s hosting place. Or in his neighborhood, when he played in public places. As a side note, it looks like he has no neighbors left who have not visited his sack. 

A few highlights

Our favorite Alpha Bottom meets one of the few DC porn celebrities left: Phat Rabbit Killer:

Caged Jock sucking Phat Rabbit Killer

Caged Jock and Master Thicktool:

Caged Jock and Master ThickTool for Alpha Bottom

Sucking Max Konnor and Liam Cyber cocks together:

Caged Jock, Max Konnor, and Liam Cyber for Alpha Bottom

You should watch this whole clip. All he does is pumping and playing with his own nipples. To me, it has the effects of a masturbatory nuke.

Caged Jock playing with his own nipples

Indeed, we can see two of the most beautiful men in the industry, together. Enjoy Caged Jock practicing his Alpha Bottom powers on DeAngelo Jackson.

Caged Jock and DeAngelo Jackson

If you happen to be in his neighborhood, watch your step. That may look like water, but it maybe something else.

Caged Jock douching in public for Alpha Bottom

What do you think an Alpha Bottom does when his cock is caged and a nearby hole is hungry?

caged jock and a strapped dildo

There are hundred of beautiful, sexy photos. I chose this one for this selection:

Beautiful picture of Caged Jock outdoors

Waiting for the Alpha Bottom

Caged Jock frontal with and without cage

Beyond question, Caged Jock is one of nowadays’ most interesting adult artists. He is in the top list of the guys I want to actually meet. I consider myself Neo Vanilla, but this gorgeous man is an inspiration to step out of my comfort zone. He visits DC on MAL weekend, I missed him this year but I will be paying attention in 2021.

We can recommend this JustForFans with no hesitation. Next to Rhyheim’s, it is indeed one of the best fans pages I have reviewed so far. Trust me, you will not regret joining, if you have lube in stock:

We are very happy to add his library to our masturbatory resources to survive the pandemic.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s! Do not forget, BLACK LIVES MATTER!


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