Judas King is one of the most interesting and fuckable inhabitants of the Pornosphera, as his OnlyFans eloquently demonstrates. Welcome to another I LIKE PINGA fans pages review

Judas King

fantasy fucks

Do you know Judas King? Perhaps you don’t. Despite his beauty and talents he has not yet became one of the big names in the industry. I did not notice him until August 2019, when I saw his first scene with Rhyheim Shabazz, and immediately got a crush on him. He earned the diploma for Revelation in the 2019 Best Pingas Awards.

After all, the boy seems to be designed intentionally to tease my dick. I am oral. I love kissing and eating ass. Look at his lips. Take a look at his bubble butts and juicy whole. Contemplate his pumping nipples begging to be sucked and milked. Like a Tom of Finland character, all his physical features seem to be highlighted to my pleasure.

However, we had never noticed him before August 2019, even when his porn career started in 2017. Back then, Judas began his porn life with Guys in Sweat Pants; and later on filmed all his studio scenes for them. They are one of my favorite mainstream studios, they understand sex and porn. If you are hesitant about joining Judas King’s OnlyFans right now, take a test drive at GISP. You will have fun and, after an undetermined period of compulsive masturbation, will follow my recommendation and pay for one of the membership options for his fans page. 

Judas King’s OnlyFans

Judas King bottoming for Xaddy Corvinus
Judas King and Xaddy Corvinus.

Of course, in case you do research his studio performances, you will learn much more once you join Judas King’s OnlyFans. From Guys In Sweat Pants you can observe how Judas has sharpened his privileged body along the years. Also along his studio filmography you can witness his evolution from being a shy but passionate top in the screen, and slowly turning into a much more assertive and confident versatile performer.

Once you walk into the personal universe of his OnlyFans, you will observe the same evolution, but enriched by all the personal exploration and sexual spice left out by the studio. 

As the open minded, young, curious, horny and sluttish mother fucker he is, his content is full of precious jewels benchmarking the exploration of his sexuality. The time line in his OnlyFans is full of clips about public sex, dick worshipping, humiliation, training his ass, and sex with all kind of men in all kind of places and situations.

This blogger finds specially appealing his fondness for chubby men. This is, I think, his major role in the Neo Vanilla Porn stars constellation. Judas King is expanding the landscape of mainstream porn with his body positive mindset, bringing to main stage body types that are usually not only excluded, but also stigmatized.

Someone may argue that practicing humiliation and sex in public is not Vanilla Porn. Well, they would be right. It is Neo Vanilla, as he is not depicting those practices as forbidden or twisted. Judas King dives in the boundaries of mainstream sexuality, and he does not drown. From my perspective, he is one of Rhyheim Shabazz generals into making the kinky, cleanish, and the clean, kinkish. 

First season

judas king sucking dick
This gif is taken from the first video posted in Judas’ OnlyFans, in September 2017.

Clearly, there are two different seasons in Judas King’s OnlyFans. The first one goes from the video blog inception in September 2017 (notice that if I am not wrong, Judas’ first porn performance was in October 2017, topping gorgeous Austin Wilde) until March 2019.

During this time, periods of intense posting seem to randomly alternate with long silences, sometimes several months of silence. In spite of this inconsistency, the material is smoking hot, and we can identify several benchmarks for Judas King’s biographers of the future.

For instance, on October 2017, we find the first clip ever posted of Judas playing with his ass. Almost one year later, on September 2018, he posted his first porn performance as a bottom.

An uneven quality in pictures and videos also characterizes Judas King’s OnlyFans first season.   Similarly to other performers, you can retroactively follow the artist evolution (or lack of). On that point, Judas is not exceptional.

There is a progress from a raw and more artisanal material towards a better produced (better lights, image quality, staging, editing, etc.) and more professional (frequency of the posts, personal branding, vision, etc) one. 

Second season

Rhyheim Shabazz putting some lube while fucking judas King
From the scene that introduced me to Judas. Rhyheim Shabazz adding lube to better fuck Judas

Besides the performers personal evolution, fans pages also document the expansion in their professional networks. Judas King’s OnlyFans second season starts in May 2019. The second thing that strikes you is the increased number of collaborating porn celebrities, in the context of increased regularity in the posting.

As an illustration, we can enjoy Judas’ partnership with Papi Suave, Rhyheim Shabazz, Max Konnor, Kuper, Xaddy Corvinus, Jaynite, Ari Koyote, Allen Troy, and several second and third line porn celebrities. 

The first thing that strikes you is, indeed, his much developed maturity as an adult entertainer. During the first season we met a sexy, curious, open minded, creative, and adventurous porn artist. Now he added a much clearer voice and a personal brand. He is growing his unique kingdom in the boundaries of Neo Vanilla Land.

His whole timeline is pure inclusiveness, but it is during the second season that we discover his fondness for chubby and big men. The “chaser” label listed in his Twitter narrative is not bull shit. 

This is indeed where his Neo Vanilla crown shines the most. He successfully expands the landscape of Beauty and Sexiness. He does so, by celebrating and worshipping body types usually ostracized from our sexual fantasies, and often marginalized and even stigmatized in our daily lives. 

Let’s see some highlights 

Both seasons are full of masturbatory inspirational material. Although it was really hard making it, I came with this selection.

There are many short videos depicting little scenes from Judas’ everyday’s life. If you are his friend, and he ever invites you for breakfast, be cautious. I am not sure whether or not I would eat that donut. But I could not resist to suck that glazed dick.

Judas King playing with his dick and a donut

If you did not know JayNite, Judas King will nicely introduce you. His skillful tongue playing on our hero’s milkable nipples makes me really horny.

Jaynite playing with Judas' nipples

Clearly, this is my favorite Judas’ kink. His love for chubby, and even really big men. This chaser knows how to worship a big belly, and documented it in his OnlyFans.

judas with fat man

Amongst the myriad of selfies and self clips, you will find some of the most popular stars. Here, Max Konnor is about to pound Judas’ sexy ass.

Judas and Max Konnor

When he introduces this clip, he says he is messing up for one of his daddies. Fuck. Where should I send an application?

judas dressed in sexy lencerie

Two historic documents. To the left, Judas’ first clip playing with his ass. To the right, his first time bottoming on the screen.

In this clip, Judas masturbates and reaches a free hands orgasm. The whole video is more than 5 minutes.

Jubas hand free nut

Gogo dancing is other of his multiple talents. Specially after his moving to Los Angeles, he seems to enjoy it a lot. And of course, also his audience so.

Judas gogo dancing

To close this selection, we bring a little sample of his last meeting with Rhyheim Shabazz. In an anthological threesome with Küper, they deliver a masturbatory nuke and, as EyeFilmz was filming, a treat for the eyes.

Judas, Kuper and Rhyheim

I want more Judas

Out of all the practices documented in Judas King’s OnlyFans, perhaps humiliation is the one that we should write off as Neo Vanilla. But of course, I hope I am wrong!

Considering how young Judas is, his career is a very promising one. His beauty and his talent are exceptional, but it is his curiosity and his joyful quest what really make a difference in his brand.

Judas is about inclusiveness. In the best “tradition” of Neo Vanilla Porn, he joyfully brings to the Light a few kinks traditionally marginalized by mainstream industry. In my opinion, it is the right trend in the right moment. Without hesitation, I recommend you to join:

His growing content is one of the most interesting porn libraries in the market. And is conveniently priced, with special bundles and discounts. What are you waiting for?

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!



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