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LEGENDARY is the flagship representing Queerness in the New Millennium. Additionally, it is the source for the last immigration wave to my Masturbatory Land.

HBOMax Legendary

Legendary is the new TV Reality show chosen by HBO, amongst others, to inaugurate their rebranded HBOMax signal. If you read this blog, you probably watched and loved it. 

The quality of the production is obvious; there are plenty of reviews and commentary describing and assessing each episode; and you probably know what Ball Culture is. Therefore, we are not going to write one more report that you do not need to read.

Nevertheless, I do want to share one evidence of how extraordinary Legendary is. Only a very special product would succeed on getting this blogger to shake it. No, I am not talking about masturbation… yet.

This blogger is not a dancer. The few times I stepped into a dance floor, were just because it was necessary to hook up with someone into dancing. And then I was exposed to Legendary. It was just impossible to remain still once the show was in my screen and its bits were hammering my bass speaker.

Only those who know me know how improbable this is. Jose Soplanucas dancing alone at home, is the best way to summarize what makes Legendary unique. The show is uplifting, educative, socially committed, creative, and entertaining, all together.

Now, let me give you two inputs that you will not find in other reviews. First, I will explain why we opened this post saying that the show is the flagship of contemporaneous Queerness. Then, I will rant in the sexual associations triggered in my sluttish, always horny twisted brain.

Queer Nation

When we are starting the third decade of the new Millennium, I cannot imagine a better representation for Queerness. 

Unfortunately, the gay liberation movement has lost its revolutionary potential after so many years of conservative politics. The lack of representation and self awareness of traditional gay leaders is appalling. Evidently, we have failed to imagine ourselves beyond heteronormative binary constrains.

Do not misunderstand me. If you want to get married and build a family with children, you have all the right to do it. But your need to conform to and replicate traditional models places you in the wagon of nowadays trends. In my book, one Leiomy Maldonado worths 10 Major Petes commanding 10 battalions of gay couples.

Legendary (and the Ball Culture at its foundation) embodies a mindset of inclusiveness like no gay collective has shown before. Diversity, inclusiveness, welcoming of everyone, are not goals for the future. Instead, they become living and breathing values. In Ballroom, not only all the letters of the queer alphabet live and love together, but also warmly welcome anyone else, even if not queer.

Additionally, although individual challenges and achievements are celebrated and encouraged, they are understood as the result of cooperative work. Our quests for personal self discovery and self invention becomes meaningful only in the network of strong affective bonds built around the Houses.

Leiomy Maldonado and Dashaun Wesley

Against gay mainstream politics of patriarchal conformism, Legendary and the whole Ball Culture foster and advocate for our freedom to construct our own bodies and identities. Against a broader mainstream culture that worships individualism over cooperation, Ballers celebrate and understand their individual victories as collective achievements. 

Throughout all of Legendary episodes we find numerous examples illustrating these qualities. However, Leiomy Maldonado and Dashaun Wesley stand out for their consistency and eloquence.

From his role as MC, Dashaun demonstrated his knowledge, leadership and charisma; but specially his deep commitment with the spirit of Ballroom. Whenever any judges or participants would step out of this framework, he would weight in to bring the situation back on track. He and Leiomy are, after all, the only two permanent cast members coming from Ball Culture.

Leimomy was particularly eloquent and emotional to articulate, episode after episode, the importance of inclusiveness, mutual respect, and love. She was unapologetically didactic at framing her decisions following Ball Culture values. 

Dashaun and Leiomy went beyond constructing meaning with their voices. Besides, they walk the talk. They were probably the only two cast members who never forgot that Legendary was about something bigger than themselves, the two cast members who most consistently showed love and acceptance for everyone.

My fantasies

Besides energizing and having me dancing in the living room, besides inspiring and uplifting my queer spirit, Legendary makes me horny. Very horny.

Since the very first episode, a new immigration wave to my Masturbatory Land started. Dashaun Wesley and Miracle and Deshon Gucci are indeed honorary citizens. But many got a permanent visa to my fantasies in their passports, like Jeter Gucci and Shyanne Escalada.

Not only many participants fit my regular likes, but I am also often surprised at myself feeling attraction when I would not expect it. At the same time, the performances feed and celebrate my usual likes in one hand, and on the other they question and open my boundaries. 

Legendary reflects the same spirit of inclusiveness and joy for live (and sex) that I recognize in Neo Vanilla Porn. I wonder whether there are porn creators trying to incorporate the Ball Room culture to their art.

Before continuing, Dashaun Wesley deserves a special paragraph. Let me be the MC of my own fantasies. The category is … “sexiest man in the world”, and we have only one participant. Mr. Wesley, take your clothes off. Pose now. And show, and show, and show. I wanna lick your arms, your pecs, your abs. And go. It is time for a runaway in my bedroom, Mr. King of Vogue. Walk, and walk, and walk. Pose now. And go. I want you voguing around my cock, Mr. Dashaun. And vogue, more vogue, more vogue. Pose now. And go. I want to splint and dip inside your sexy ass. Now. And feel me, and feel me, and fucking feel me. And pose. This category is now over.

Legendary Porn

rhyheim and Leon for Legendary

The possibilities are immense. When we put together such a diverse combination of human beings, the sexual situations we can imagine are countless. 

We could have narratives inspired in the life in the Houses, or in Legendary or any Ballroom’s backstage. That would be the easier way to bring Porn and Ball Culture together.

We could find a way to have some kind of Pornroom competition. Obviously, if any porn producer likes this idea, I volunteer to be one of the judges. Imagine the Pornroom categories we could make up. 

Finally, we could try something more subtle. Instead of bringing porn to ball, or ball to porn situations, we can try to imbed porn with the same esthetic inspiration: Vogue Magazine. 

Look at the clip illustrating this section. Perhaps Rhyheim and Eyefilmz intentionally delineated straight lines inspired by Legendary. Or perhaps they just received the same esthetic influences and naturally converged with voguing.

Perhaps it is just me who is obsessed with finding straight lines in human bodies. However, watch the scene with attention. Rhyheim and Leon cocks, both are particularly long and straight. Look at their arms and their legs. Is it only me?

Waiting for Season2

Once again, Legendary and the new Ballroom Culture could well be the flagship for the whole Human Rights Movement. Ballroom is The Big Melt.

There is no other place where so many different forms of Art come together to create a new form of Art itself. There is no other place further away from gender binary simplifications, and hierarchization. Where else can we find more Colors and Cultures working together and passionately loving, embracing, and celebrating each other? 

Where else can we find a more welcoming and inclusive of all place? How can it not be the best and most representative flagship for the Human Rights Movement?

Furthermore, where else can we find a place more inspiring of creative sexual fantasies. Or even conventional ones. After all, I would not mind worshipping Dashaun chiseled dancer body like in the most conventional old porn flic.

Besides enjoying our old scenarios, I love the most when the experience challenges me. My favorite moments are (next to me licking Deshaun’s biceps and nipples) when I am surprisingly lured towards bodies and characters that usually do not inspire my erections.

And go. This category is now deceased.

Hasta la próxima pinga, amig@s!


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